Friday, March 19, 2004

Bye Bye

I leave today for Texas. I'll be back March 28.

VH1 Sucks

I was watching VH1's countdown of the top 100 hard rock bands. It is apparent VH1 doesn't recognize the art that is hard rock. For example, Tool was ranked in the mid 80s. In the 70s we had Marilyn Manson, but right below Manson was, duh dun duh, Lenny Kravitz. Manson is the epitome of hard rock in our generation and Lenny "Fly Away" Kravitz is compared with him, ranking 10 spots higher than Tool. I was pissed.

After they flashed up Rob Zombie, all the people talked about was White Zombie. I know, I know, Rob Zombie and White Zombie, same thing... WRONG!! The music sounds different. It's like saying Ozzy is the same thing as Black Sabbath (which VH1 did not). They did the same thing for Henry Rollins and Black Flag.

Jane's Addiction was ranked higher than Korn. Rammstein wasn't on the list. Led Zepplin was number one. Ok, I can respect Led Zepplin at #1, but I would have put Nirvana in that spot. I also disagreed with Anthrax's ranking and Slayer's appearance on the list at all.

The Ramones, Sex Pistols, and The Doors were on the list in the top 15. Sorry guys. The Doors, even though they rock, are NOT hard rock and should not have been on the list. The Ramones and The Sex Pistols are the fathers of PUNK rock not HARD rock. Obviously VH1 doesn't know the difference.

It isn't just VH1. MTV would have fucked it up, too. I think hard rock doesn't get enough credit, and therefore nobody understands it. Until it does, fuck VH1 for their blasphemous representation of a wonderful genre of music.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I Am the MASTER!

Being sick gives me insight into how much control I have. So far I have at least 3 guys who said they would take care of me, 2 who professed undying love for me, and 3 separate guys who have gotten REALLY upset (like bitch crying upset) when I told them, "I don't like you, get the fuck out of my room," or "You need to leave. Right now." That is 7 guys in my life that I currently have control over (I don't like 3 of them, obviously, but still I have control). There have been some in the past, but currently, there are 7. HAHAHA!!! I am the master! Bow down, bitch!!

*I have taken copious amounts of cold medicine. I may be slightly delirious. I am, however, still the master.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004


I feel like the crap of craps. I have a chest cold that forbids me from carrying on a conversation without hacking up a lung. I also have a fever. I took Tylenol to lower it, and made my throat not hurt so much. I hope it isn't SARS.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Note to Self

When asked by a group of locals to judge somebody on booty shaking ability, be on guard. Nicole, Roomie and I had this happen and we ended up getting mooned by a local who shook his booty like he was doing squats. NOT attractive, but a good time had by all because it was so freaking funny. He thought he was the shit.


I am send you all on a mission: find me a new hair cut. I am growing my hair out and I need a good in between cut. Right now it is spiky in the back and kind of Neve Campbell in the front. HELP!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I Fought the Law

Well, it wasn't me really. I was getting ready for bed when I got a call saying my boys were too drunk to get back on base, could they stay with us? I told them that they could, but we were going to have a long talk in the morning.

15 minutes later I got another call saying my boys were going back to base. The person who called, however, got off the phone before I could get details because the cops showed up.

10 minutes later I called them to make sure they were ok. 2 of them had been arrested for public drunkenness, open canister in public, and underage possession. 1 (the DD) had been arrested for association with some sketchy character the guys had met down at Waikiki. The 2 who didn't get arrested were coming up to UH to wait.

The cops let the three guys go. I drove to pick them up because the DD had been talking to the cops.

When I got there, two of the three delinquents didn't seem to realize they had been touched by an angel that night. They also didn't realize I was in my pajamas and glasses at 1:00 am picking their stupid asses up.

I was angry at the time, but now I am more disappointed in them than anything. They are smart guys and I expect better behavior from them. When they come over this weekend, you better believe we are having that long talk. I'm Mama George to them when they are out in Hawaii, so Mama is going to have to lay the smack down.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I'm Still Here

Just writing to let you all know I am alive and well. I have been bogged down with choke homework and several interesting stories. More to come when homework time is over. Just wait till you here what happened in Waikiki this weekend.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I want someone to bring me a lei and take me on a date. That would be really nice.


Yesterday something amazing happened. Right before the two hour seminar on pig follicles, I slept or two hours mid-afternoon...with a comforter on. This is big news That means it got cold and windy enough here to put a heavy blanket on. The rain has not stopped. It has, however, slowed.