Tuesday, August 31, 2004

My Domestic Experiences

Well, I got moved into the new apartment. After I figured out why I didn't have hot water, I was a little more comfortable. It is, for the most part, quiet. There are a few little quirks that may need to be addressed throughout my stay. The first is that we have ants. Big ants. This may seem terrible, but really isn't. I had ants lat year and got rid of them VERY quickly. My windows look out onto other peoples rooms. This is slightly unnerving when I sleep. I can't get my shower curtain rings closed. The shower curtain is currently just hanging there. The biggest problem I can see is one night, after making dinner, I walked out of the bathroom to find a freakishly huge cockroach sitting in my kitchen. I was surprised it wasn't sitting at my bar drinking a coffee and reading the paper. It was as long as the hypotenuse of my palm (if you imagine my palm with right angles). I got a shoe and smacked it 6 times to kill it. I got cockroach traps which I don't think will work because although I got the ones for "large roaches" the holes are about four times too small for the nuclear bomb survival roach I had in my kitchen. I got the spray and have been spraying every time I come home, wake up, leave, breathe... I'm hoping it just crawled in the hole in my screen.

On the whole I am enjoying the place. I feel a whole lot better now that my refrigerator contents are more than the six pack of diet coke, the half a bottle of whiskey, and the full bottle of $40 sake. (BTW sister dear, I can get pearl sake here...would you like me to bring some home this winter for a solscist dinner?) I now have more nutritious things like pizza, mac and cheese, a ridiculously large tub of claussen pickles, and a five pound bag of cheese (I froze some and,yes, it will be eaten). My main concern after Nicole moves in on the fourth is the matter of boys. I don't bring boys home. Ever. Nicole brings lots of boys home. She says she will change this year, but she hasn't shown me that change as of yet. I guess we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

News From The Island

Well, another school year has begun. My first week here was spent sorting out that little issue of where I'm going to live. Apparently the school decided they could house 4000 extra students with two closed dorms. They even opened one up that had been closed due to an electrical problem. They weren't sure if the problem was fixed and decided to find out when the students plugged in their computers.

I did find a place. It is close to campus, 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, no AC, coin laundry in back, and a lanai (balcony) for $800 a month. I will be sharing this with Nicole. Remember Nicole? She lived down the hall from me last year. I would like to have the lease signed by today because my bed is being delivered tomorrow. Unfortunately, the secretary moves at Hawaiian pace so I have been waiting for the contract to be drawn up since Friday. I also need to get my water and electricity turned on by Friday; That will be my first night there.

Classes this Fall are Nutrition, Arabic, Chem 2, and the surgery class we all know and love. I have gone to all my classes so far, but I haven't met my Arabic teacher yet because she has not shown up for class thus far.

The weather is hot (as usual) but this hurricane/tropical storm is pushing in wind. Most important is the slew of beautiful freshman boys the university accepted. They are everywhere, but unfortunately for yours truly the beautiful slutty island girls are too. I should consider them taken already. Alas, I am destined to have books as my companions, but the eye candy doesn't hurt.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

My Damn Check

I don't know if I ever told you all about my fiasco with IHOP. When I went to pick up my check the first time, The GM said the night manager had them because the GM had just gotten back from vacation and he couldn't find it. That night, I called up to IHOP and talked to the night manager and told him to leave it out, I would come pick it up the next day. The next day, mom went ot go get it because she was in the neighborhood. I even called and said my mom was coming to pick it up. They kept her waiting for over 20 minutes at the front and told her they couldn''t find it. I called the next morning, chewed the manager out, and told him to send it to me. I gave him my address. Two weeks later they called me telling me to go in and pick up my check. I said I told them to send it to me and they told me they lost my address. I chewed them out again in the middle of Target and told them to keep it there, don't touch it. I would come get it when I was back in town. Yesterday I went in and a server I worked with in JC and Bristol took my arm and dragged me back there and chewed out the GM for me. He didn't say a word to me and just handed me my check. When I opened it up I found my address printed on my check. Twice.

Almost Paradise

I am here in my final days on the mainland before I catch a plane over to my little island in the sea. Unfortunately I have no place to live in Hawaii. The university did this dipshit thing of accepting about 4000 more mainland students than they had room for. There is already a waiting list for spring semester. The apartment situation is not much better, so Nicole and I are SOL. I don't think we have to worry because once I am there, I will be on the phone 24/7 trying to get us a stupid place (plus dad will be there). I am, however, enjoying my last few days here. I have spent copious amounts of time with my friends while still managing to clean out drawers and go through stuff in the room. Sister dear, you really need to do the same thing. A bunch of this stuff is yours. Well myabe the next update will be from Hawaii.