Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Gift Giving Season

I'm going to post this here in the assurance somebody will tell somebody else when they say "Hey, What do you think I should get George this year?" and they will tell somebody else and so on and so on. It's my Christmas Wish List!!!
*A haircut*
A gift-card to Wal-mart (the store not
A gift-card to Lush
*A professional haircut*
A gift-card to Ed Hardy (I'm really not holding my breath on this one)
*A New Bra*
A gift-card to iTunes
*A nice haircut*
A gift-card to PayPal
A gift-card to Buca Di Beppo or any restaurant with a location in Honolulu I may eat at
And if you can find a grocery store in my area (Safeway, Foodland, Foodpantry, StarMarket) that will let you buy a gift-card online, that would be AWESOME!! *No Krogers, Publix, Targets, Food Cities, Food Lions here

I just want you all who saw me this summer to know that I have lost a lot of weight and whatever clothes size I wore this summer, I don't wear anymore (well, shirts are still Smalls or small-cut mediums), so clothes are probably not a good idea.

ALSO! I am not paying shipping on Christmas presents this year. I can't afford it. If your present can fit in the standard envelope without making it more than the allowed oz. for $.39, fabulous, you're getting a present. If you are coming to see me before next Christmas, you'll get your present then. If not, then either find some one who IS coming to see me and have them pick it up, or wait till I move back to the mainland (or go without). I will understand if you feel the same about me.