Tuesday, January 17, 2006


So I got the last set of new piercings on my back. I haven't gotten the two repierced because he thinks it will be a good idea for the scars to be less visible when he doe do it. Enjoy the photos. Ask questions. Questions are good.

BTW: The only time it REALLY hurt today was during aerobics. Thank God today we did arms and not abs at the end. We did arms to techno Annie Lennox. Amazing.

Friday, January 13, 2006

It Was All a Lie

So this researcher in South Korea, Dr Hwang, published cutting edge articles on stem cell lines he and his lab had created. In fact, he fabricated 9 out of 11 data on those. They split cells instead of cloned them. Now I find that insulting. As a research assistant, I find it degrades the public's opinion on all cutting edge research, including valid research coming out of hard work. He said his lab felt pressured. I still find it is no excuse. I don't know. It's late here and I'm begining to get loopy and angry. I should stop. But seriously. It pisses me off.


Sixteen to go!! The first week of the second semester of my junior year in college is done. I gotta tell you, it has been a little shakey. First I find my first class on MWF has been cancelled for the semester. That leaves Organic Chemistry 2 as my first class on those days. I also have labs on those days as well. I do, however, have some interesting classes! Aerobics, Reproduction and Artificial Insemination, and Aquaculture production. I'm really looking forward to the Repro lab. I'm goingto learn how to palpate a uterus. Oh, and we get to use the electroejaculator. Fun times to be had by all!!

If I could say only one word...

...it would be ow. I haven't actually done too much physical activity lately besides waiting tables. I started taking aerobic Tues and Thurs at 7:30 in the a.m. OW! Even my ribs hurt. Ow...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Cell Phone Woes

Mom has a new love interest causing our joint cell phone bill to be an extra $50 + change. I told her to get Vonnage (for the long distance) and stop using all my minutes!!!

Monday, January 02, 2006


You'd never think Hawaii could be so boring. But it is...oh it is.

Just In Case

Just in case anybody needs a good idea on what to get me for my big 2-1, here are some.

1. Gift certificate to Wal-Mart, T-Shirt Hell, Tower Records, or iTunes.
2. Waiting on DVD.
3. Pay a visit to me.
4. Pay for my cab home.
5. Pay for my drinks.
6. Make sure I get home and not with some ugly guy. It's ok if they are in a wheelchair, just as long as they aren't fat, hairy, boring, psychotic, or ugly (plus my usual standards).
7. Take me to see a scary movie.
8. Take me to get a tattoo or piercing.
9. A set of chains for my restraint set.
10. Another whip.

Thanks for listening.

New Years Fun

New Years in Hawaii. Happy 2006 everyone. Unfortunately, I was a little toasty and forgot to take pictures. Here is the verbal turn of events:
20:15- Get off work
21:15- Get to friend's house showered and changed. Tried to catch up. Catching up is a bad idea.
22:45- Get to club, have more drinks. Gave a guy in a wheelchair a lap dance because all the other girls in the club we too stuck up to dance with him. IT was only a lap dance because he ouldn't stand up. He was cute, just his legs didn't work.
0:00- Wached fireworks in Waikiki

The next morning....
Made ribs, yum, and did NADA all day. Got that? NADA!!!!