Friday, October 27, 2006

Spin Cycle This

The other day (Wednesday), I was cleaning my room like a mad woman. As part of cleaning, one MUST do laundry. I did my laundry. Since our dryer doesn't dry our clothes all the way, I went to go put an extra 75 cents in the dryer before my time was up so it would go just a little longer only to find some douchebag had put my clothes on top of the dryer before the time was up. I think I know who it was, and next time they do their laundry, I'm going to open the door, close it, and not restart it. Do it about three times so it wastes their money too.

See, I think (like 85% sure) it is these new neighbors who are SUPER annoying. They play their music really loud during the day which I really can't do anything about since it isn't "quiet hours." I hear it in my apartment about the same level I would play it in my apartment (If I listened to Mariah Carey). PLUS!! I came home on Tuesday to find two of them smoking pot in our stairwell. I have no problem with people who choose to burn, but I say do it in your own home so everyone else doesn't have to smoke pot, too. Additionally, they like to peek in on us all the time. When the power was out, we had out front door open, talking to the resident manager about something, and they were fekking shining their flashlight into our apartment to look at us. Then their friend's car got towed (which it plainly states cars will be towed if not in appropriate spot) and they stood outside my window at 11pm yelling into the parking lot while I was running a 103 degree fever and trying to sleep.

I just had to let it out. They annoy the crap out of me.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Staple Items

From the front page of the Honolulu Star Bulletin on October 16, 2006:
"What started as a lazy rainy Sunday on Oahu became a scramble for essentials, like ice, beer and batteries."
Just think about it. Not water. Not bread. Not rice. Not candles. Man, thank god we had beer already. We might not have made it out alive.

Baby, you rock my world!

So as many of you heard, we had an earthquake yesterday morning. It started as a little rumble and then grew till it knocked stuff off my desk. The power died and, as it was raining all day, we were extremely bored. I comprised a list of things to do when the earth just won't stand still and Civil Defense says "stay inside!":
1. Get in the doorway. In all seriousness, emergency procedures should be top on your list.
2. Get an emergency kit together when you reaize how unprepared you are. Our biggest fear was the water and when the siren goes off, you better know EXACTLY what route you are taking and where you are going.
3. Unpack some of the emergency kit when the threat is over.
4. Find an edible combination of cold canned food.
5. Play scrabble.
6. Put on silly costumes and dance around.
7. Wait half an hour to get INTO the grocery store to buy water.
8. Clean.
9. Read a book.
10. Try to get your phone to work.
11. Start drinking.
12. Take a shower with two bottles of water.
13. Corn-row your hair.
14. Drink some more.
16. Cheer LOUDLY when the power comes back on.