Thursday, December 09, 2004

Christmas Wishes

For X-mas, I think it would be fantastic to receive cake mascara. How you do it is wet your brush slightly and then brush it against the cake, slowly apply it to your lashes and let dry a bit between applications. Lola cosmetics has a really pretty one, as well as Longcils Boncza and Paula Dorf. The best part is the mascara doesn't grow mad bacteria like tube mascara does, it last a LONG time, and you wouldn't have to replace your mascara every other month. It think it would be an economical as well as SEXY investment if anyone is so inclined to get it for me for X-mas or pass along the info. I also wouldn't mind The Futurama DVD collection, or MST3K movies. I already have the set with Sidehackers and the shorts volume 2. Think it is the 3rd volume. I mean, the best part about the holiday is the dinner, being home, and being with family, but a little commercialism doesn't hurt. Anybody want anything from Hawaii?

I'm Your Secretary

So I rented this movie called Secretary over this week. It is a wonderful and truly romantic film in which Maggie Gyllenhal plays a girl who just got out of a mental institution because she is a cutter. Her father is an alcoholic and is the main reason she cuts herself, even though we see a conscious effort on her part to stop. She masters the art of typing and goes to work for a Lawyer as his secretary while being pursued by a fellow crazy guy. Her boss orders her around until they develop and almost sweet S&M relationship, complete with spanking and the boss having total control over the secretary in every aspect of her life. The boss gets freaked at his own behavior and fires her, and she gets engaged to the crazy guy. Eventually, she professes her undying love for the lawyer, but I won't tell you if he takes her back or not. It is a very excellent movie that everybody should watch.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Islamic Art

You love the food, you love the alphabet, and now you too can apreciate Islamic art. I went to Doris Duke's humble Hawaiian abode called Shangri La yesterday. The place is amazing. The richest girl in the world started constructing this house when she was 22 and it is a marvelous collection of Islamic art that she herself picked out. Wowy-wow, it was cool. Anybody who comes and visits me will be going to this place.

BTW: Can't wait to come home. I'm really excited about seeing everybody. And snow. It better snow while I'm home or I will pitch a fit.
I hate registering for classes. I really need an oral credit, but alas, all of the classes for oral focus are filled. Poop. I've tried Feminist Theory, Middle Eastern Conflict, Urban Planning, and everything in between. Poop.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Uku Surprise

Well, here is the uku story because there is no time like the present.

A couple of weeks ago my friend RK called me.
"Does your head itch?"
"No, why?
"Because me and Nicole have ukus."
"What the hell is that?"
"Head lice."

I stripped the beds and headed down to RK's. She checked my hair and I started doing laundry.

Now in the South and in Hawaii where it is humid and people live close together, ukus are like shit, it happens. Where Nicole is from, it isn't common and she was pitching a fit ad crying and saying she got them because she was dirty. I tried calming her down by saying at least it wasn't herpes. That didn't help. She called her mom and her mom said "DON'T BRING THEM HOME WITH YOU!!!"

We finally calmed he down and it took 2 hours to get all the nits out of her hair. RK didn't want to sit for two hours, so she handed me a pair of scissors and told me to start cutting. I cut about a foot off. It looked good. For a first attempt.

I never got ukus.

*FUN FACT* UKU in Hawaiian means flea or louse (usually in reference to head lice). UKULELE (like the instument) means jumping flea.

Blogger Ate My Blog

Blogger ate my really good blog on ukus. I'll tell it later. BTW, the Iron Chef came into the restaurant a couple weeks ago. He's the little Japanese guy with a big moustache. He wears little red shoes.

The Great Flood

I'm back in action. Sorry for the delay but our school got flood on Halloween weekend and they are just now getting the powers on in the Ag Sciences building. I haven't even been able to check my email in a month. Here are a few articles about it. This one is from the Advertiser, and this is the photo gallery. The three cars in the tree are right up against my lab. So how was your Halloween?