Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I Wasn't a Witness

Apparently, according to wide mass campus talk, Nick Carter was at he UH Manoa Cafeteria last night. I didn't see him, but we ate early and we were told later that night after we ate that he was there at that moment. It makes sense because American Idol had their little try-out beginning season show last night right here, in Honolulu, the bum-fuck large city of the USA.

Rumor also has it Mr. Carter is fat.

Now, if you had somehow made oodles and boodles of money by being a blond headed male bimbo with no talent, would YOU be at MY school cafeteria? That would be the last place I would be. Unless, of course, I was looking for a piece of ass from a bulimia-goddess eating "just a salad" or wanting to get my ass kicked from the girls like me and my two (2) friends and all the non-gay boys (and the queer ones who are like me and my two [2] friends). If I was trying to pick up a skanky ho, however, I would sit on the front steps of my dorm because, for the exception on the bathroom side of the right third floor, a bunch of skanky hos live here. Most of the skanky hos stay out side looking to pick up a piece ass. A piece of ass like the fat blond Backstreet Boy who needs to make his money by telling the stupid people who think they can sing (like them bitches next door) that they can't on national television.

This goes to show that not only does Nick Carter have no talent but no logic as well. Like a younger, fatter, more annoying, whiny, slutty, blond, American Simon. And fuck American Idol.

Wouldn't It Be Nice If....

Wouldn't it be nice if:
My anatomy test was easier than I thought it would be?
I had a whole bunch of super yummy green tea?
That super yummy green tea ws cheaper than the name-brand kind?
I had a super-duper cool boyfriend who called me to tell me he was extra in love with me today? *cue for sister to vomit*
I had a turbo fan which blows lots of extra-windy wind?
.Ketchup made a good, cheap, tomato flavored lube?
I find my roommate likes Tool?
I skipped the pre-vet meeting?

I did all of these or had all of these things happen (I just read about the ketchup) within the past 24 hours. It's the simple things in life.


I like tea. I like tea a lot.


I got a new fan that is better quality and more powerful than the last. It was cheaper because my friends had better sense than the stinky prof. and took me to Sears and not the Japanese import store. Because everything the Japanese import from France is guaranteed to be better. Right. I'm going to be crass, mine is a CHINESE made fan from an AMERICAN company that I bought at an AMERICAN store.

Not some damn French fan. They don't even need powerful fans in France.

Monday, September 29, 2003

They're Back!

The bus strike is over although it is more expensive, no transfer passes, and no student discounts. It sucks, kamianas get discounts, but students pay tourist rates. Like everything else here, it screws the students. This week only Mon-Fri is free rides. I just might ride around for the hell of it. I still have a few things to say about the bus people, but at least the giant machines are running.


Everyday I beat my own previous record for number of consecutive days I've stayed alive.

I like that. It makes me happy.

Last night was cooler, but past 6:15 (around sunrise) it was unbearable to sleep any longer. I am getting a fan today (hopefully). A REAL fan from Sears. Mine was on sale at this Japanese supermarket and dripped oil or something from the mortor area the first night I used it. Stupid Freanch fan makers made me a defective fan.

Sunday, September 28, 2003


In case you missed my latest drama, my fan broke. For those who have forgotten, we have no airconditioning in our dorm (or any dorms on campus for that matter). If you have a mental diability, let me drill this in; its fucking hot in Hawaii, even at night. The guy at the tattoo shop last night (only buying jewelry thats cheaper at this particular shop) thought I was on drugs because I had a sweatshirt on and was comfortable (he said "yeah, sure you're ok" with that i-wish-i-was-on-your-drugs look)

With that in mind, I can't stop drinking tea. It's like a snack in a cup and I am addicted. Green tea mostly, black tea in highly stresful situations, and herbal tea close to meal times (less filling) are my friends. Oh Goddess, why can't I stop?

What Happened to Brotherly Love

Last night Roomie and I went down to Waikiki and had dinner at TGI Fridays. I had steak and potatoes, she had a chicken sandwich, and we both had desserts. It was so much better than cafeteria food. We left a big tip. We went walking around and this old man was lying on his back outside of Banana Republic; he looked like he was trying to get up, and nobody was asking if he needed help. We discussed it, whether we should ask or not because we were also worried for our safety. While we were walking over to ask him if he needed help a man with work gloves in his back pocket went over and asked him if he was ok. He and a few other big guys helped him up, and one was checking him for any significant injuries. We felt kind of bad because when we were walking back there was an ambulance there, but we figured we would have been more in the way if we had tried to help him initially because we would not have been physically able to pull him up. The thing was nobody asked the man if he needed help and he was right next to a restaurant and a clothing store. He wasn't dressed oddly; he was in slacks and an aloha shirt. We saw quite a few people just walked around him and still nobody asked him. It made me sad that our regard for fellow human beings has declined so much. I felt guilty that we had to discuss with each other whether or not we should go over, and then sad that we even had to question our safety. I think I may have found another option for my path in life. My mom mentioned something about me being a good candidate for a Human Rights Lawyer. I could see myself doing that. I think I would also make a good Environmental Lawyer because of my aptitude for science and a real love for the planet. I think there are many things people and do, say, or are exposed to by other people or corporations that they just accept because it is not realizing it is not within their constitutional rights or the rights of others. I doubt many have read the US Constitution or thought about what it says. It seems that we tend to take things as they are. This girl in my anatomy class said she stopped eating meat at Thanksgiving when she was in the seventh grade because she realized what the turkey was. She told me she had always eaten meat and never really thought about the connection between the animal and the meat on the table, and when she did she didn’t want to eat meat anymore. Why should it be any different recognizing our fellow human beings as something that should have some respect?


My fan just quit working. Crap. It's hot. I wish we had air conditioning. I hate this place so much.

Saturday, September 27, 2003


This morning at bumfuck-thirty I went outside and smoked a cigarette while waiting for my ride to the Small Animal Facility. I was up so early, the drunk people with the guitar were still outside and made up songs about me. Really nice people, the drunks with the guitar. One of them sang this song he wrote and it was better than the crap on the radio.

Anyways, we took the one ewe and anesthetized her and took out a corpus luteu and 35 caruncles. Then we sewed her up and euthenized her. Right. I felt very wrong doin the whole ding-dong thing. I will stop there incase, by some freak accident, a word mangling animal rightist happens to read this site and twist the truth as they so often do. The ewe was no in any pain, but I just didn't like it all. I really am thinking about a new major.

Is it possible to feel your ass get fatter? I think mine just did.

Take Your Crap Outside

It says in our resident handbook to take out own trash out to the middle dumpster. It does not say "leave you trash in the hall right outside your door where it can stink and attract cockroaches and ants". I wish my nextdoor neighbors would figure that out.

PS~ This chick I know is taking applications for a man to do. Must shower, mst not annoy her, and must have past experience. Oh yes, you know who you are....I know all. Remember, for the most part we are watching the same channel......

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Paranoia Multiplies

My bank tells me I'm not authorized to use my debit card anymore, right when I'm trying to buy a plane ticket. I'm telling you, conspiracy in the 808.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Just F&@k

Got this in my email today.

"We will be doing one ewe (9828-110#-Day 16) on Saturday, September 27, 2003 and one ewe (01278-88#-Day 12) on Sunday, September 28, 2003. Yoshie, Drew, Georgia, and I will start at 5:00 A. M., the rest should be there by 6:00 A. M. on both days."

This means that at 5:00 AM I will be inserting a catheter into the uterine horn of a ewe to do testing. I bet I will be doing anesthesia because I am the only undergrad in that bunch. I'm also the only freshman in the class.


The irony of it is, we're just going to kill the sheep when the experiment is over.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

The Karate Kid

I was listening to the hidden track on the "S.C.I.E.N.C.E." CD by Incubus (1997). There is this part with this guy (The Karate Kid) going "I HATE HAWAII! I HATE THIS PLACE! *fake mom voice* But you can't, it's Hawaii *end mom voice* I HATE IT! ALL I WANT TO DO IS LEAVE! I JUST WANT TO LEAVE!!" goes on like this for about a minute. Wow, I thought I was the only one.

And more

We get back from dinner and the new keys don't go in the lock on the door *mental scream*. I yelled very loud obcenities and threw my keys down the hallway.

Terrible Tuesday

7:30 am- Wake up, eyes bloodshot and swollen, massive headache
9:00 am- First class ok except my cold makes me sleepy and I have the only frickin' squeaky desk.
10:30 am- Take chem. test I didn't study for.
11:00 am- Try to print writing assignment for anatomy, but department likes to "recycle" old excess paper, so I have to borrow paper from the airhead at the middle computer.
1:05 pm- maintenance man comes to check new keys when I am late for class
1:30 pm- In animal ethics class.
2:50 pm- anatomy professor says my cold is from kissing boys. I flatly tell him my boyfriend lives in TX, thanks for rubbing it in.
3:00 pm- Find out I made a 58 on my anatomy test in the freezing room that made my titty hurt.
4:30 pm- Smoked cigarettes to make me feel better- ran out.
4:45 pm- Find out I need to return my key AGAIN and get a envelope full of bills.

I need to not be in HI right now.


I am never eating chicken again, or until I at least forget the video we watched in Animal Ethics. The sight of the chicks being "de-beaked" turned me off hot wings. Only organic free-range chicken for this chick. (punny, huh?) I won't go into the details of the rest of the early 1980s movie with the soundtrack of a codiene overdose/B horror movie from 1978.

Lesbian Night at the Cafeteria

Mahi Mahi, Seafood Chowder, Ahi salad, Teryaki Mahi Sandwhich....seeing a pattern? I ate a regular salad, rice, and what I thought was potato soup. It actually was-Tah-Dah!-SEAFOOD CHOWDER!!!! It looked, and tasted, like man chowder with big chunks of non-descript fake shellfish and regular grade-F fish meat (probably the heads from those ppor mahi mahi fish and ahi tuna).

Monday, September 22, 2003

Out of This Tiny Area

My prom date's brother, AR called me yesterday. This was after his mom made AD call me to see if giving AR in Oahu my number was ok. It was really nice to talk to somebody from home, especially out here. He's stationed out here for three years in the Air Force and has been here six months. I think we are going to see a movie on Saturday or something. He has a car so I could make it out of the campus area for a change.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Great Balls of Fire

Roomie was doing an art project with ashes from burnt paper The fire got a little out of hand on one of them and I hear, "FIRE, OH-NO!!" and turn around to see her running down the hall with a giant ball of fire in her hand. There were big chunks of smoldering ash in the hallway and big pieces of burnt paper in the sink. Oddly enough, our paper fire in our room didn't set off the fire alarm, like the chick with the deodorant.

The Purple Dancing Monkey

The Roomie and I went out last night to see a movie at the Kahala Theater instead of going to that club. We saw "Cold Creek Manor" and all it did was kill brain cells. I knocked over our $2 box of junior mints and kept stepping in the mildly sticky candy the entire time in the movie. Only when we got outside did I notice a tricky chocolatey mint candy had fallen in my seat and was now on my pants. Kind of like the nachos when we saw "Finding Nemo". I should stop going to pee in the middle of movies. When we were walking out of the mall the movie theater is in, we saw the purple hanging monkey in KB Toystore clapping its feet and gyrating while making monkey noises. It was surreal to see this dancing purple monkey in the middle of a store that was closed in a deserted mall.
The cab rides were kind of interesting The cab driver on the way there didn't speak any spoken language on account of what sounded like a lack of teeth, but i got the part where he called me a redneck, and then laughed about it. I didn't like him after that. The cab driver on the way back spoke English well, talked to us about his adventures in college, and how life is circular like salmon, trying to make it upstream and when you get there all you do is spawn. Hmmmmmm......makes you think, doesn't it?

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Not About My Nipple

Maybe a little bit, it makes me so happy!!! I went to the RMH again this morning. Different work than before. This was more weeding than playing with big heavy logs, and they had hot dogs on the grill. They did not, however, have diced onions to go on the hot dogs.

Got word from a friend that he saw a video with a star that looked like me. I swear it wasn't me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it

The chick next door set off the fire alarm again with her aerosol deodorant. This make 3 times so far. I'd hate to see her with hairspray.

There is a new club opening tonight that Roomie and I are going to. The DJ from Linkin Park is supposed to be spinning the vinyl.

I have to mention how much I love RS. He is so wonderful.

I think that's it for today so far. My nipple makes me happy.

Friday, September 19, 2003


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funny stuff

I Forgot My Vaseline

Yeah, that's right. I just got ass raped by my anatomy test. I must be walking funny because I forgot my Vaseline today.

Face the Music

Today is the day for the big test that I've been stressing over. wish me luck and large quantities of ice cream afterwards.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Back to the 80s

I saw something on AOL today that was to pre-order the new "Bangles" CD. They actually are trying to make a comeback. That and I was told big hair and leg warmers are coming back in as well as those stupid off the shoulder sweatshirts that you can wear with your new tapered jeans. DID WE NOT LEARN ANYTHING?!? I can't deal if 80s style come back in. I'm going to hide in my room, crying in the fetal position, begging to some higher being that this is just a bad dream. These are all style of the 80s and the 80s were a fashion faux pas (<--is that correct? I can't spell in English, let alone French).

PS~ I saw freakin' pointy ugly shoes in the store. not the cute-never-go-out-of-style-expensive-designer pointy shoes. No, the freakin' ugly pointy shoes that were graciously replaced with shoes made for normal shaped feet.

You Can Hide Your Weed Here

So the trip didn't exactly make it to Waikiki. We went to Ala Moana and then to King St. where I got my nipple pierced. Let me tell you, it kind of stings. The guy who did it reminded me of Adam Sandler's character in THE HOT CHICK. I was just waiting for him to ask me where I kept my weed. Crazy stuff. I got a purse at Hot Topic and some candy to put in the box for RS. Also, I cracked my phone cover clear window thingy so I must get a new one. :-P sux.

My Trip

My Roommate and I caught a Rainbow Shuttle down to Long's Drugstore yesterday. I got deodorant (how do you spell that?), conditioner, packing tape, stuff to put in RS's and The future Mrs. JR's boxes, strawberry milk, and this awesome cup. This cup is one of those with the built in collapsible hard straws and now I have something substantial to put Tang in. I have a Powerpuff Girls "tumbler" but i have to refill the damn thing 8 times whenever I am really thirsty and at 8 am, I'm just not in the mood. We are going down to Waikiki today; the girl across the hall decided Roomie and I we stressing to hard about tests o Fri. We have the day planned out including Shave Ice and dinner at KC Drive Through. Then back to study our butts off. I'm sure it will prove to be quite an adventure.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Jesus Again

I saw Jesus again today at lunch. He was wearing a Godzilla t-shirt and had about 3 baskets of jalapeno quesedillas. Mmmm, yum.

Monday, September 15, 2003

i feel so lost in anatomy. i thought "nobody is really going to care THAT much if a crash this test, no ned to freak you don't know any of it and it is super hard and nobody in your class understands it either to help you." until Roomie reminded me i was here on an academic scholarship. crap. i don't have time for all the crap on sat. i have a paper for the Prof. but he told me "you need to come to lunch with us on sat. we'll pick you up at 11:45" grrr...... i hate this freaking place. i'm gonna fail this so bad, so much for my 4.0. so much for my free ride.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

They Get Paid For This?

I mean, the security guards were probably doing their jobs, but is it really necessary to use the walkie-talkie when you are within 3 feet of the other person?

Saturday, September 13, 2003


Slip-n-Slide contest last night in front of the A side of the building, RA's didn't care. Saw one guy's shorts almost ome off. Crack on the lawn.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Mom's Encounter With Druids

Me: i had noodles. what druids in the hallways?

Mom: But this little gnome in a giant green burnoose and huge white beard kept pacing back and forth in the 3rd floor hall

I know where I went to high school, this is entirely possible. Go see Palia for the first I actually heard of this happening.

Monday, September 08, 2003

my key

OH, my darling key you never work on any door;
Niether the one outside nor on the third floor.
I have lost all of my sanity
Because of RA vainity,
And they'll try to rocode you forever more.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

at the grocery...

I didn't have any classes today because my class which is usually today wasn't held. Instead of making my day a waste, I walked down and got my hair cut and colored. It looks really cool. Then
I walked to Star Market which everyone told me was like an hours walk from here. Not so. It's like 5 minutes away. I got noodles, candy, cookies, ginger, Tang, Spaghetti-Os, and two books. Brain food. I want to go somewhere for Thanksgiving. BTW: I think my RA rocks. My floor rocks. I would really like to help cook (and eat) a home cooked meal. I'll be thinking.....