Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tasty Salad Recipe

4 cups spinach and mixed greens
some tomatoes
some cucumber
some peeled boiled shrimp
1 grilled small chicken breast
2 TBS gorgonzola
1 chopped hard boiled egg
2 strips chopped cooked bacon
1/2 sliced avocado
Marie's raspberry vinaigrette

Mix it.

It's good.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Why is Basil the only herb I can keep alive? My sage died, my tobacco, which is usually very hearty, died, and my lemon balm died. Maybe the indoor herb garden by my windwo is best suited for the amazing flowering plants I have and the one odd vine-thing plant I inherited because the herbs are not doing what they are supposed to do. I'm talking about living, I mean heaven forbid they actually grow.

On the plus side we did put a live x-mas tree up this year at my friend's house. We will have our own small Christmas here before we go to the mainland for the main event.

I haven't put up my Christmas decor yet.