Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Computer Update

I took Mac in. The battery is all poop. The display battery they had worked but the only battery they had in stock didn't (surprise!). So I wait as I do with Apple. For them to call. They should have called yesterday (Surprise!). He also told me my logic board is failing and that is why my ethernet doesn't work anymore. The other guy told me it was a bad port. I have a senile computer with defective parts. If only I could stick him in a home.

Hungry Girl vs. Skinny Bitch

The two popular books aimed at women and their eating habits go head to head in GA's kitchen. Who will be victorious?

I detest the use of bitch in a fun, sassy manner. Period.
Winner: Hungry Girl!

Weight Loss Solutions:
Well Hungry Girl does have some good ideas and slims down many recipes, but she does not actually aim it as weight loss solutions. She says so herself. Skinny Bitch is written by two models who are actually trying to sell a diet book.
Winner: Skinny Bitch!

Both offer favorites in HG or SB manner. SB uses a lot of organic and hard to find items. Additionally, HG uses meat in some of her recipes (and gives the option for meat substitutes). I love meat. SB has a vegan/macrobiotic look on life. I'm sure that is great for some people. I prefer free-range chicken and rare steaks.
Winner: Hungry Girl! (for the carnivores at least)

HG is a free web publication that also happens to have a book. The book is around $16. SB has two books out. They do not have an online repository of recipes. The cookbook is $10.99 or you can buy both together for $21.33 on
Winner: Hungry Girl!

With a 3-1 score Hungry Girl wins!!! I am cooking the Fiber-ific Fried Chicken Strips and Lord of the Onion Rings tonight. The Lord of the Onion Rings recipe can be found on the back of the Fiber One original cereal box.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So I have been preparing myself for this move. The big one. Out of Hawaii. Its probably the second biggest move in my life seeing as how I have spent my entire adult life here.

Space-wise i did three MAJOR consolidations:
1. I got a CD folder and put all my DVDs in them. Threw out most of the cases (I still have a few choice ones)

2. Went through my closet and pulld anything I have't worn in a year.

3. Got a 3 ring binder and plastic sheet protectors. Cut up my cooking magazines and cut out all the recipes I wanted to keep. Put them in sheet protectors. Made my own cook book.

Son Of a Motherboard!!!

GARH!!!! Some of you may remember the traumatizing experience I had with Apple, my MacBook, Apple, Apple Genius Bar, Apple Customer Care, The Manager at Satan's Apple Store, Bill Gates, His dog, Cindy in accounting, and the whole Macintosh company (except Curtis). While I like their products I want to kill them all with bio-

I get home from the dentist and my hair appointment and what do I find my rebellious MacBook doing? No, Mac wasn't smoking pot or shooting up heroin. No he (and anything with this many problems he expects me to fix must be male) was not turning on unless I have it plugged in. There is a black X over the battery. Not a red one which suggests the battery ran to nothing. NO! A BLACK one which suggests a brutal death of a component and a costly repair. I re-seated the battery. During that process I broke two nails and bent the cheap plastic on the battery lock. I have had the software downloaded for a year. My last resort? A painful, time wasting, money costing, wrinkle inducing visit to the "Genius Bar" at the Apple Store in Purgatory. There is a box where you make your reservation asking you if you would like to tell the over-empowered college students about your problem. I restrained from writing "All work and no play makes Mac a Dull boy" 1000 times.

My appointment is for tomorrow. I will cry. I may kill my mac in frustration. In lieu of flowers, please make all donations to the World Wildlife Fund

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yay Health Week!

I am designating next week "Georgia Health Week!". In this week we will have a dental appointment, an eye appointment, 4 days of gym, and a hair appointment. Quick health question? How many grams of fiber does a woman my age need? How about a man my age? Why is fiber SO important and can you get too much? Answers later!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

OH Bobby

So Bobby Brown has been coming into the restaurant for the past couple of weeks. In fact he's eaten there more than I have this week. The other day he came in with his family, there were 8 of them. Their bill was $260. They tipped their server $24. For those of you up on your math, that's around 9%. Unacceptable. I just want everyone to know Bobby Brown is a poopy tipper.

New Yummy Cookbook

I got this cookbook the other day. It is called Hungry Girl. Check it out. It has all sorts of yummy recipes that won't just make you huge. For example, the onion ring recipe in here, for the whole recipe, is less than 200 calories! And it is packed with fiber! YUM!!! The next book I would like is called Little Black Apron.