Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Stalker Update

After getting totally grilled by the shop on who I was (apparently he has real stalker who follows him and once said "if I can't have you I'll kill myself" to which he replied "do you need something to help you do it?") I got through to this crazy kid. He was, to say the least, very excited to hear from me. He kept telling all hi coworkers to shut up because I'm someone he hasn't talked to in yonks. The were all very understanding and kept turning up loud music and making lewd comments into the telephone. Fabulous. I suggest everybody tries to suprise an old friend. The expressions they let loose are more than enough to entertain.

Monday, June 13, 2005

My Stalker Tendencies

The other day I was talking to a good friend of mine when we got onthe topic of or past relationships; who sucked giant donkey dongs, and who was actuallt good to us until the point of us cutting the relationship off. Two of the three of mine were accounted for. One's married to somebody everybody hates and all his friends say they liked me 50x better. RS and I still talk about once a week. This other one, JP, is still out in the wind. He was all ready to move to Hawaii last Jan. for me, but I told him not to because it would be a bad, bad, bad idea. He stoped talking to me and he has moved and gotten a new email address. I wanted to track him down and touch base with him because I have a problem sayng hasta la vista permanente to good people. This is how I tracked him down in slightly stalker terms.
1. Develop a plan. Sounds stupid, but mine was track him down through his profesion. He's a tattoo artist and they actually are relatively easy to find if you know how to look. I was going to google him, but if that didn't work I would call his old shop and find out where he was.
2. Google. The most underestimated way to start a stalk.
3. Find an article with his name and shop and profession.
4. This particular article was from somewhere I didn'texpect him to end up so I REALLY wanted to make sure it was him. Unfortunately the only picture they had of the staff of the shop was their forearms.
5. Think back to the tattoos on his left frearm (he has a pach on his right one with a guitar wrapped around it. The right would have been easy). I vaguely remembered the tattoo but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just wishful thinking on my part.
6. Find a picture of him. This was difficult because my picture box is in KY. Found one, but his arm ended right below his elbow. I ended up matching just a couple lines (with help of the good friend with whom I had the canversation that started this bit of nostalgia) and realized, yeah its him.
7. Tried finding a listing for the shop, but could only find a listing for it's sister shop.
8. Emailed newspaper that ran story for info. Got it.
9. This step is the hardest, haven't done it yet. I've been staring at the phone being to chicken shit to call. I guess after and entire day of looking, I should probably do something.

If becoming a doctor doesn't work, I guess I could always go into being a PI or a professioal stalker.