Thursday, October 30, 2008

Georgia B's Macintosh Tech Support Group

Oh Mac. So we remember the first expensive repair and dealings with customer service with Apple computers. We remember the faulty logic board I didn't get fixed. We remember the black X on my battery thingy. Well two nights ago Mac was working fine. JUST FINE. Yesterday morning when I go to turn Mac on I get a gray screen with a blinking folder with a "?" on it. Oh Mac. I thought it was bad when Dan at the Genius Bar (Who rivals Curtis as the best person I have talked to working for Apple) grimaced when I told him my problem. Apparently the blinking ? means the computer is not recognizing an operating system. For all you computer savvy people, you probably know what is coming. I tried starting it in safe mode. No black screen with white prompt. We tried connecting another hard drive to my computer and it worked. So it can be related to my already crappy logic board or my hard drive. I had my fingers crossed for the logic board. The $280 is less than the software, music, video, and pictures I had installed on Mac. So we hooked my hard drive to another computer. Alas, it did not show up. Although the replacing of the hard drive was free, all my data was lost. I do have some backed up on an external hard drive, but unfortunately the fire wire port is one of the ports affected by my faulty, senile logic board.

I have had so many problems with this Black MacBook, I think I am qualified as a Mac tech support expert.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween in style!

So I went searching for a Halloween costume today. I was going to be a cursed pirate like in Pirates of the Caribbean, but even the fabric to make a costume was too expensive (not to mention the hat and eye patch and sword and boots). So I got a plastic knife with blood on it, some knee high tights with blood on them, a white shirt at ross, and a skirt. all of it costing me around $20. Even the shoes were less than $20. I have my costume make up from my Freddy outfit last year and I am going to be a homicidal nurse or a butcher. I haven't decided how to play it out yet.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Last night I had a very sexxxy dinner. Sauerkraut, turkey sausage, onions, peppers, and a little piece of leftover steak. Very Oktoberfest, yet I had no beer in the house. I ended up drinking pink lemonade instead.

Electricity and Carry Ons

So I got the electric bill this month and with the new roommate it jumped up $30 from when our old roommate lived here. It should be lower because we recently fixed all our leaky faucets. I can only attribute it to the new roommate doing his laundry with hot water and hot dryer. The dryer especially. I am looking for a good comparison to post by the washer just as a friendly reminder to all.

I am also wondering how large my "personal item" can be on the airplane. I have a carry on and a checked bag. I am not really finding exact dimensions for this "personal item". I'm just saying, I can carry a REALLY big purse.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Is That a FitBit in Your Pocket?

I've been wanting a BodyBugg for a while, but is $300 AND has a monthly fee for the website AND is unsightly on your arm AND takes a lot of time uploading information. Well imagine my delight when i took a gander at FitBit! Fit bit is only $100, automatically uploads, monitors your sleep, the online website is free, and fits discreetly in your pocket. Oh happy day! It isn't available until Dec-Jan, but it can be pre-ordered (although I haven't yet because of the move). Who is excited with me!?!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The GA Move

So it is official. I will not be in Hawaii for my B-day. I will be movie to GA in Jan. Some stuff has already gone to dear seester. I'm tired of explaining why I am moving so I have started telling people I need more black men in my life, and there just aren't enough in Hawaii. They usually laugh a nervous laugh and leave the topic alone after that.