Monday, July 12, 2004

We Had $5000 Lying Around

As you all know, I am supposed to reapply for my scholarship each year. I was denied for 2004-05 school year. When I went to pay my tuition, however, I had a balance of $86 because CTAHR had waved my tuition. I'm not complaining, but I find it odd. Maybe they forgot to take me off the list. I'm not going to remind them.


Well, I am no longer in The Big JC. I have moved to Louisville with my aunt for the remainder of the summer. Currently I am working at Hermitage Thoroughbred farms. Yes, Horses. Everyday I go in and groom the horses, clean the brushes, give them food and water, and scrape the poo off the floor. Everybody says that it will be a good experience with my major (animal science). Aparently you need a college degree to scrape poo off a floor now. I don't think the head of my barn likes me. He is actually kind of mean to me. I like it better *sigh* at IHOP where I could make $100 a night and not get my hair pulled or crazy bruises all over me. The good thing about the barn is there are no perverted, gay, stupid, and rude dwarfs working with me.

I ran over my phone on Wednsday and couldn't buy a phone in KY because KY phones won't work with my TN account eventhough they are EXCATLY THE SAME. This makes no sense to me why the company woiuld do this, but it is a common thing. I need to pay my storage bill and I can't call. I think I need to borrow a phone.