Monday, January 31, 2005

My Patience Has Been Breached...

...and how. I am sick of living with a 22 yr old child who always seems to make messes but never cleans them up (like MY Nerds box SHE busted open with all the Nerds spilled everywhere, they are a bitch to clean up). One who brings home guys she doesn't know the names of who feel the need to steal things. One who can't seem to grasp the concept of a deadbolt and always locks the door and pulls it shut which is loud and pulls the knkob loose. One who thinks everybody will buy necessary items like food, paper towels, TP, and soap for her. One who can't wash the dishes properly and just leaves them on the counter to air dry when we dry our dishes and put them away. One who repeatedly leaves the shower dripping eventhough I always ask to please make sure it is off. One who knocked BOTH pairs of my glasses on the floor and just left them there. One who drinks my soda after I speciffically asked her not to. One who leaves used condoms in the trash and doesn't bother to take it out. One who smokes and then leaves the butts in the trash making a sickening stale cig. smell. One who acts like everybody is responsible for her actions. One who ignored my request of not bringing home guys she doesn't know. One who can't seem to realize the electric bill needs to be paid EVERY month. I'd kick her out if her name wasn't on the lease. I'm supposed to meet her today, but I am so angry I don't know if it is a good idea or not. No, I should wait until I am not fuming mad.

~She actually had the nerve to ask me if this one guy I've never met could stay with us for 20 days while he was on leave. FU*KING HELL NO!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2005

I'm Fabulous

If you will all notice my Random Surrealism Generator at the top of the screen. I'll wait. Take your time. See it? Well, today when I came to my own site the RSG said "I'm fabulous - I think I'll test cosmetics on George W Bush." I just wanted to share.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My Small Part

I was walking to the 7-11 today to get my Big Gulp when This lady starts talkign to me. She says that the garbage is usually picked up at 6 a.m. but today it wasn't. Last night she threw away her cigarettes to try and quit smoking, but the garbage didn't get picked up and she saw her smokes staring her in the eye so she dug them out. I told her it was a conspiracy of the tobbaco companies and they had called HWM to not pick up the trash today. She said that was like her religion with Jehovah's ongoing fight with Satan. I told her the tobacco companies were working for Satan and this was a test. Then she broke all of her cigarettes and thanked me for helping her that morning (this lady wasn't a crazy, I think she was just lonely and wanted some oen to talk to). I wonder if she's just going to go buy another pack.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Pick That Iranian Nose

I have become entrenched with The former vice-president of Iran's weblog. I like the photos a whole bunch, especially the one with the guy picking his nose. Also, I can practice reading Arabic (you can choose to read it in English, Arabic, or Farsi). Ooh, fun.

Big Gulp Love Story

I have a confession. I LOVE Big Gulps. I know that asoda from the 7-11 is the same as any other soda, but I LOVE BIG GULPS!! There I said it. I love the way the 7-11 girls says good morning as I drag my happy ass in. I love the way the lights flash around and around on the soda machine, inviting me to pick any soda, and telling me I can get up to 2 bonus flavor shots. I love the way the machine gives me the option of Coke or Pepsi products, allowing me the freedom to choose my cola, depending on my mood. I love the way I can never find the right lid, even though I always get the same size (Super Big Gulp). I love the way the cherry flavor shot turns my diet coke pink. I love the way it always is the same price, $1.39, and I love the extra caffiene from the refreshing beverage which I have become dependent on provides me with energy as I go on with my day. I love the little sign on the cup that says "Certified Big Gulp Quality" as if they had anything to do with the quality of the soda. I love the brightly colored straws in pink, green, orange, blue, and purple. I love Big Gulps.

Favorite Veggie?

In a discussion on salads, Rae and I got on the topic of favorite Veggies. Her favorite is lettuce. Mine is celery (with nothing on it). What is you favorite?

PS~ If we all had cell wall like plants instead of cell membranes do you think we would be crunchy like celery or soft like a rose petal? Or maybe even sturdy like a tree trunk? Or would some people be crunchy and others soft? I wonder...

Monday, January 24, 2005

Things To Do

1. Do homewrok I neglected all weekend
2. Prepare for presentation in conflict class
3. Send thing off for car insurance that says I'm in school
4. Send W-2 to home for tax stuff (I had jobs in 3 states that weren't TN in the past year!)
5. Get new bathing suit (my top covers only one boob at a time now)
6. Clean apartment
7. Get toilet paper (eventhough Nicole should because she's only bought TP once the entire time we've been living together, but it won't get done if I don't do it.)

Things that will get done today:
1. Some of the homework I neglected this weekend (the bit I will have to turn in)
2. I will prepare for this presentation because I can't stand the self-rightous, know-it-all, disillusioned, save the world and smoke the ganja hippies in my class and I want to make them feel stupid.
3. #5. I desperately need one.
4. #7. I desperately need this.

Maybe Brittany Spears Will Kiss Me, Too

Since I have to travel all over creation to get to the school's crappy gym and wait and hour and a half for one of 6 elliptical trainers, (which, at any given time, only 4 are working) or the 3 bikes, or the 1 treadmill, or the 1 of any given weight machine, I bought a Power Yoga DVD at the used that kind of stuff store by campus. Man, that stuff is hard. Laugh all you want, but I was balls to the wall sore the next day. It made me want to not eat so much fried food, too. The guy on the tape is really funny. He has one eye that looks like a bugging, lazy eye and he talks like he smoked too much weed or buddha or chakra or zen or something.

As fun as it is, I can't do it properly in my apartment because it is so noisy outside. I was trying to fall into a relaxation state and this guy started up the noisiest motocycle creation ever created. It's obscene. He ususally stats it up whhen I'm sleeping on my only day of the week I get to sleep in. Now he's switched to my yoga hour. I won't be able to achieve anorexic zen like Madonna with all that racket outside and Brittany Spears wil never want to be in lip-lock with me. You see, Honolulu is thwarting my biggest dream, swapping spit with a teen queen on her way to more marraiges than J-Lo. COME ON MAN...GIVE ME A BREAK HERE!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2005

"A" in Math, "F" in Weight

I was doing my every-other-day check up on news and I found an article about lawmakers in Texas trying to get a law passed which would require students' Body Mass Indexes (BMIs) to be recorder on their report cards. Kind of like a pass/fail system for obesity. Supporters say that since a third of the children in Texas are overweight or obese, this bill is important because it will alert parents and teachers to problems. Opposers say that the child's physical status has no place on the report card because parents usually know if their child is overweight and placing the indications on a report care can be detrimental. Arkansas has a similar alert system, but results and information are sent to the parents separately from the report card.

I personally think that the childhood obesity problem has grown so much that parents should be alerted (they may be in denial) and also given ways to improve the child's health. I do not believe that this information should be put on a report card because students often look at each other's report cards. Imagine the embarrassment a kid getting a "D" in obesity would feel. Eating disorder much? I think so.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Natural Camping

I know this doesn't reall matter to most of you, but I remember one year at camp Wild Wood (were you there, dear sister?) when we (the counselors) had this crazy lady telling us what to do, complaining about all we did, and taking credit for things she thought we did well. For instance we started a fire for our dinner once and she told mom (the camp director) that she had to do it for us. Not that we all weren't girl scouts with lots of experience starting fires. In many formats. Whatever. Anyways, this crazy bitch told us that she never wore deoderant, perfume, or insect repellent and never got bitten. I don't think she showered, either. I just trumped it up to the ramblings of a crazy lady who was justifying not bathing. Well today, CNN said the crazy, smelly bitch may have had a point. because the body makes natural insect repellent. They are actually going to start refining and marketing the chemicals for a "natural" product.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cell Phones and You

AOL informs me that the big topic running around is cell phones usage by drivers: illegal or not. I found a very tasty article on about that very issue. It says on one hand, cell phone usage by drivers increase accident probability, but on the otherhand, prohibiting it infringes on motorists rights.

My personal view is that you should have a head set, pull over, or not talk on the phone.

Anybody else?

The Big Swticheroo

I've made up my mind and I have decided to transfer. I can't live here for two more years wondering about where I am going to live and how the university is going to screw me over. It just isn't right that the hourly wage won't buy you a gallon of milk. I'm thinking about Texas A&M because they have a good animal science program. Anybody want to sell a school to me?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Veggie Booty's Cousin

Palila goes on all the time about veggie booty and how much she likes it. I prefer the slightly more citrusy cousin to it... fruity booty. It's like a fruity party and I'm invited.

That Mutal Feeling...

So I went and saw the landlord and he said the reason tyhe guy was upset was because this time I parked there out of all the times I parked there before, I didn't thank him for it. Because that would allow him to acuse me of stealing his shit. And give him reason to not tell me the REAL reason he was upset. And not talk to my face. Then the landlord said ny neighbor thought I didn't thank him because he is gay. Like I give a shit if he is gay or not. May be he was just having a bad day. Maybe it's a cultural thing. God I can't wait to leave this state.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My Neighbors Hate Me; The Feeling Is Mutual

I got into Honolulu last night (my flight was fine, thanks for asking). I needed a few things that I left on the mainland so I called my friend to pick me up. Some one was parked in my stall so my friend parked in my neighbors stall for not more than 2 minutes. My neighbor bitched at my friend for parking there, we apologized, and I thougth it was a done deal. Not so. This morning I found a note on my door that said:


Which I find a little over the top and an eensy bit threatening. I apologized to him again because I figure if you kill them with kindness they might feel like an ass. Plus I'm going to visit my landlord. This is too far because I no longer feel safe in my apartment. Dickhead.