Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Tropical Christmas

So this Christmas I was stuck in the big HI. I got VERY depressed X-mas eve and X-mas morning because I was all alone. So X-mas morning I started drinking with breakfast. Yum. Then people came over. We drank together. Then we went to the beach and decided we were going to go on a Christmas adventure. After dinner, D and I got dressed in our wildest X-mas costumes. A couple of my guy friends came over and we got to the adventure. Things we did (most of this was fashioned after Elf because we watched it drunk):
1) Answered our phones "Hi, this is ________. What's your favorite color?"
2) Complimented EVERYBODY we encountered.
3) Tried to go through a revolving door. Matt took a running start and found it was locked.
4) Got egg-nog milkshakes from Jack-in-the-Box.
5) Played with the fake pagoda outside of the Todai restaurant.
6) Played with the penguins at the Hilton.
7) Sat on the beach at the Hilton and left when a crazy guy came up to us, told us not to get in the water, and asked us creepy questions.
8) Ended up back at Jack-in-the-Box.
9) Crashed at my house.
10) Spent $200 on a dress the next day. Not bad. It was $100 off.

By the way, unless your name is mom or dad, thanks for not calling me on Christmas. I recieved two *2* phone calls all day. Mom and dad. That was it. Ass.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Finals Done!!

Finals are over!!! Well, I have one more, bt it's Hawaiian Studies, and he said bring food. But Organic Chemistry is over. Thank god. Now it is my favorite time, Cocktail time!!