Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Tropical Christmas

So this Christmas I was stuck in the big HI. I got VERY depressed X-mas eve and X-mas morning because I was all alone. So X-mas morning I started drinking with breakfast. Yum. Then people came over. We drank together. Then we went to the beach and decided we were going to go on a Christmas adventure. After dinner, D and I got dressed in our wildest X-mas costumes. A couple of my guy friends came over and we got to the adventure. Things we did (most of this was fashioned after Elf because we watched it drunk):
1) Answered our phones "Hi, this is ________. What's your favorite color?"
2) Complimented EVERYBODY we encountered.
3) Tried to go through a revolving door. Matt took a running start and found it was locked.
4) Got egg-nog milkshakes from Jack-in-the-Box.
5) Played with the fake pagoda outside of the Todai restaurant.
6) Played with the penguins at the Hilton.
7) Sat on the beach at the Hilton and left when a crazy guy came up to us, told us not to get in the water, and asked us creepy questions.
8) Ended up back at Jack-in-the-Box.
9) Crashed at my house.
10) Spent $200 on a dress the next day. Not bad. It was $100 off.

By the way, unless your name is mom or dad, thanks for not calling me on Christmas. I recieved two *2* phone calls all day. Mom and dad. That was it. Ass.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Finals Done!!

Finals are over!!! Well, I have one more, bt it's Hawaiian Studies, and he said bring food. But Organic Chemistry is over. Thank god. Now it is my favorite time, Cocktail time!!

Monday, November 07, 2005


Here they ARE! The long awaited Halloween pics!!! We'll start nicely and end scandalously. FIRST!!! We have the trio of George the nun, Pete pirate, and D the lightshow!!! This was the middle of my second party of the night and I was downhill from there. Next we have George and Bobby, the super hot John Cena (sidenote: he called me while I was at work. Ooh, just look at those pecks!!) Thirdly is the picture of George's objective for the night. Get pic with HPD. Lastly is the pic with a whole lotta a$$. This a$$ guy is in my first period class, but this has been the only time we hung out. Nice costume, eh? Everybody tried taking my whip, but he actually suceeded!!! Props to him!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005


Any good movie recommendations? I just got Netflix.

Highlights of Halloween

My costume was a nun with a black and silver three-chained choker with crosses. Gartel belt, thigh-highs with bows on them, short skirt, dark eyeliner, crosses painted on fingernails, mary-janes, cat-o-nine tails.

1) Pre-partied. Answered the door for the pizza guy in costume slightly buzzed.
2) Lost my driver's license. Got the # of my employment application at Vino/Hiroshi to renew on-line (was about to expire anyways).
3) New digital camera stopped working. You can't see the pictures, but you can see old pictures. I think it is a lens problem, not a monitor problem. I have to somehow get to Circuit City in Pearl City to get it serviced.
4) First group of friends left, met with new group of friends for mid-night party.
5) Got my picture taken with HPD.
6) Japanese asked me and my friend D to take pics with them.

That's about it.
Pics will come after I get them from friends.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Tipping: NOT a City in China

As a waitress I have a few things to explain to my generation on the art of tipping. A few rules on what is ok and what isn't.

1) Well start with the most basic, incase you are from another country or just never learned. 15-20% of your bill before discounts and taxes is standard to tip in the United States. (20% should be standard for good service)

2) Remember, your server is human. If they make a mistake (mess up your order, spill your drink), don't take it out of the tip. The only time to take out tip from them is if they are rude or ignore you after they make that mistake and don't fix it right away.

3) If you are buddies with a server or a manager and get a lot of free food, even if you don't see it on your bill, tip your server over 20%. It's rude to accept free gifts without showing some sort of gratitude.

4) 10% is not a good tip. Neither is 14%.

5) Back to the before discounts. Usually the original price and the discounted price will be shown on the tab. Your server gets taxed and tipshares on the original price. Don't be cheap and tip off the discounted price. (It's the same concept as the free food). This also applies to gift certificates.

6) It is embarrassing to have your friends come into your restaurant and leave crappy tips. Everybody will hate you.

7) If your server is busy, and somebody else fills your drink or brings your food, don't dock it from the tip. It's called teamwork. We, as a whole, are there to serve you.

8) Servers remember good tippers (and the bad ones).

9) It is ok to leave more $$ on top of an auto-grat. Look at the percentage (some are 15% some are 17%) and decide if your service was good enough for more (remember 20% for good service).

10) Don't take kitchen errors out of tips.

*Other restaurant etiquette*
1) DO NOT try to order alcohol under age of for under age people. I don't care if you are the parents, the server could get $10,000 in fines on top of the restaurant losing its liquor license and having to pay more fines.
2) Don't get pissed when we won't serve you.
3) Don't argue with us about liquor laws. It's out of our hands.
4) Don't complain about something and then not let us fix it (wrong order, won't let us make you something new, pay for it and leave pissed when we could have helped you). That's stupid. We make mistakes. we can fix them.
5) Don't change your order after the server has rung it in.
6) Don't expect us to take everything you don't like off your tab.
7) If we brought you something you didn't order, send it right back. We have to charge you if you eat it.
8) Don't get mad when your well done steaks take a long time to cook. They take a long time to be WELL DONE.
9) Always remember, we are there to serve you within reason. Don't be afraid to ask for something (even if they aren't your server).
10) We aren't fcuking with your food. Don't accuse us of it.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Are You Being Served?

The other day Kristen came home SUPER excited because she JUST got a NEW DIGITAL CAMERA. Well, the little green monster came out in this one here and I decided I wanted one, too (no offense to sister, who bought me one two years ago Christmas, but that one is so big people make fun of me at social gatherings). I shopped around online to get a good idea of what it was I wanted. I narrowed it down to two Nikons and finally decided on this one.
Well I went to Sears first because I wanted to get some stuff in hardware too. I was in hardware for at least fifteen minutes and no one even said hi to me. I went over to electronics, in some vain attempt at service. Not a chance. EVERYONE around me was being helped. But not George. I went to Wal-Mart next. I didn't feel as frustrated at not being helped because nobody was helping anybody there. It was a very hostile environment. FINALLY, my real world search ended at CompUSA. This inspired me to give up on the whole concept of customer service. No one acknowledged me except for the guy who asked me to leave my bookbag at the door. I was in there for 30 minutes. Just chilling. In one spot. They weren't busy. At all. Kristen said she got the same treatment. She went to BestBuy and got GREAT service, but out BestBuy is out of walking distance. Dear sister says she doesn't get service at CompUSA either unless she is with her boyfriend. Then he gets service, really, still not her. So I just went online and got the goods. And that's how it goes. I don't think I should buy something from somewhere that doesn't say hi to me. If they don't want me there, I don't want to shop there. Not when I get paid to say "Hi, how are you?" to EVERYONE who walks in the restaurant. Even the people who are drunk from the Mai Tai bar and are going to the pee room. Even when I am SO incredibly busy I think my head will explode, I still say "ALOHA!" to everybody. Don't stand for it. No hello, no sale is what I say. Let's put the "ality" back in "hospitality" or something like that. Close your wallets to those closed mouths.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


I just saw Waiting. The movie was HILARIOUS!!! Well, some of you may think so. I can see how it wouldn't be as funny to people who don't work in a restaurant. There were many parts I found myself being the only one laughing at. There is this one part where the staff sings a birthday song and they make this kid cry, and we sing the same exact birthday song to our customers. I couldn't stop laughing! I think you should definitely see it if you get he chance.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Name Game

george is the #1316 most common female name.
0.005% of females in the US are named george.
Around 6375 US females are named george!
source namestatistics.com

Actually, my entire name is unique, first to last!!


Look at my Bernie at the bottom of the page. Click on him he jumps. Click again and he goes higher!! Click three times and he goes super high and rolls away!!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


SO I was working on the Lanai yesterday and suddenly I realized I live less than a mile away from the ocean and have not been there since early August. Why do I have no time for anything anymore??


Q: Who's the opposite of Christopher Reeves?

A: Christopher Walkin

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sad Day

The good news is I have enough money to come home. The bad news is I can't get the time off (from either job, they both have blackouts in Dec) to come home. It seems as if this will be the first X-mas without TN friends, family, or cold weather. Don't worry though, I will be asking tomorrow for summer off (all of it), and I would welcome any visitors at anytime. Also, I won't be spending it alone. Kristen (my roommate for those who don't know) also can't get off work for X-mas, so we are going to decorate a tree and do Christmasy things together. And get VERY VERY drunk (another traditional X-mas activity in our family).
Love and Kisses

Monday, September 05, 2005

Sad Day

During our five minute meeting at Bubbas the other day, we were told that the corporation has put up something like $100,000 for the other Bubbas in New Orleans. Employees are supposed to give money and raise money from customers to match. As of then, only 23 of 124 employees had been found. Now the number is half, but most of them have no possesions and we still have of 60 missing. So sad.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Who Is, Who Isn't?

Is a Super Good Friend's (who is a guy) roommate (also a guy) off limits? I mean on a weirdness scale 1-10 (1 being minimum awkward breaks in conversation and 10 being never being able to meet each other's eyes, no phone calls, and the end of quality hang out time) how wierd would a guy go in that situation? I'd be stoked if one of my guy friend's started dating one of my roommates, but guys are always the ones starting drama.

Holy Moly!

So my fellow O-chem students and I were talking and we came up with a question... Is it true you have to get at least a B in O-chem to get into Med School? I'm gunning for an A anyways because of my scholarship, but the added pressure is kind of eesh!

And how do I have two jobs and still not make enough to cover my bills and eat? I can do one or the other, but not both. I get free super-good meal at Hiroshi's, but since I stopped working there four times a week, I've lost weight, and not in a healthy "I've been working out way; gee, don't I look buff?".

Thursday, August 11, 2005

My Piece of Flare

I didn't quit my old job. I simply have them make my schedual around my other scheduals and I still get my employee discount.

You know ChaChis in Officie Space and how it grates on Jennifer Anniston? That's how I feel. One of the managers actually said "we need to break you out of this shell you've created around yourself." I feel that the customers like me and that's all that matters....right?

Why I'm Not Upset Anymore

I'm not upset at the stupid ass credit collector guy trying to get me to pay a bill that wasn't mine by yelling at me until I have to tell him to "Stop yelling at me!" anymore because he lives in a SARS and water-borne disease ridden part India in a one bedroom with 12 other relatives with no girlfriend or a wife he was married to when he was 15 and doesn't love and can't get any from because he lives in a one bedroom with 12 other people in dirty, nasty, SARS infested India. I live in Hawaii in an apartment with my own room where I can get laid whenever I want and can drink the water without boiling it. Plus I'm filing a complaint. That makes me happy too.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Wardrobe Malfunction

Ususally these come in the form of busted straps, but this time it was different. I went to a club with the girls only yo have my pant zipper break and then my seam split all the way down to my crotch. Luckily my shirt was long enough to cover the mishap, but I couldn't sit, dance or do anything like that. What a downer on the entire night.

The Jorb

I got a new job at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. I'm a server there and my first day is on Sunday. Now I just have to quit my old one.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Back in Hawaii

I'm BAAAAACK! I got back to the big H-I Wed. night. I got back to find two people have been living in my living room. I knew about one of them, and I'm cool with her. In fact, she might move in with the two of us. The other one was someone who was an overnight guest of Kristen's one night and just stayed. Way. past. his. welcome. I'm giving him until this Wed. before I give him the "you are in my space, get out" talk. I also came bakc to find work "replaced" me while I was away, and they will call when they need me (code:we'll call you when somebody quits). Whatever. They didn't pay for poo anyways. Also ex-roommate still owes me $200 for the last month of rent on our apt. Ahhhh, to be back. On a positive not, my tan is coming back and we met some of our neighbors. Additionally, the community rules have changed and we are allowed to grill on out lanai now, but it's only propane or gas grill. Fire Marshal says "NO CHARCOAL!". I don't care, bring on the burgers!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Stalker Update

After getting totally grilled by the shop on who I was (apparently he has real stalker who follows him and once said "if I can't have you I'll kill myself" to which he replied "do you need something to help you do it?") I got through to this crazy kid. He was, to say the least, very excited to hear from me. He kept telling all hi coworkers to shut up because I'm someone he hasn't talked to in yonks. The were all very understanding and kept turning up loud music and making lewd comments into the telephone. Fabulous. I suggest everybody tries to suprise an old friend. The expressions they let loose are more than enough to entertain.

Monday, June 13, 2005

My Stalker Tendencies

The other day I was talking to a good friend of mine when we got onthe topic of or past relationships; who sucked giant donkey dongs, and who was actuallt good to us until the point of us cutting the relationship off. Two of the three of mine were accounted for. One's married to somebody everybody hates and all his friends say they liked me 50x better. RS and I still talk about once a week. This other one, JP, is still out in the wind. He was all ready to move to Hawaii last Jan. for me, but I told him not to because it would be a bad, bad, bad idea. He stoped talking to me and he has moved and gotten a new email address. I wanted to track him down and touch base with him because I have a problem sayng hasta la vista permanente to good people. This is how I tracked him down in slightly stalker terms.
1. Develop a plan. Sounds stupid, but mine was track him down through his profesion. He's a tattoo artist and they actually are relatively easy to find if you know how to look. I was going to google him, but if that didn't work I would call his old shop and find out where he was.
2. Google. The most underestimated way to start a stalk.
3. Find an article with his name and shop and profession.
4. This particular article was from somewhere I didn'texpect him to end up so I REALLY wanted to make sure it was him. Unfortunately the only picture they had of the staff of the shop was their forearms.
5. Think back to the tattoos on his left frearm (he has a pach on his right one with a guitar wrapped around it. The right would have been easy). I vaguely remembered the tattoo but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just wishful thinking on my part.
6. Find a picture of him. This was difficult because my picture box is in KY. Found one, but his arm ended right below his elbow. I ended up matching just a couple lines (with help of the good friend with whom I had the canversation that started this bit of nostalgia) and realized, yeah its him.
7. Tried finding a listing for the shop, but could only find a listing for it's sister shop.
8. Emailed newspaper that ran story for info. Got it.
9. This step is the hardest, haven't done it yet. I've been staring at the phone being to chicken shit to call. I guess after and entire day of looking, I should probably do something.

If becoming a doctor doesn't work, I guess I could always go into being a PI or a professioal stalker.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Roommate's Boyfriend Is an Ass

He's an ass because...
-He just lays on th couch all day and dominates MY tv remote
-He gets mad at K for playing with her guy friends (mine too, he calls them losers), but it's ok to play with his girl friends.
-Called out place a pig sty because it's cluttered, yet he doesn't take out the trash he generates.
-Left me in another town, at night, without a ride because me haircut took too long when K ASKED him if he wanted to come (she was perfectly capable of driving me)
-This morning I made coffee and he critisized me beause I was putting some of the extra back in the bag (I put too much in)
-Argued with me that Korn was on one cd we were listening to (they had nothign to do with the cd) and then got mad at me when I showed him the cd cover and proved to him they weren't (he likes Good Charlotte and argues with me about a metal cd, idiot). He actually stormed out of the room and stopped talking to me.
-Won't move K's bed down to our apt because he wants her to get a U-Haul which she doesn't have money for when they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves if he helps. She and I moved all of her stuff down already.
-Admits he has a drinking problem, but won't do anything about it.
-He stomped on the air matress I was sleeping on once and laughed.
-Thinks I am unhappy single and tries to hook me up with all his friends which makes me feel uncomfortable.
-Thinks he is SO superior, but is so stupid he didn't know what stem cells were (or the word differentiated when K and I tried to explain stem cells)

He's just a self-centered prick who I just can't stand to be around. I like a whole host of her ex's (actually we both are still friends with all but maybe one of them) but I don't like him. If he doesn't agree with something he calls you an idiot or stupid, and when you talk back and stand up to him, he gets angry. ASSHOLEY-OLI-O!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Restaurant...

Likes to ass rape me. I've been working the Japanese side of the restaurant making shit money when I ALWAYS work on the Italian side. They've been giving the private parties on the Italian side to the male food runner who doesn't even know the table numbers in there, doesn't ever work there, and has been working for the company half as long as I have. So while I'm making $20 buncks a night and getting bitched at ALL the time for stupid shit (like being yelled at for not being prepared with steak knives after the party stole all but 10 in the restaurant for their private party I should have been working), he's making upwards of $100 while I am polishing all the silver and carrying up all the dishes. Favoritism much?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I just can't wait until the project is finished. I'm getting them all the way down. Posted by Hello


Today is K's and my hous warming party. I want to show off my cute new (short black w/ bangs) haircut, but I hope everyone gets here early because I have to work. Just so everybody knows, I'll be home June 2 or 3...Just in time for Blue Plum. I am excited. Hope to see you there...

For your viewing pleasure, a picture of my latest body mod (if you look closely you can see where the artist blocked out another artists nape piercing. The piercings are vertical bars which are very straight, but look at a slight angle because I was leaning.

~Is the Picture showing up?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Republican Babe of the Week?

I'm sorry, did anybody else know this existed? FoxNews Anchor Babes won the Republican Babe of the week some time in the past. The Jersey GOP has a Republican Babe of the Week. I'm not sure what kind f message they are trying to send here, but I don't like it. If I vote republican, will I look like these gorgeous women? I want to see the Republican Hot Men for the week.

I mean, if these ladies don't make you want to vote Rpublican, I don't know what will. Maybe if they were naked and nude with no clothes on.

News Hounds

They watch FOX so we don't have to.

Monday, May 09, 2005

MySpace Invasion

It has gotten out of control. I actually had to set up some stupid MySpace account to get in touch with somebody I knew had it. I have this lame ass profile with NO picture NO blog NO anything. I just wanted to send somebody at home a message without worrying about the stupid time difference. I am sick of hearing "Are you on MySpace?" No, I'm not fucking on MySpace. I have better things to do with my time than search online all day for people who live in my area. Sometimes I think I should make that stupid thing look cool so I don't feel left out when people ask me if I am on it or not. I mean realy, what's the point?

Friday, April 29, 2005

Backstreet's Back, ALRIGHT!

Much to my dismay and nausea, the Backstreet Boys are coming out with a new album together and not as solos. It is supposed to be not as boy bandy, but I heard a clip and it is exactly what boy bands are today- reflective emo-whiney horseshit. I preferred the old boy bands personally because I could at least tap my foot and dance a little to them. Who knows, you may like it. I swear they are like herpes. You think you got rid of them, but then they come back, annoying as ever (the title of their new album is 'Never Gone').

Friday, April 22, 2005

Buckle-Up Beer

While searching for non-alcoholic punch recipes for a school function banquet, I came across an insurance page with recipes for non-alcoholic punches with names such as "No Crash Splach" and "Roadwise Suprise". Sounds like a happening party.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Is It Wrong

Is it wrong to feel very angry when you are laying in bed with a strong urge to vomit and two working girls, one of whom doesn't live there, are taking a dump in your bathroom?

Sad day, my piercer got fired for giving away a free piercing. Happy day, he's from Bowling Green KY and is opening up a shop there abouts. I hope to have pics of my on-going back project up soon.

Monday, April 18, 2005

CPU Music

Since the printer prints 27 pages of wingdings when I print a 9 page scientific journal article, I have resorted to saving all articles I find to a floppy for later viewing pleasure on my own computer. This is quite a lot of saving as I have found many articles on factors leading to the development of type-2 diabetes in obese mice. The floppy drive makes a lovely beat when I am saving. I believe I could write a song around it. Chh.dun.dun.dun.whir.dun.dun.dun.chh.dun.dun.dun...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Just like on Office Space

I'd like to take a brief break from my studying and paper writing to write a poem to the stupid printer on the third floor of the AgScience building.

O, how productive I have been.
I have many papers I have written.
I many more yet still to write,
and the research is out of sight.
And yet you hinder me at every turn.
I'd like to see you explode and burn.
You eat my paper and cover me with ink.
I always feel a big urge to drink.
I try to de-jam you all day long,
but you won't un-jam out if one isn't strong.
I hate the way your stupid lights flash,
and how on my papers there is always an extraneous dash.
One day I will graduate, what do you think about that?
And when I do I will beat you with a ball bat.
I will throw you out a window you fucking ink filled bastard,
and go out afterwards and get absolutely plastered.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Paper Break

I must take a hiatus from my blog. I have too much to do these last few weeks including 2 term papers, about 10 mini papers, a lrge presentation on a topic my teacher still needs to approve, and moving my stuff to another place. I just do no have the time at hte moment and will return when I get some of this knocked out.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Spring Break Highlights

Here it is, the extremely condensed version of my spring break. It was pretty eventful so I will just outline what happened and if you want to know more, just tell me.

Thurs. 3/17
Tab arrives. Eat at Denny's.
Fri. 3/18
Get fruit, eat at Hard Rock, watch a live band.
Sat. 3/19
Go to eat at my restaurant and then to Hookah Bar.
Sun. 3/20
Go to beach, rent mopeds, get hit by a stolen car in a car chase, go to club, meet some cuties, eat at Denny's
Mon. 3/21
Return mopeds, take a nap, eat at TGI Friday's
Tues. 3/22
Go to zoo and aquarium, go to a Luau
Wed. 3/23
Go Shooping, go to a BBQ, have a drink at E&S's house
Thurs. 3/24
Tab gets tattoo, I get ready for work, Tab leaves, find out one of my servers got in a REALLY bad car accident
Fri. 3/25
Did laundry all day, worked, ran into Nicole and hung out with her at her place of business, hung out with the guys I met on Sunday
Sat. 3/26
Got four piercings down my spine, went to work, saw some live bands
Sun. 3/27 (HAPPY EASTER!)
Spent $40 at Godiva store, picked up pictures, slept, rented Anchorman, held the hand of the guy who pierced me while he got tattooed, hung out with them after

That about sums it up.

Friday, March 18, 2005


See you when it's over...

School's Out

SPRING BREAK!! See you when it's over...

School's Out

SPRING BREAK!! See you when it's over...

School's Out

SPRING BREAK!! See you when it's over....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Life's Little Questions

My sister brings up a very good point. There are many things we encounter in life we just didn't get taught in Carol Ann's class. She left out a few that I'm sure many people wonder about. Things like~

~How to tell your parents you're gay.
~How to tell your partner you have an STD/are pregnant.
~How to figure out who the father is.
~When is it time to have your stomach pumped?
~What to say the morning after a selacious drunk dial.
~How to recognize the signs of your roommate selling her body for money.
~How far is too far? (Is stripping ok vs. hooking? Is go-go dancing ok vs. stripping?)
~How to make your roommate pay her rent after you move out (because she doesn't want to pay anymore).
~How to deal with the smell of paper factories?
~How to deal with psychotic neighbors.

You know, now that I think about it there is a lot young adults could encounter in their late teens and twenties that just aren't talked about or are acceptable to talk about in today's society.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Powerful Iodine

Ever notice how utterly unpleasent the things in your gyno's office are? For instance, Have you actually read all of the STD charts? Have you appreciated the pictures of herpes enlarged x10? Have you noticed the utterly disgusting picture of shingles on the herpes poster (which neglects to tell you shingles is not an STD)? Does it make you want to be tested every day? Have you looked at all the instruments and gagets and potions like "Sureglide" and "Sliderite" and tongue depressors? (what the hell do you use a tongue depressor for in a gyno visit?) I noticed a big bottle of prodine today. It was labled "POWERFUL IODINE SOLUTION" instead of "PRODINE" and was over by the naked man/woman insides chart of STDs and which organs they affect. The things that I couldn't figure out their uses (in a gyno office) were:
1. tongue depressors (open wide!)
2. a large container of baby powder (only a little more obvious than the...)
3. large container of baking soda
4. not so much the use, but I couldn't figure out why the "Sliderite" was in an aerosol can
5. the pillow on the chair because your head is never up high enough to rest on it

Any other odd devices you have found in the scary office?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Diaries of a Honolulu Call Girl

At first it was a healthy (as healthy as you can get) infatuation with a pimp. Then it was hanging out with the pimp. I believe it has now progressed (or digressed depending on your point of view) into working for the pimp. My roommate is a call girl. She thinks I don't know and keeps trying to hide it from me and New Roommate, but we are smarter than that. I think it started Sunday, with the odd phone call I got from her:

She: Are you ok? I couldn't get a hold of you guys.
Me: We are at dinner, you know that.
She: I'm sorry I haven't been able to get all my money to you on time. I just want you to know that it won't happen any more.
Me: Is everything ok? Are you on drugs?
She: I'm fine, I'm not on drugs. Enjoy dinner.

That's the abbreviated version.

Her hair is much more blond. With bangs. Which I know she hates.

More reasons I think my roommate is a hooker:
1. She "gets ready for work" at the burger place where she works (or worked) in black pants and a slutty tank top I used to own. The uniform at the restaurant is khaki shorts, an aloha shirt, and tennis shoes.
2. New Roommate asked when she was going to pay back the money she owes NR. She said "hold on, let me call my job".
3. Mentioned having to work with a known hooker AT (not during) the pimps birthday party.
4. Not coming home till 6 in the morning. The restaurant closes at 11.
5. I caught the tail end of a conversation. "...I told him I was in college. He said, 'how can you be in college if you're only 15?'. I'm just seeing another side of humanity."
6. Saying how she can only eat one meal a day now.

The worst thing about it is I can't move out of my apartment now because I can't afford to pay double rent for that long (my lease isn't up till July 31). PLUS NR's current roommate is hanging down at the pimp's as well. I don't think it was my fault with poor choice of friends because she was a good student last year who went to school and didn't bring that many guys over. She's just spiraled out of control. I tried to help her, but now I think the best thing I can do is wash my hands of all this. (It's great reading the diary of a call girl, but living with one is a different story.)

Does anybody have any advice? They don't teach you about dealing with things like this in college.

At least she isn't a streetwalker.

Healthy Hamburger Tip

How many times have you come home and wondered, "What the hell shoudl I have for dinner that wont make my ass fat but still tastes good?" and end up making mac & cheese? I switched to hamburger helper. Instead of hamburger I used ground beef substitute like Boca Ground Burger. The Lasagna is the best one (I think). You can also use the ground meatless for things like veggie tacos (try adding spicy black beans in instead of refried beans).

Monday, March 07, 2005

Pimp Juice

So here's the thing...Nicole's hanging out with a pimp. Hanging out a whole bunch with a pimp. A real pimp. She met him at a club and he tried to get her to hook for him. Now she hangs out with him ALL the time. She had to get permission from his hookers to hang out with him. He actually does her lots of favors too like buying manicures and pedicures for her and my future roomate's current roomate (big sordid love triangle), buying her hair appointments, and so on. She even said that her hair has to go more blond because HE wants it to be more blond. All I have to say is WHAT THE HELL?! I mean, yeah, it's great she finally found a sugar daddy (and beleive me, he has the $ugar), but WHAT THE HELL?! How is it that all this crazy shtuff always happens to me? Personally, I've never met him, and honestly I don't care to. I don't see anything good coming from this.

PS~If anyone want to visit Hawaii and wants discounted visit with a female companion, I have the hook up.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

I Want a Man Named Mac

I want a Mac for my very own. I want to have a little Mac to play with on a daily business. I like my PC and it is wonderful for stuff, but I really want a Mac to take up permanent redsidence. I was thinking either an eMac or a Mac Mini. I think I would have to wait until I get to where I'm going to be for a while, whether it be a new school or a new apartment with a new roommate (that's in the cooker as we speak). Finacial and logistical reasons of course. If I do stay here, I also want to get a crappy car, moped, or a crotch rocket. Unless somebody wants to drive my car to California. Hmmm...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


This weekend was very odd. On Thursday my friends started coming home from Iraq. If you will recall, the left last January and have been gone for 13 months. These are the pictures before they left, I'll post up new pictures of them back once I get them. I am so glad they came home and wanted to spend every minute this weekend with them. I did for the most part except when I had to work and when I was studying for my huge endocrine exam that I had today. I barely got any sleep and just sat up with them most the night because none of them really slept. I went along with everything they wanted to do from strip clubs to beach time, and tried my hardest to find them chicks. It was weird because A. They were home and B. They would tell me things about when they were gone and what they did that tore me apart. They were so terrible. I didn't not wish for a moment I could erase everything and make like it never happened to them. It was really weird looking at them enjoying everything I take for granted living here like they had never encountered it before. It made me wonder if I should really transfer in the fall or not. I think one of the reasons I was so depressed in the first place about living here is all my friends were leaving and being deployed. That and I hate where I live apartment wise. Since people are starting to come back, I don't if I even really want to go. I don't know if I want to make up my mind now. I mean, the university and my living situation suck huge giant donkey dong, but the life I have right now with my job and my friends and the culture is actually not that bad. I don't know. I just don't know.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cell Phone Blues

The screen on my cell phone is getting darker. It isn't a leak because I can see my screen saver just fine. There are also these fuzzy lines on it. I wonder if I will just wait until my phone goes completely black before I call warranty. Let's see how long I can procrastinate...
I smell cake. Cheap store bought cake with that yummy sugar/lard icing that is so good, yet so bad. mmmmmm...

Monday, February 14, 2005

Hookahs and Belly Dancers

Friday nights I went to a hookah lounge very similar to This one. The lounge it a new addition to my favorite Egyptian restaurant in Honolulu. The cost was $10 per person for the first bit and $5 per person for each refil. The experience was like nothing else because you can actually taste the flavors of the tobaccos you are smoking. Thsi is because most of the nasty crap is filtered out through the 3 foot long tube and the 9 inches of water. It is like breathing cold, nicotinated flavored air. Even with all these people smoking, there was no haze in the room and you didn't smell like smoke when you got home. To top it off there was a FABULOUS belly dancer there and yummy vittles like falafel, a tray of dips and pita, and rose/champagne sorbet. Further more, the owner's nephew is one of my friends so add that to the 10% discount UH students get and I was set. It still was expensive as crap because my friend and I smoked five hookahs (but one was free) and were there for four hours.

It seems like a place sister-dear would enjoy if she would just fly out.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Fiber and Calcium

The nutrition people on the same floor as me fillay broke my will to eat junk food all the time. Those damn "Overweight? Try Fiber!" and "Osteoperosis kills!" signs (maybe I'm exaggerating) finally convinced me to buy and abundance of vegetables and yogurt. This in turn made me want to do yoga before school for some unimaginable reason. I've even started buying organic products eventhough they are more expensive and I have no money. It's those damn hippies wanna-bes with those dreadlocks and wierd west-south-central-African horn tube instuments with buttons and strings and bongos smoking weed all the time. Is it possible I've gotten a contact buzz from living in this state?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I've started buying foods my roommate doesn't like to try and train her to not eat my food. My cabinet is now littered with tofu, pre-packaged Indian food, Mediterranean food, and tuna. Every thing else I like and I know she will eat I stuck in my closet. Here is my problem...veggies. They are in a common area. I need recipes on how to prepare veggies so that she is turned off by MY veggies. I could eat Greek salad all the time, but I don't think I could take feta for that long. I really hate that I have to do this, but it's time for her to learn not to eat my foodies. I was just wondering if any of you have favorite recipes involving exotic spices, tofu, tuna, feta or goat cheese, or something of strange color and texture. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I hope everyone had or is going to have a happy Fat Tuesday. This is also known as Mardis Gras. Today I plan on going to Waikiki to walk around and look at evrybody getting toasted. And wear beads. And have people ask me if I will show my boobs for some more to which I will reply "$%#^ NO". I missed last year, but not this year. I'm excited. How did you spend yours? Passed out in a gutter? Naked on a pool table? Or how about just being a glutton? Have you decided what you are sacrificing for Lent (if you do that thing)? Did you use a designated driver? Did you get many strands of beads? Did you do anything at all?

Tomorrow (Feb. 9, 2005) is the official Chinese New Year. Hawaii has such a large Chinese population, you can bet it will be a party. We've had parties for this for the past two weeks. Exciting, huh?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I finally remembered my G-mail account information. I signed on and discovered I had 50 invites! I sent one to myself because I want it again so now I have 49. The problem is, I don't know that many people. What do you think I should do with them? Make people suck up to me? Sell them? MAke people apply for it like a scholarship with an essay and stuff? Any suggestions? Anybody want an invite?

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Top 10 things I will do/have done to celebrate:
10. Get dressed in a skirt, later cursed myself for wearing 15 min. shoes.
9. Walk in the rain.
8. Take a Genetics test.
7. Buy myself a birthday cake (carrot cake) for my night class I have tonight from 7-8.
6. Get the 5 pc Chicken Selects (TM) from McD's and get the grease all over the kaeyboard.
5. Finish reading my book.
4. Look at my dahlink sister's pictures of me on Palila Vision.
3. Read some confusing scientific journal article on something.
2. Tell everyone it is my birthday and get mad when someone forgets it.
And the #1 thing to give me pleasure this day is...
1. Watch CSI and Without a Trace while eating a TV dinner and chocolate!

Monday, January 31, 2005

My Patience Has Been Breached...

...and how. I am sick of living with a 22 yr old child who always seems to make messes but never cleans them up (like MY Nerds box SHE busted open with all the Nerds spilled everywhere, they are a bitch to clean up). One who brings home guys she doesn't know the names of who feel the need to steal things. One who can't seem to grasp the concept of a deadbolt and always locks the door and pulls it shut which is loud and pulls the knkob loose. One who thinks everybody will buy necessary items like food, paper towels, TP, and soap for her. One who can't wash the dishes properly and just leaves them on the counter to air dry when we dry our dishes and put them away. One who repeatedly leaves the shower dripping eventhough I always ask to please make sure it is off. One who knocked BOTH pairs of my glasses on the floor and just left them there. One who drinks my soda after I speciffically asked her not to. One who leaves used condoms in the trash and doesn't bother to take it out. One who smokes and then leaves the butts in the trash making a sickening stale cig. smell. One who acts like everybody is responsible for her actions. One who ignored my request of not bringing home guys she doesn't know. One who can't seem to realize the electric bill needs to be paid EVERY month. I'd kick her out if her name wasn't on the lease. I'm supposed to meet her today, but I am so angry I don't know if it is a good idea or not. No, I should wait until I am not fuming mad.

~She actually had the nerve to ask me if this one guy I've never met could stay with us for 20 days while he was on leave. FU*KING HELL NO!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2005

I'm Fabulous

If you will all notice my Random Surrealism Generator at the top of the screen. I'll wait. Take your time. See it? Well, today when I came to my own site the RSG said "I'm fabulous - I think I'll test cosmetics on George W Bush." I just wanted to share.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My Small Part

I was walking to the 7-11 today to get my Big Gulp when This lady starts talkign to me. She says that the garbage is usually picked up at 6 a.m. but today it wasn't. Last night she threw away her cigarettes to try and quit smoking, but the garbage didn't get picked up and she saw her smokes staring her in the eye so she dug them out. I told her it was a conspiracy of the tobbaco companies and they had called HWM to not pick up the trash today. She said that was like her religion with Jehovah's ongoing fight with Satan. I told her the tobacco companies were working for Satan and this was a test. Then she broke all of her cigarettes and thanked me for helping her that morning (this lady wasn't a crazy, I think she was just lonely and wanted some oen to talk to). I wonder if she's just going to go buy another pack.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Pick That Iranian Nose

I have become entrenched with The former vice-president of Iran's weblog. I like the photos a whole bunch, especially the one with the guy picking his nose. Also, I can practice reading Arabic (you can choose to read it in English, Arabic, or Farsi). Ooh, fun.

Big Gulp Love Story

I have a confession. I LOVE Big Gulps. I know that asoda from the 7-11 is the same as any other soda, but I LOVE BIG GULPS!! There I said it. I love the way the 7-11 girls says good morning as I drag my happy ass in. I love the way the lights flash around and around on the soda machine, inviting me to pick any soda, and telling me I can get up to 2 bonus flavor shots. I love the way the machine gives me the option of Coke or Pepsi products, allowing me the freedom to choose my cola, depending on my mood. I love the way I can never find the right lid, even though I always get the same size (Super Big Gulp). I love the way the cherry flavor shot turns my diet coke pink. I love the way it always is the same price, $1.39, and I love the extra caffiene from the refreshing beverage which I have become dependent on provides me with energy as I go on with my day. I love the little sign on the cup that says "Certified Big Gulp Quality" as if they had anything to do with the quality of the soda. I love the brightly colored straws in pink, green, orange, blue, and purple. I love Big Gulps.

Favorite Veggie?

In a discussion on salads, Rae and I got on the topic of favorite Veggies. Her favorite is lettuce. Mine is celery (with nothing on it). What is you favorite?

PS~ If we all had cell wall like plants instead of cell membranes do you think we would be crunchy like celery or soft like a rose petal? Or maybe even sturdy like a tree trunk? Or would some people be crunchy and others soft? I wonder...

Monday, January 24, 2005

Things To Do

1. Do homewrok I neglected all weekend
2. Prepare for presentation in conflict class
3. Send thing off for car insurance that says I'm in school
4. Send W-2 to home for tax stuff (I had jobs in 3 states that weren't TN in the past year!)
5. Get new bathing suit (my top covers only one boob at a time now)
6. Clean apartment
7. Get toilet paper (eventhough Nicole should because she's only bought TP once the entire time we've been living together, but it won't get done if I don't do it.)

Things that will get done today:
1. Some of the homework I neglected this weekend (the bit I will have to turn in)
2. I will prepare for this presentation because I can't stand the self-rightous, know-it-all, disillusioned, save the world and smoke the ganja hippies in my class and I want to make them feel stupid.
3. #5. I desperately need one.
4. #7. I desperately need this.

Maybe Brittany Spears Will Kiss Me, Too

Since I have to travel all over creation to get to the school's crappy gym and wait and hour and a half for one of 6 elliptical trainers, (which, at any given time, only 4 are working) or the 3 bikes, or the 1 treadmill, or the 1 of any given weight machine, I bought a Power Yoga DVD at the used that kind of stuff store by campus. Man, that stuff is hard. Laugh all you want, but I was balls to the wall sore the next day. It made me want to not eat so much fried food, too. The guy on the tape is really funny. He has one eye that looks like a bugging, lazy eye and he talks like he smoked too much weed or buddha or chakra or zen or something.

As fun as it is, I can't do it properly in my apartment because it is so noisy outside. I was trying to fall into a relaxation state and this guy started up the noisiest motocycle creation ever created. It's obscene. He ususally stats it up whhen I'm sleeping on my only day of the week I get to sleep in. Now he's switched to my yoga hour. I won't be able to achieve anorexic zen like Madonna with all that racket outside and Brittany Spears wil never want to be in lip-lock with me. You see, Honolulu is thwarting my biggest dream, swapping spit with a teen queen on her way to more marraiges than J-Lo. COME ON MAN...GIVE ME A BREAK HERE!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2005

"A" in Math, "F" in Weight

I was doing my every-other-day check up on news and I found an article about lawmakers in Texas trying to get a law passed which would require students' Body Mass Indexes (BMIs) to be recorder on their report cards. Kind of like a pass/fail system for obesity. Supporters say that since a third of the children in Texas are overweight or obese, this bill is important because it will alert parents and teachers to problems. Opposers say that the child's physical status has no place on the report card because parents usually know if their child is overweight and placing the indications on a report care can be detrimental. Arkansas has a similar alert system, but results and information are sent to the parents separately from the report card.

I personally think that the childhood obesity problem has grown so much that parents should be alerted (they may be in denial) and also given ways to improve the child's health. I do not believe that this information should be put on a report card because students often look at each other's report cards. Imagine the embarrassment a kid getting a "D" in obesity would feel. Eating disorder much? I think so.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Natural Camping

I know this doesn't reall matter to most of you, but I remember one year at camp Wild Wood (were you there, dear sister?) when we (the counselors) had this crazy lady telling us what to do, complaining about all we did, and taking credit for things she thought we did well. For instance we started a fire for our dinner once and she told mom (the camp director) that she had to do it for us. Not that we all weren't girl scouts with lots of experience starting fires. In many formats. Whatever. Anyways, this crazy bitch told us that she never wore deoderant, perfume, or insect repellent and never got bitten. I don't think she showered, either. I just trumped it up to the ramblings of a crazy lady who was justifying not bathing. Well today, CNN said the crazy, smelly bitch may have had a point. because the body makes natural insect repellent. They are actually going to start refining and marketing the chemicals for a "natural" product.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cell Phones and You

AOL informs me that the big topic running around is cell phones usage by drivers: illegal or not. I found a very tasty article on speakout.com about that very issue. It says on one hand, cell phone usage by drivers increase accident probability, but on the otherhand, prohibiting it infringes on motorists rights.

My personal view is that you should have a head set, pull over, or not talk on the phone.

Anybody else?

The Big Swticheroo

I've made up my mind and I have decided to transfer. I can't live here for two more years wondering about where I am going to live and how the university is going to screw me over. It just isn't right that the hourly wage won't buy you a gallon of milk. I'm thinking about Texas A&M because they have a good animal science program. Anybody want to sell a school to me?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Veggie Booty's Cousin

Palila goes on all the time about veggie booty and how much she likes it. I prefer the slightly more citrusy cousin to it... fruity booty. It's like a fruity party and I'm invited.

That Mutal Feeling...

So I went and saw the landlord and he said the reason tyhe guy was upset was because this time I parked there out of all the times I parked there before, I didn't thank him for it. Because that would allow him to acuse me of stealing his shit. And give him reason to not tell me the REAL reason he was upset. And not talk to my face. Then the landlord said ny neighbor thought I didn't thank him because he is gay. Like I give a shit if he is gay or not. May be he was just having a bad day. Maybe it's a cultural thing. God I can't wait to leave this state.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My Neighbors Hate Me; The Feeling Is Mutual

I got into Honolulu last night (my flight was fine, thanks for asking). I needed a few things that I left on the mainland so I called my friend to pick me up. Some one was parked in my stall so my friend parked in my neighbors stall for not more than 2 minutes. My neighbor bitched at my friend for parking there, we apologized, and I thougth it was a done deal. Not so. This morning I found a note on my door that said:


Which I find a little over the top and an eensy bit threatening. I apologized to him again because I figure if you kill them with kindness they might feel like an ass. Plus I'm going to visit my landlord. This is too far because I no longer feel safe in my apartment. Dickhead.