Monday, November 07, 2005


Here they ARE! The long awaited Halloween pics!!! We'll start nicely and end scandalously. FIRST!!! We have the trio of George the nun, Pete pirate, and D the lightshow!!! This was the middle of my second party of the night and I was downhill from there. Next we have George and Bobby, the super hot John Cena (sidenote: he called me while I was at work. Ooh, just look at those pecks!!) Thirdly is the picture of George's objective for the night. Get pic with HPD. Lastly is the pic with a whole lotta a$$. This a$$ guy is in my first period class, but this has been the only time we hung out. Nice costume, eh? Everybody tried taking my whip, but he actually suceeded!!! Props to him!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005


Any good movie recommendations? I just got Netflix.

Highlights of Halloween

My costume was a nun with a black and silver three-chained choker with crosses. Gartel belt, thigh-highs with bows on them, short skirt, dark eyeliner, crosses painted on fingernails, mary-janes, cat-o-nine tails.

1) Pre-partied. Answered the door for the pizza guy in costume slightly buzzed.
2) Lost my driver's license. Got the # of my employment application at Vino/Hiroshi to renew on-line (was about to expire anyways).
3) New digital camera stopped working. You can't see the pictures, but you can see old pictures. I think it is a lens problem, not a monitor problem. I have to somehow get to Circuit City in Pearl City to get it serviced.
4) First group of friends left, met with new group of friends for mid-night party.
5) Got my picture taken with HPD.
6) Japanese asked me and my friend D to take pics with them.

That's about it.
Pics will come after I get them from friends.