Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Roommate's Boyfriend Is an Ass

He's an ass because...
-He just lays on th couch all day and dominates MY tv remote
-He gets mad at K for playing with her guy friends (mine too, he calls them losers), but it's ok to play with his girl friends.
-Called out place a pig sty because it's cluttered, yet he doesn't take out the trash he generates.
-Left me in another town, at night, without a ride because me haircut took too long when K ASKED him if he wanted to come (she was perfectly capable of driving me)
-This morning I made coffee and he critisized me beause I was putting some of the extra back in the bag (I put too much in)
-Argued with me that Korn was on one cd we were listening to (they had nothign to do with the cd) and then got mad at me when I showed him the cd cover and proved to him they weren't (he likes Good Charlotte and argues with me about a metal cd, idiot). He actually stormed out of the room and stopped talking to me.
-Won't move K's bed down to our apt because he wants her to get a U-Haul which she doesn't have money for when they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves if he helps. She and I moved all of her stuff down already.
-Admits he has a drinking problem, but won't do anything about it.
-He stomped on the air matress I was sleeping on once and laughed.
-Thinks I am unhappy single and tries to hook me up with all his friends which makes me feel uncomfortable.
-Thinks he is SO superior, but is so stupid he didn't know what stem cells were (or the word differentiated when K and I tried to explain stem cells)

He's just a self-centered prick who I just can't stand to be around. I like a whole host of her ex's (actually we both are still friends with all but maybe one of them) but I don't like him. If he doesn't agree with something he calls you an idiot or stupid, and when you talk back and stand up to him, he gets angry. ASSHOLEY-OLI-O!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Restaurant...

Likes to ass rape me. I've been working the Japanese side of the restaurant making shit money when I ALWAYS work on the Italian side. They've been giving the private parties on the Italian side to the male food runner who doesn't even know the table numbers in there, doesn't ever work there, and has been working for the company half as long as I have. So while I'm making $20 buncks a night and getting bitched at ALL the time for stupid shit (like being yelled at for not being prepared with steak knives after the party stole all but 10 in the restaurant for their private party I should have been working), he's making upwards of $100 while I am polishing all the silver and carrying up all the dishes. Favoritism much?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I just can't wait until the project is finished. I'm getting them all the way down. Posted by Hello


Today is K's and my hous warming party. I want to show off my cute new (short black w/ bangs) haircut, but I hope everyone gets here early because I have to work. Just so everybody knows, I'll be home June 2 or 3...Just in time for Blue Plum. I am excited. Hope to see you there...

For your viewing pleasure, a picture of my latest body mod (if you look closely you can see where the artist blocked out another artists nape piercing. The piercings are vertical bars which are very straight, but look at a slight angle because I was leaning.

~Is the Picture showing up?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Republican Babe of the Week?

I'm sorry, did anybody else know this existed? FoxNews Anchor Babes won the Republican Babe of the week some time in the past. The Jersey GOP has a Republican Babe of the Week. I'm not sure what kind f message they are trying to send here, but I don't like it. If I vote republican, will I look like these gorgeous women? I want to see the Republican Hot Men for the week.

I mean, if these ladies don't make you want to vote Rpublican, I don't know what will. Maybe if they were naked and nude with no clothes on.

News Hounds

They watch FOX so we don't have to.

Monday, May 09, 2005

MySpace Invasion

It has gotten out of control. I actually had to set up some stupid MySpace account to get in touch with somebody I knew had it. I have this lame ass profile with NO picture NO blog NO anything. I just wanted to send somebody at home a message without worrying about the stupid time difference. I am sick of hearing "Are you on MySpace?" No, I'm not fucking on MySpace. I have better things to do with my time than search online all day for people who live in my area. Sometimes I think I should make that stupid thing look cool so I don't feel left out when people ask me if I am on it or not. I mean realy, what's the point?