Wednesday, April 28, 2004


For those of you who are wondering, the top of my bootay makes a Y (if I understand the question correctly). Yes, yes, it is so bootylicious, baby. I don't think you're ready.

Other news, I will be going to my first frat party in Hawaii since I got here. We have about one (1) frat house and gosh darnit, the girls and I are gonna rock the party all night long.
I've said it once and I'll say it again, green tea is the shit. Mmmmmmmmmm, refreshing.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Too Bad I'm a Puss

I saw the drummer (very talented drummer) of a local band, The Quintessentials, at the mall. They are having their album debut on Friday, and of course I'll be there. He was just sitting outside of Long's, listening to his headphones, and scribbling in his notebook. I kept walking by in hopes that the next time around I would have the cajones to go and say something to him, but alas, I am a puss.

Monday, April 26, 2004


My new TV addiction is Fox's The Swan, a show about women with self esteem and body issues who undergo three months of intensive dieting, exercise, therapy, and plastic surgery to compete in a pageant full of other women who were also part of the program. The condos they stay in have no mirrors so they see themselves for the first time after the transformation on national television. It is pretty wild, and I don't know why I am so addicted to it. I told myself that this was sick and wrong when I saw the previews, but now it's a must see.
During tonight's episode, the newscaster came on with a little blip about the 11 o'clock news. His exact words were, "Fox's hour long commercial for plastic surgery will continue in just a moment. Tonight at 11..."
It made my day.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Rise Against

So I went out ALL day yesterday. I got a new CD, "Rock Against Bush vol. 1". It is an excellent compilation. I got it just in time to listen to it while reading about the march on Washington by pro-choicers. That's right ladies, you show them what's up.

Those of you who are interested in good punk music might want to check out, in addition to the Rock Against Bush album, The God Awfuls's "Next Stop: Armageddon". Another very good album. I probably shouldn't have bought it because I've extended my CD collection by quite a bit in the past week. Tower Records has very affordable CDs. There are also these two little stores where CDs are $3-$15. I heart them. Anyways, The God Awfuls are really freaking good. My favorite song is NRA.

BTW sister, would you like to go to the Warped Tour with me when it comes to Indianapolis?

Friday, April 23, 2004

The Moment of Truth

So here I am, waiting for my advisor to be free, pissing everybody off because I'm on the good computer. I didn't get any sleep last night because 1. bugs kept flying up my nose 2. drunk people found it imperative to call me at 1 am and 3. Cingular Wireless didn't get the memo I moves 6 time zones away and called me in the early light hours of the morning. Without sleep, I found the only way I could stay awake in calculus was to do the crossword puzzle. Also my thoughts have been unorganized and disjointed.

My English teacher told me yesterday that I was one of the smartest people in his class. I also read 1 1/2 books and went grocery shopping. I got oranges at $0.52/lb, marshmallows (the multicolored ones), Lucky Charms, and milk. Roomie said the marshmallow she ate tasted yellow. She also said the guy Nicole is infatuated with looks like Gary Coleman. I disagree only because I think Gary Coleman is a sad, evil, slimy, disgusting little man.

I am just super bored with all of the waiting for the registering of my classes. I will let you know my class decisions when I'm done.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Little Chickie Go Smush

My incredibly beautiful physics professor did an experiment today involving a vacuum, a bell jar, and five unsuspecting Peeps (you know, the Easter candy). The little yellow chicks went into the bell jar and the vacuum was turned on. The chicks got bigger and bigger until they started returning to their original size (the air pockets had burst). Ater all that was done, Professor McHot returned the pressure inside the bel jar to 1 atm. The little tiny chicks smushed into a flat, yellow sugar belt. It was marvelous. Professor McHot then said that if we were thrust into space, the part when the chicks started shrinking would be when our cells began to pop. When the chickies smushed, all he said was, "That's you."

The beautiful man is also slightly sadistic.
I've noticed my fan does not blow as hard when it is very hot and humid. That sucks.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Anton, If I do end up staying in JC this summer, I'm gonna want 2 jobs or one that pays very well. Do you think, if I needed it, you could get me a job at Ruby's?? Why won't the sun come out and say hi? Why is it so freakin' hot? Why does everybody in Hawaii feel the need to smoke marijuana on 4/20? I feel like I'm getting a contact buzz just living here.

Pick and Choose!

I am going to stray from my major a little bit next semester and take an elective. I have it narrowed down to three, and they are Ballet, Intro to Arabic (or maybe Hindi), and Survey of Peace and Conflict Studies. I'm not sure which one I should take. Also in my load is going to O Chem (or 162 if I don't do that this summer), the surgery class, and either Animal Diseases and Their Controls or The Science of Human Nutrition. Probably history or speech or something. Any suggestions on the electives??

Monday, April 19, 2004

Political Prowess

Most of you reading this have something in common with an increasing number of have a blog. Political blogs are apparently becoming more popular for big-wigs on the campaign trail. They vary from some with politicians claiming they are actually the authors to others with impersonators authoring and still others which are a series of press releases put up by campaign staffers.

Read more on political blogs!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Voices From the Desert

Late last night, after Roomie and I had retired for the day, a frantic Nicole ran in the room.

"Do you guys want to talk to Ryan? He's on the phone!"

Ryan has been in Iraq since January. Roomie mad a mad dash and landed on my bed as I took the phone. I didn't talk to him for very long because I had just woken up and the connection was bad. I didn't want Roomie to miss a chance to talk to him. I'm not sure the rates from Iraq to Hawaii. Talking longer, we find everybody is ok for the time being and all my boys over there are very happy that I am staying in Hawaii (still sad Roomie is leaving).

We also find out a shit storm has broken out. I don't know if the media is playing it down or if it is just hits closer to home when you hear it from some one who you know well enough to know what parts of spumoni ice cream he does and doesn't like.

I just want them home. :-(

Kudzu Conundrum

Why didn't anybody tell me that people not from the southeast don't know what kudzu is? I thought kudzu was just a way of life like Cheetos and Christmas trees. I looked like an idiot in my research paper when I said we have massive amounts of kudzu, and I feel other areas of the country should be afflicted with it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Simple Requests

My week has been filled with them. First, I have a simple request for Palila to find out why my links are at the bottom instead of on the side.

Friday's requests:

I went to the Flogging Molly concert with Roomie. It was great. I got a little beat up during the opening band. They were ska/reggae and Hawaiians have a need to mosh to ska. After the concert, my simple request was for this one guy to please act responsibly. We had gotten into a little tiff earlier that week *his fault*, and I apologized for one rash decision I had made. He never apologized for his BIG lapse in judgment. I tried to give him a second chance and tried to be nice to him. He gladly accepted my offer to wait with him while he smoked so I could let him in the building. After that he started trying to boss me around. I told him he was an asshole, wasn't acting responsibly or maturely. He told me he was sleeping in my bed that night. I told him he wasn't because I wasn't going to be displaced from my own bed by an asshole. He got mad at me again. I reminded him that I live here, he doesn't, and he is more than welcome to leave.

I just wanted to sleep. And drink lots of wine. I got a rice cooker at and auction for $12. It is a 10 cup cooker w/ a veggie steamer on top. It's very lovely.

I wanted my homework to be done. I wanted to go to church. I wanted good service at lunch time in a nearly empty restaurant. None of these happened.

At 8:30 in the morning, I find nothing better than drama in calculus. The guys had their leaf blowers on extra loud right outside our window. My quiet German calc. prof told the TA to tell them to stop. The blower guys laughed at him and kept right on blowing. My prof got very pissed and runs out of the room. A few second later he is ranting furiously at the blowers guys. They stopped for about 10 min.

All I want is a lock that works. If you will recall a poem I wrote in September about my key, you will understand why I am so frustrated. You see, I locked myself out today. I went to go get the spare key, and it didn't work. Neither did the other spare key. I told the RA on duty that I thought my lock was broken. He didn't believe me. He has a broken leg so he got another RA to try the master key. She called and said, "Really dude, her lock is broken." The maintaining people came and took apart the lock. The axel thingy in the door which is supposed to be straight was bent, a special plastic piece was broken, and the spring had disappeared. MAYBE that's why the DOOR was FUCKED UP LAST SEMESTER! When I figured how much I am paying for on campus housing, I found roomie and I are paying $600 a month. The apartments on campus are $1200 for a one room, and $2000 for a 2 bedroom. I can get a 1 bedroom right next to campus, utilities and cable included, for $875. HMMMM. You would think they could afford working locks on everybody's rooms.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

White Female Walking

This article appeared in our school newspaper on Monday. Let me just give you the gist of it. Here are a few excerpts:

"The white liberals take it too far when they start becoming "down" with the colored folks. I'm talking about those with dreadlocked hair and adopting an "urban" accent. I'm talking about upper class whites who dress in thrift shop clothing just because it's "cool to be poor." The ones who date people of color to make a political statement, and go to underground hip hop concerts yelling "down with the police!" I'm talking about white people who travel to third world countries to help the poor and needy to make themselves feel like better citizens.

I don't have a problem with white people who want to make a real change in this racist society, but I can't stand it when they forget who they are and what they always will be: white."

If you read the article, you can understand why just about anybody would be offended by it. I also suggest you read the responses because they give insight into how it really is.

What you don't understand because you don't live in Hawaii is that the racial relationships here are very different. My school is 80% Asian/Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. Yes, I am a minority. I don't complain about that part because I enjoy learning about other people's culture. I complain about the fact that white people are always assumed to be tourists and treated like we are stupid. Also, we are assumed to be haole and try to stay inside on "kill haole day".

Most of this is because many locals have never left the island or the state of Hawaii. If they have left the state for a long period of time, they have a different attitude than the others who live here. One girl in my English class wrote in her paper that Georgia was a city and it was mostly populated by black people. It wasn't that she was being racist, she was just stupid. I told her how it really was and what she should change, and she was receptive to my ideas.

On the article itself:

A) Her statements about white people with urban accents, shopping at thrift stores, and interracial dating are completely ignorant. In saying this she implies people do not pick up the accents from where the grew up, white people can't be poor, non-white people are always poor, and interracial dating is always about making a statement, not about liking a person.

B) "I don't have a problem with white people who want to make a real change in this racist society, but I can't stand it when they forget who they are and what they always will be: white"

Umm.... I think she displays her ignorance enough here, I don't need to restate it.

C) She also has statements of white people not experiencing racism. THIS IS TOTALLY NOT TRUE!! Two *true* senerios:

1) Rae is my *white* friend from Maui. She has a Hawaiian last name I can't spell or pronounce, she has lived in Hawaii all her life, and she is more local than local. She told me about when she got shit in high school because she was white the many times at gas stations or clubs when she presented her ID and people would tell her she "married him for his last name". She is not married and it is HER last name. She told me that people will always give you shit because you are white, and not to let it bother you. Just keep it in your head that you are better than that and you will be better than them.

2) Roomie (who is Mexican, but very pale) and I were waiting at the bus stop. We saw our bus come, stood at the sign, money in hand, waiting for the bus. The driver pulled beside us, slowed almost to a stop, the just kept on going. One of the ladies I work with in Rotaract said it has happened to her before, too.

3) This is an ongoing thing. If you are white and walking in Waikiki late at night, it is very probable that you will get raped/beat up/hassled/robbed by samoans/tongans/locals who hate white people. It is just that simple.

4) Police and store clerks will give you shit is you are white. You can get away with a lot of stuff, however, if you are local-looking. My friend pretty much told the police she was drunk while she couldn't stand up. She's local, and they let her just walk away.

So, I think this chick's article is a bunch of shit. I would LOVE to hear everybody else's opinions.

Monday, April 05, 2004

My Vocal Chords...

... Work just fine. In fact, I am perfectly capable of speaking for myself. Just FYI for those readers who feel I need to have my opinion made up and spoken for me. I can do it myself, thanks. This ability I so deftly defended this weekend may be hampered if my coughing gets much worse. I woke up at 2 am this morning, coughing uncontrollably. I went to sleep finally after I wore myself out. Luckily, Roomie was cramming all night and I didn't wake her up. I am pretty sure it is NOT SARS because SARS has a fever and other stuff along with it. Also, Hawaii has had no reports of it. This is surprising because we are Asia, pretty much. Besides, this is a mass infection. About 7 out of 10 people I know have it, haole and local alike. It lasts forever and sucks. I'm going to go to the doctor again if it gets much worse to make sure it isn't pneumonia.

My coughing doesn't hamper my intelligence. Nicole's is unaffected as well. She was involved in a heated debate with one of our mutual friends. He has tendency to be stupid and feel the need to display his ignorance to the rest of us. She told him she didn't feel he was educated enough to talk about the topic at hand. He got all pissed and said something. She told him his statement was an erroneous one. He argued with her because he thought she made the word up. Most of the other people around her didn't know what it meant either (Roomie and I were back in our beds). The next day, he was in her room. She got the dictionary from our room. Erroneous is right between something like erogenous and error in our dictionary. Nicole pointed to erroneous and home-boy says,
"That doesn't say erroneous, it says error (he pronounced it a-roar)."

She responded quickly by saying, "It's right above ERROR (she pronounced it air-err). You're a loser."

She then walked out of the room. I love my girlfriends!

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Roll Over

So Friday night after the concert, Roomie and I went to a hotel room where some of our friends were chillin'. We walk in hyped up on pure adrenaline and we see one person passed out on a bed, more people getting drunk, and a whole bunch of stupid shitteroo. Anyways, these people assume Roomie and I are on all types of drugs because we are so happy. In fact, they even told Nicole that I was rolling. She asked me because she knows I don't do that stuff, and I told her they were full of shit. I went and got food with K and N. N was extremely worried about getting BBQ sauce or ketchup or anything on his shirt. He was actually kind of anal about it. About 2 a.m. I went to bed. There were 3 other people in the bed when I got there, J, M, and N. Sometime during the night, J and M must have gotten up because when I woke up around 5 a.m., only N was in the bed with me. I looked up, saw him roll over, and heard a "blech" and then *splat*, and I knew he got all sorts of half-digested BBQ sauce on his shirt. I really am not bothered by people puking. I'm usually the sober person who gets water and holds people's hair back. This, however, was different because I had just woken up, was laying next to this person. I really didn't want to be the person dealing with it. What do I do? I go over and walk to the door where the other awake people are.

"Home boy just threw up on the bed."

One more thing I find annoying is when people say "your joking" or "you lying" when you tell them something that really isn't all that surprising. I didn't say he just grew an arm out of his head, I said he puked on the bed.

What happened next isn't all that important. I went back to the dorms and slept in my own bed. He didn't remember doing it the next day at all. He said everybody forgets everything when they start to puke. I told him he was full of shit.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Rock The Party

All night long. Last night and tonight Tsunami Bomb came and rocked our little city of Honolulu. They were so freaking awesome!!! The first night I got beat up because some stupid people have no concert etiquette. There also were a whole bunch of 14 year old smokers there. That said, the show was, in my opinion, better the first night. Tonight was SO cool because I got my picture taken with 3 of the four band members. I also stood right in front of the Hottie McHot guitar player. I actually was so close to him I got pushed into his guitar! His name is Mike, he's from Texas, and is really nice to talk to. See what you missed out on, Palila, by not coming to see your sister? YEAH! WHAT NOW BI-ATCH?!

Friday, April 02, 2004


This week in the life of George has been like a vanilla/tapioca swirl...very plain. I have done..nothing, the teacher's strike is up in the air (they probably won't strike), and the highlight of my nights has been last night when I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The highlights of my trip to Texas were dancing with an ex-Chipendale's dancer and going two-stepping. That's about it. Blah.


I'm back and I'm alright. This week has been a fun time, getting butt loads of after spring break work. One of the assignments is to write a research essay on a stereotype and why it is wrong. I'm writing mine on the stereotypes people have of people who live in the Appalachian Mountains. I would appreciate to know what kinds of stereotypes you may have or have come across other than the barefoot and pregnant one.