Saturday, January 31, 2004

Good Bill of Health

Finally figured out the virus scan. My computer now has a clean bill of health. YAY!

Friday, January 30, 2004


I have been wet all day, and not in a good way. It started at 5:45 am. EL and I got out of hormone/blood sample stuff and found it to be POURING. EL has a motorcycle. Off we went on the bike in the rain. It felt like little tiny needles that make you cold.
At 7:30 am I woke up again and took a shower. My hair looked really nice.
At 8:15 am the Heavens opened up and crazy rain started falling. I was soaked by the time I got across the street. I then froze my ass off the whole class.
Any time I walked outside today, it was raining.
I walked to the lab. It was sunny when I started. At 3:40 pm it started raining. Again. It was ok because now it is cool outside.

How Nice

How nice is it when... realize the book you're reading is very good?
...somebody, out of the blue says, "Have you lost weight?" get to sheep surgery and they are all done?
...your hot physics prof., whose butt, you found out, looks great in jeans, picks up a bottle of water and sensually runs it across his forehead in the middle of class?
...the calculus Nazi assigns the same homework he assigned Wednesday, so you are calculus free this weekend?
...Monday is your birthday so everybody took your blood sample/hormone treatments this weekend? realize that fudgecicles only have 90 calories, and how good fudgecicles are?'s Friday?

Today has been GREAT!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Roomie played classic rock (100% 70s rock). It was fantastic. I suggest you try it. It kind of was empowering to me, but you may have a different reaction. It was kind of strange though because we are in a similar situation as were these people when the songs were written. After of plenty of Three Dog Night, I feel empowered enough to scream, "MORE BOOM BOOM!" back at the people outside. That killed my political moment. I'll have another one soon, I'm sure. Nicole and I have both zeroed in on Kerry as our favorite Demoratic canidate. Mine only after Gephardt dropped out of the running.

Vote in 2004....please.

The Hair

I feel like I am a patient person. I can wait out a storm if I have to. I feel I am very patient with other people. I found myself very irritable today. I mean irritable to the point my own mother would call me nasty. This is not in character, but because it was how I felt today, here is a list of things tht pissed me off:
1. The guy with the fluffy hair whose fluffy hair blocked my view of the board in calculus at 8:30 am.
2. The guy with really strong cologne who sat in front of me and made me gag.
3.The chick in English class who has normal hair with normal length bangs, but insists of flipping them up in the front. It looks like she glued a fan to her forehead, standing in my way while I was trying to get out of the English room.
4. The people in my English class who don't speak English.
5. The groups of about 4 (ususally Japanese) people who walk across a side walk and don't even attempt to make room for you. I ran into three people today because I didn't feel like walking in the mud.
6. Plane fares to the mainland.
7. The chick at Long's who thought I was trying to use an invalid coupon.
8. The realization I have a hormone/blood sample shift on my birthday when my friends and I were going to go out to dinner.
9. The cafeteria running out of tofu. Maybe I am just protein deprived.


So RS and I are having problems. I think the distance is getting to us. This brings me to Spring Break. If I don't go to Texas, I will be in Terre Haute in the fall because I don't want to go to a school I've never been to. Milk says she can only have me part of the week, and while JR gave me an invite at his place, he and Milk are not on the best terms right now and it would be weird if they had a fight and I go caught in the middle like that. Roomie wants me to either stay in a hotel with her or go to Maui with her for spring break. Monetarily, I think Roomie has a good plan, but I really think I should go visit the school. In the words of Ryan, I'm conflicted.

*Just got a bank statement from the account on the island. I can afford a ticket to the mainland, but it still is a pretty penny, being tourist season and all.
Tofu is SO good.

Falling Bodies

Sitting in Physics today, and listening to these annoying girls behind me. "Like, it's hard when he's away because I all I have are my cats. I leave at 5:30 in the morning to get a good parking space. I didn't really need anything romantic, it was just like like like like............." Her husband is in the military and for those who haven't been paying attention to me, Schofield and Pearl Harbor are being cleared out. I think after next week I will have no male friends on the island. This chick lives in Waikiki. That's about a 45 min walk. About a 10 min drive. 15 if you live by the mall. At 5:30 in the morning there are about 5 cars on campus. I know this because I frequent the campus at 5:30 in the morning on the way to sheep. I don't know why I sat there again because I knew she talked a whole lot. To all those people who don't think their shit stinks because they live in Hawaii, and/or are married, it does. It stinks because you think you are better for being monogamous at 20...For the rest of your life in a very sheltered environment.


I took Roomie with me today to go take blood samples and give hormone treatments to sheep today. She said it disturbed her to see the tubes coming out of the animal. Afterwards, we went to Longs and Safeway. We picked up Goldfish, shampoo, tissues, Ramen, Oriental food, paper towels, pantyliners, a ruler, a protractor, and PICTURES!!! Though you might like to see them.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Money Dependence Today

I want to put something in perspective here. I could fly from the mainland to Europe for less than I can fly from here to Los Angeles (the cheapest mainland flight). I am starting to get thoroughly depressed about my situation. I really need to go to the mainland over spring break to look at a school, and it's more than $800. I am feeling money dependent today. *start rant* Everytime I travel, I am reminded by my mother who reads my bank statements that I have limited funds and I should just stay in Hawaii and do stuff there, don't spend so much money (all I buy is food), and college is really expensive. This is my argument that seems to bear no weight:
1) I held down a steady job throughout my senior year and over the summer. I worked my ass off and saved up my money. They spent no money on me including my own car I paid for, my senior supplies, entertainment, college applications, housing deposits, and other such expenses that come with being a senior in high school.
2) No tuition is being paid because I got an academic scholarship. I only pay for housing, meal plans, and books.
3) The Parental units paid for one (1) ticket. A one way to the island. I forked out about $900 to come home for Christmas. I paid $600 for a ticket home in May. Not counting personal trips, I have already paid half a semester's tuition (if I paid for it) in plane tickets. Parents have offered $0.
4) Even if all I buy is food, at $5 for a bag of Hershey's Miniature bars, I think it is expensive to live here and do stuff here.
5) Sister's education cost 25,000+ dollars a year. My education for the first year has cost them 0 dollars.

And yet I still get lectured on wasting my money. I remember mom once saying, "You don't seem to be saving up any money from this job, ad you sure are working a lot." I said, "Can I have money to get my car serviced?" She replied, "You have a job. You can pay for it."
I also paid for pretty much everything else my senior year. They spent all of $100 the entire year. The whole reason I got the job was because they often wouldn't give me lunch money, claiming they didn't have any. Not that I'm not grateful for all they have done for me, I just wish they would either shit or get off the throne, so to speak.

I feel money dependent. Fuck it, I'm going to the mainland. If I am going to work this summer (I plan 2 jobs), I may as well get through this year in one, mentally sound piece.


Something very strange happened yesterday afternoon. Three tornados touched down on the island. Now, I'm sure you don't think that is weird, but let me tell you, it's unheard of here. Tornados NEVER touch down on land here. Even the islanders will attest to that, but it happened. Waterspouts are not unheard of, but they are not common. A tornado is downright freaky because a) there is not enough land for the odds to be with a storm, b) the land is not flat so storms lose strength VERY quickly, and c) it just doesn't happen. What''s more, there were two! They were twin twisters, side by side. The people who live here, however, really didn't care. They all came outside with camcorders and filmed the funnel clouds coming down. I guess to them it was like watching Haley's comet or some weird event that takes place only once every 1,000 years. I think it made front page on the newspapers.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Bad Karma- Update

I think I must have bad karma as well as The Smartest Guy I Know. You see, TSGIK's worst nightmare in high school was English with the crazy mountain lady. Mine was calculus with 4 teachers before Christmas. He is having to relive his English nightmare, and I am having to relive my calculus one. No, I don't have a new teacher. This one is sadistic enough. You see, he gave us this problem. The concept was easy. Take a polynomial, sub in (u+a) for x, and multiply. Simple. The problem he gave us was x^14-7x^12+8x^7+3x^5+x^2-4x+12 at a=14. He gave this to us on Friday when he knew we couldn't get to a computer lab and even mentioned that. He laughed when he wrote it on the board. He told us he knew we couldn't get to the computer lab, but he wasn't sure if he was going to extend the due time until 4 pm instead of 9:30 am. He is a sick Nazi math bastard. The concept is simple, the problem is just him exercising power. I have an advantage, my sister, most of her friends, and half of mine are some sort of engineering majors with computers with programs that will do this. I asked TSGIK if he could use his to do this. He said yes. He is my best friend.

*Note: for those of you interested, the answer is:
u^14+ 196u^13+ 17829u^12+ 997640u^11+ 38363864u^10+ 1072497888u^9+ 22478085168u^8+ 358797449480u^7+ 4383093497104u^6+ 40779003228328u^5+ 284430301320466u^4+ 1442223720472696u^3+ 5025510465989777u^2+ 10771843773536520u+ 10715150283852600.

**Blogger Spell Checker doesn't recognize large numbers and thinks they are misspelled.

Shoe Porn

Thankfully Roomie and I share the same We will sit on the internet looking at shoes for hours when both of us are supposed to be doing homework. Shame on us. I'm not talking just shoes, I'm talking shoes I will never be able to afford unless I make at least $500,000 a year. For example: These Bruno Magali boots are on sale for a modest $687.90. Likewise, if I had an extra $455 lying around, I would buy these. For just $335, I can indulge in a pair of Stuart Weitzman sandals. When I am filthy rich, I am going to buy these Manolo Blahnik evening sandals for a measly $865.

This is my pornography.

Simple Pleasures

There are sometimes when you are doing shit jobs that you take pleasure in simple things. Take, for example, my doing sheep-surgery related activities. I really don't like drawing blood, pushing drugs and euthanasia, or doing other things during surgery. All of my activities are made harder by the simple fact that my gloves are always too big unless I wear fitted gloves which I think feel funny. Not anymore. I was delighted today when I learned we had smaller, thinner gloves which make my tasks worlds easier. I was in a good mood because they were SO much easier. Also, I got to use a 5cc syringe for the euthanasia which I also like better than a 10cc syringe. It fits better in my hand, is just the right size for a lethal dose, and isn't as clumsy or tough when I push the thick, happy pink colored poison into the animals veins. It's the simple things in life that really give you pleasure.


I'm adding one more college to my possibilities. Tulane. Did you know they have a college of Tropical Medicine?

Saturday, January 24, 2004

For all of those who have spent any significant time in The South have heard some biblical curse. We've heard everything from burning in Hell for having an opinion to being struck down by God for, well, sometimes we don't really get a reason. The is now a way to get back at all these people without thinking. Say hello to the Biblical Curse Generator. You will make the blasphemous quiver when you bellow:

"Behold, thou shalt go about weeping and wailing in sackcloth and ashes, O thou love-child of Methuselah!"

Now THAT is intimidating.

*note* You can get the nutrition you need to battle these crazies with a Bible Bar. It contains all the foods of Dueteronomy.

Creepy Guy

Saturday morning: the telephone rings...

ME: Hello?
GUY: (heavy breathing) I just woke up, and the sun is coming through, I thought about you. Oh God, help me.....
ME: Um, who is this?
GUY: (heavy breathing) Some one who loves you very much.
ME: Who is this?
GUY: (heavy breathing) Think about some one who loves you very much. I think I'm getting strep.
ME: Do you have the right person*?
GUY: (cough, heavier breathing) Yes, you don't even recognize me.
ME: I don't think you have the right person.
GUY: (heavy breathing, despondently, angrily) YOU DON'T EVEN RECOGNIZE ME!**
ME: Who are you looking for?
GUY:(heavy breathing) Michele.
ME: This isn't Michele.
GUY: (heavy breathing, full on despair) OH GOD! I got the wrong number!
ME: (reassuringly) It's ok. Have a good day! (thinking, "Don't ever call here again, freak.")

*Roomie has a stalker guy who, while halfway normal and never engaging in such creepy conversations, is creepy in his own right. I thought it might have been him.

** This conversation was much much longer, but most of it was him getting increasingly angry and insisting he had the right person. Plus lots of excessive heavy breathing. Really not worth writing about.

Friday, January 23, 2004

At 8:15 A.M

My calculus professor looks remarkably like a sheep........

At 7:30 A.M

I swear to God I am going to kill the next sheep I see.

At 6:45 A.M

I REALLY hate sheep.

At 5:15 A.M

I hate sheep.

Thursday, January 22, 2004


I'm tired of my new haircut already. It takes too long to fix in the mornings. I think I am going to grow it out and maybe get the blond 20's hair cut, or maybe growing it long again and getting an LA Confidential cut. I could even go crazy and get the hair cut of the girl in Dark City. I won't get my hair cut like either of these.

A Note to Somebody In My Chem Lab

Dear Somebody,
Why did you take my chemicals out of the oven? Are you especially assholish? The were obviously not your own because mine were dry. Shame on you for making me stay an extra 20 minutes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Burn, Baby, Burn!

I have calculus at 8:30 on MWF. As it is one of my most important classes, I try to stay awake. I do this by getting at least 7 hours sleep, taking vitamins, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Last night I went to bed at 23:30. I figured by the time it took me to go to sleep, I would get 7.5 hours of sleep. I had been looking forward to bedtime all day because I was very tired. I fell asleep right away (around 23:45). My blissful slumber was rudely interrupted at 0:00 by a stinky fire alarm. I wearily got out of bed, put on slippers, looked for my glasses, gave up looking for my glasses, and wandered blindly into the night. I was perturbed, but optimistic as I figured the alarm would last 15 min at tops whilst they made sure the building was not, in fact, burning to the ground. Then the madness. The alarm would go off for 10-15 seconds and then turn back on. This made the mob increasingly irritated. Campus security sent over their slowest, fattest officer to help us to no avail. The alarm was not going off. The turned down the volume, but still would not let us back in for an hour. They finally let the sleep deprived residents back to their rooms at 1:00. Unfortunately, the alarm was still being a nuisance. The awkward and piercing blast of aggravating noise lasted to 1:30. I got to sleep with less than 6 hours before I had to wake up, and I am not a happy person. I feel that keeping us outside for that long warranted a real fire, and this nonsense of 1:00 re-entry for no reason is a viable excuse for a grumpy mood on my part today.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Bad Karma

I was just talking with the smartest guy I know and he told me his English teacher in college is just like Carol Ann*. The only differences are he looks like Tom Cruise with facial hair and doesn't give As. I wonder, what could he have done in a past life to deserve such punishment?

Read some of his 55 page syllabus if you don't believe me. My reaction was " NO! Stop the madness!! MY EYEBALLS ARE BLEEDING!!!" I feel sorry for him really. He has post-traumatic stress syndrome from the experience and he has to relive it. Virginia Tech has a rating system for teachers, here are his reviews.

*Accurate description of C.A.: A crazy woman with a teaching degree teaching senior English. She really doesn't teach English, she teaches her views on life. She recruits other teachers and student into believing and listening to her tirades on shit. Her flying monkeys will do anything to defend her if she is criticizes. She wears big shoulder pads, neon patterns, a magnetic butt pad (which she will stick on any part of you that hurts), chews Nicorette gum in class, and smokes afterwards. She pull her hair when she is stressed, snaps her fingers above her head when she is moved, and dings her gong when she hears something deep. She only likes you and gives you good grades if you write to what she wants to hear. She hated our math/science oriented AP class because we saw through her bullshit and plead loyalty to the other teachers in our school. That and the whole pigeon deal.


Yay! I have a new, non-sucky commenting system. Thanks sister.

Monday, January 19, 2004

The Big Goodbye

Well, we all knew it was coming. Tonight was the last night my friends and I spent together before the desert. They are gone for one year in Iraq, and when they get back I will have transferred. It's ok though, even if it is massively depressing, because that's how Hawaii is. People come, people go. One of those things you learn to deal with, even if they are your friends.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

A Night in Review

As some of you may or may not know, I have friends in the military here. Pretty much everybody out here is getting sent to Iraq on Monday, so this weekend has been just having a great time. Thursday we all went and saw Big Fish. Last night Army guys Cecil B., Russell Crowe, and J plus me, Roomie, and NS from down the hall went to the beach in hopes of finding some Marine's party. Well, he never showed so we found the biggest bonfire we could and joined that party. We weren't there for 10 minutes before beach patrol showed up and said, "put out this fire and clear out. In 5 minutes everybody is going to get arrested for having alcohol." We aren't stupid. We threw some sand on the fire, grabbed our McDonald's, our beer, and left before the police got REALLY angry. We started and walked down the beach until we found a good spot close to the road, but hidden from sight. I told them if the cops came, I'd use the southern girl routine to get us out of it to get out of it.
You have to understand something, when NS gets some alcohol in her, she likes to get naked. She likes everybody else to get naked, too. We were all standing around and then BAM! She's taking people's shirts off. Me and Roomie's shirts, too. This is not even that weird, though. It's Hawaii, we looked like we were in bathing suits.
What was weird was when one of the guys thought it would be a good idea to cut open a chemical glow stick and paint ourselves up like some sort of wild beach tribe. A wild beach tribe that pisses behind bushes. I just kept praying no body drove by and caught me with my pants down to see a big glowing mass pissing in the sand.
The best part about it was that we all of a sudden decided we needed it off of us, now. We got in the waves and stared to wash it off (it came off easily). It was, however, the precursor to a sequence of several stupid things I did last night. In order:

1. A car came by. Forgetting where I was (in the middle of the ocean), I ducked so then wouldn't see me.

2. Tackled one of the (the hottest of course) guys because we were battling over a glow stick and he pinned me on my back, thereby getting sand all down my back, in my ass crack, in my hair, in my ears, etc.

3. Dove in the sand, thereby getting sand over my front in the same manner as the back side.

4. Drank a beer we had kept cold by sticking part way in the sand. I drank sand. Beer is better when you can crunch it.

5. Yelled at one guy for getting on my bed with sand on him (he was getting sand on my sheets), and then sat on my bed while I was covered in sand.

It was great though. It was the best night I've had here since I got here in August. Yee Haw! Beer on the beach, nothing better.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

The Weeks Top Ten

10 (x2)= The number of credit hours I now have this semester.

9 = The number of classes and labs I have this semester.

8 = The number of days this weeks felt like.

7= The number of days this week actually is.

6 = The number of people we fit in a Maxima on Thursday night to go see Big Fish before friends get shipped out to Iraq on Monday.

5 = The number of hours I slept Thursday night .

4 = The number of ant traps Roomie and I set out in our room.

3 = The number of hours I operated on a sheep this morning.

2 = The number of bloody tampons left in the shower stall the past two days.

1 = The number of big, chirpy, scary, flying bugs in the bathroom. It chirps like a gecko.


I feel like poo. I feel like there is a little man inside my sinuses trying to get out. I feel like my eyes have been sprayed with sawdust. I feel like poo.


Karamel Sutra

Ben & Jerry have made the best ice cream, Karamel Sutra. It is appropriately named because it has caramel ice cream, fudge ice cream, fudge chips, and a caramel core. It is like having oral sex with a spoon. Yum. Ice cream-asm.

Any Influence

A message for anybody out there (wink nudge Palila) with power over what I get for my birthday:

I want a digital camera. I feel I could better document my adventures and convey my feelings if I put pictures from my everyday life on the internet. When it is rainy at home, I will take a tropical paradise picture and cheer everybody up!


I want this car. That's all.

Thursday, January 15, 2004


Roomie and I were going to Long's and on the way back saw "HIV retrovirus knotes" that somebody had so graciously put up for the general public to read. Unfortunately some of their "knotes" were WAY off and, for the most part, incoherent. Some excerpts (spelling not changed):

CRACK is not AIDS. CRACK= backing soda+time warp+cocaine

What virus normally attacks tobacco plants? AIDS*

This went on for a good 10 pages, including email addresses for more information. Crazy. Some poor bastard with HIV is probably going to die sooner because of their stupid, crazy, inaccurate "knotes".

*The Tobacco Mosaic Virus is the correct answer.


I have devised a plan to motivate me to attend class. If I go to every class every day and do all my homework, at the end of the week I will reward myself with a manicure, Taco Bell, order in pizza, a new shirt, or going out to dinner. Sound good?

Annoying Thing Number One

While the little Nazi who teaches my calculus class has an amusing voice, he does not have an amusing teaching style. His calculus lectures are garbled in this inane German babble and often interjected with long staring pauses.

This is not the annoying part.

The annoying part is when he acts like what he just did as a favor. For example, he wrote length=3. He then said, "I'm being generous, writing this out." Little things like that which he expects copious amounts of praise and thanks for. Yes, thank you for boring me out of my head. He receives praise and thank from his TA. His TA thinks he is God teaching calculus. It is always "Prof. D this" and "Prof. D" that and "when Prof. D. shits, I worship him and only hope that someday my shit will be close to the same level as this God of a little calculus teaching Nazi." He's really annoying. Plus he has red hair and a goatee. A really ugly goatee.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Oui, Oui monsieur

Heather and I were walking back from dinner and we were stopped by the Pizza Hut delivery guy who needed directions. He was kind of very cute and had very appealing accent. After he was finished asking for directions, he thanked us. This was how he thanked us:

Mercie, Mercie vous coux (or however you spell it, I never took French).

Heather and I are deserted our loyalty to Domino's at that precise moment. Wow. A cute French man in Hawaii is unheard of. Seeing as how I am taken at the moment, I would settle for him talking to me in French while taking my pizza order, with no tapeworms.

We wants it, precious.

The Pizza Diet

I have these coupons for Domino's. One of the coupons is for two medium two topping pizzas and CinnaStix (R) and, of course, has a picture of two pizzas with two toppings and a plate of CinnaStix (R). One of the pizzas is clearly mushroom and sausage. The other pizza, however, has definite pepperoni but also is topped with what appear to be small tapeworms. I wonder what they are trying to sell me here in Hawaii. Maybe it is their message that I am a complete heifer compared the majority of females here, and slipping in tapeworms on my pizza is their way of getting me to lose weight.

Not Sure If We Wants It, Precious

Cool nifty gadget powering jacket uses solar panels to charge cell phones, PDAs, and Game Boys among other mobile tech toys. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but the environmentalist in me says YES! and the fashion part of me says NO! I'm torn.

*At $300 a pop, my wallet says no as well. That's two against one, and Mr. Wallet always has the final say in everything.*

Party In My Mouth

The folks at Thai Kitchen are freaking geniuses. They make this soup that's kind of like Ramen except it is rice noodles instead of fried noodles. It actually is good for you!! I mean, compare nutritional information of regular Ramen and Thai Kitchen's version. Take into account serving size. How many of us actually only eat half of the Ramen packet. NO ONE. Plus, the rice noodles are lower in sodium.

After eating my healthy lunch, I proceeded to gobble down a whole bunch of frosted animal cookies which are really bad for you. I then went and washed my bowl with crumbs of shame all over my face, thanking Thai Kitchen for making a lunch that makes me feel less guilty about copious amounts of frosted animal cookies.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Conversation About...

So I was on my way to Long's drug store today and I was a little cranky because that blasted garbage truck woke me up at 5:00 and I couldn't go back asleep (bought sleep aid at during store to help me with jet lag) and partly because today was especially humid, even for Hawaii. I'm just walking up my normal path when a 30 some year old guy strikes up a conversation. He started the conversation by complementing me on my ass (I know it is nice, thanks) and then talks about my peach tattoo. I tried to steer the conversation towards the weather by mentioning how nice Hawaii is in the Spring (it really is my favorite season here), but he just turned the conversation towards my ass again. He finished the conversation by asking me if I wore G-strings.

Whoa, stop, ew.

I don't know if it is my Southern up-bringing or my female nature but I was deeply offended by his question. It took all of my effort not to slap him. Guys, never ask a girl you just met whether she wears G-strings or not. That's just asking for a bitch slapping.

Happy Birthday

Today is RS's 22nd birthday. Happy birthday RS! Treat yourself to some Real Pirates Grog or a Pink Mai Tai!

Miso In a Cup

They sell individual packets of dried miso soup with tofu and spinach here. In 2 minutes, I can have a yummy, nutritious lunch in a cup. Ah, the wonders of freeze dried food.

I Can't Wait to Study Force

The physics room is hot. Like all the other rooms this semester, no air conditioning, and it is an over enrolled lecture hall. Like the physics room, my physics professor, I learned, is hot. I mean he is wow hot. I think this is they way they ensure people will come to class, giving us a hot prof. I think he is gay, though. No straight man uses the words "fabulous", "peruse", and "gem" as much as he does. He still is some nice eye candy, though. Rawr, yum!

Professor Man

My English Professor's name is Man. I like him. I like his name.

Chapter Zewo

So I just got back from my first class of the semester, calculus. Calculus for breakfast at 8:30 am. The professor is this little funny German guy who pronounces zero like zewo. He would have been a shoo in for the priest in the Princess Bride. When he doesn't sound like the priest, he kind of sounds like the guys they had play Nazis in all the Hollywood movies. The building has no air conditioning and is unnaturally warm at 8:30 in the morning, so I am counting on picturing this guy in white clergy robes with a swastika arm band to keep me awake. The calculus book is the only book I have gotten so far with a chapter zero. Our first assignment is to read chapter zero. YAY!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

How Was Your Holiday?

Well here are the highlights of my vacation:

~Winter solstice dinner. Hope all of you who came had a good time!!

~Palila went into the hospital with appendicitis and that's where RS and I spent our New Year's eve.

~My friend Tab's sister-in-law was found murdered. I spent last New Year's eve with her, actually.

~I got lost in the Louisville ghetto on the way to take RS to the airport. It took me 30 minutes to get out.

It was a good time and I really hated to come back. This semester will be shorter though. I didn't come a month early and the break is more in the middle. How was your holiday?

Another Plane Ride!!

Ok, just so we are all clear on one thing, I have to take 3 planes each time I travel anywhere so Northwest Airlines can give me the lowest rate possible, making my travel experiences more convenient, affordable, and pleasant. The first two flights coming home were about as dull a vanilla pudding. It was wonderful. I had rows to myself so I streached out and slept for 2 hours (in hour increments). I love the Sola juice bar in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul airport (by gate F3). Somehow drinking a fruit smoothie with ginseng powder and a shot of wheatgrass makes my flying experience just that much better.

The flight from Minneapolis to Honolulu was a different story. This is a 8 1/2 hour plane ride for starters and I thought I was increasing my good karma by switching seats with a man so he could sit next to his wife. By doing so, I gave up my nice, chushy window seat for an isle seat. I also landed myself next to a man and his daughter who smelled like poo. Not only did I get a whiff of poo every time they moved, but this average sized man decided it was ok to angle himself halfway into my seat. The last straw of any feelings of niceness I had for him was gone when he woke me to get out when the people on the other side of him were awake (the seating on the airplane is 2-5-2 and we were in the middle section). I almost punched him.

Towards the end of this flight, an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair pooed his pants so the last 2 hours were especially poo smelling. Add this to the 50 + 50+ Minnesotans going to an Agriculture convention drinking the plane out of beer and talking loudly, and it is safe to say I was not a happy camper when I got off the airplane. There were two good points and one more bad point. There is a great flight attendant who always seems to make his way onto my Hawaii flights, and my cab driver was very nice. The dumb Backstreet boy RA was at the desk whenever I checked in.