Sunday, December 07, 2008


I found somebody to move in my room! Woo hoo!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Room for rent

I put the apartment on the market today. Woo hoo!

Monday, December 01, 2008

37 days

Till I leave the island. It is sad but I do have good news. My neighbor is leaving the island this month as well. Since the military is paying for him to move and he hasn't used all his allotted space, I am going to put my stuff with his stuff and just pick it up on the mainland. It will only be a 3 hour drive with a u-haul versus a bunch of $$ spent on shipping. I'm excited! This week I will try my hand at eggs benedict. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


So I am trying to get SUPER buff before I go to the mainland because I won't have a gym membership, I don't think I will be as inclined to do outside activities like swimming in butt-cold weather, and I would like to have a little physical prowess while I transition. In order to do this I have started taking FREE classes at 24hourfitness of which I am a member. Last week I did this thing that was a cross between step and weight-lifting and today I did Turbo Kickboxing. The turbo means it is extra hard and the instructor gets extra annoying when you feel like puking. It was fun though! Hopefully I can find time to do 3 or 4 classes per week. This way I don't have act all tough to muscle my way onto the machines I like or wait while the most anorexic woman (or smelliest man) in the world gets off the treadmill. The classes have muscle-y girls (like me!) and good music!

Monday, November 03, 2008


After being at work over 40hrs/week for the past month I took a long weekend. Delicious. I did lazy stuff and loved it. The only thing is I've started going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, but I've begun to need a nap in the middle of the day. odd. But I got a little bored on the third day. I played some MadLibs with Dave and rediscovered the fun that is MadLibs. Still hilarious. I looked up stuffing recipes because that is included in my half of Thanksgiving dinner and found this one for fried stuffing on a stick from Paula Deen. I played TextTwist and made lunch for a week. I also counted my change and found $6.35 and 3.55 Franks and .20 Paseta. Bought a diet Coke with that then laid out in the sun for an hour. I can't stay out too long because I got really pale for my Halloween costume. BUSY DAY!!!!

BTW: Check out my Flickr!! Tons of new photogs!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Georgia B's Macintosh Tech Support Group

Oh Mac. So we remember the first expensive repair and dealings with customer service with Apple computers. We remember the faulty logic board I didn't get fixed. We remember the black X on my battery thingy. Well two nights ago Mac was working fine. JUST FINE. Yesterday morning when I go to turn Mac on I get a gray screen with a blinking folder with a "?" on it. Oh Mac. I thought it was bad when Dan at the Genius Bar (Who rivals Curtis as the best person I have talked to working for Apple) grimaced when I told him my problem. Apparently the blinking ? means the computer is not recognizing an operating system. For all you computer savvy people, you probably know what is coming. I tried starting it in safe mode. No black screen with white prompt. We tried connecting another hard drive to my computer and it worked. So it can be related to my already crappy logic board or my hard drive. I had my fingers crossed for the logic board. The $280 is less than the software, music, video, and pictures I had installed on Mac. So we hooked my hard drive to another computer. Alas, it did not show up. Although the replacing of the hard drive was free, all my data was lost. I do have some backed up on an external hard drive, but unfortunately the fire wire port is one of the ports affected by my faulty, senile logic board.

I have had so many problems with this Black MacBook, I think I am qualified as a Mac tech support expert.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween in style!

So I went searching for a Halloween costume today. I was going to be a cursed pirate like in Pirates of the Caribbean, but even the fabric to make a costume was too expensive (not to mention the hat and eye patch and sword and boots). So I got a plastic knife with blood on it, some knee high tights with blood on them, a white shirt at ross, and a skirt. all of it costing me around $20. Even the shoes were less than $20. I have my costume make up from my Freddy outfit last year and I am going to be a homicidal nurse or a butcher. I haven't decided how to play it out yet.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Last night I had a very sexxxy dinner. Sauerkraut, turkey sausage, onions, peppers, and a little piece of leftover steak. Very Oktoberfest, yet I had no beer in the house. I ended up drinking pink lemonade instead.

Electricity and Carry Ons

So I got the electric bill this month and with the new roommate it jumped up $30 from when our old roommate lived here. It should be lower because we recently fixed all our leaky faucets. I can only attribute it to the new roommate doing his laundry with hot water and hot dryer. The dryer especially. I am looking for a good comparison to post by the washer just as a friendly reminder to all.

I am also wondering how large my "personal item" can be on the airplane. I have a carry on and a checked bag. I am not really finding exact dimensions for this "personal item". I'm just saying, I can carry a REALLY big purse.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Is That a FitBit in Your Pocket?

I've been wanting a BodyBugg for a while, but is $300 AND has a monthly fee for the website AND is unsightly on your arm AND takes a lot of time uploading information. Well imagine my delight when i took a gander at FitBit! Fit bit is only $100, automatically uploads, monitors your sleep, the online website is free, and fits discreetly in your pocket. Oh happy day! It isn't available until Dec-Jan, but it can be pre-ordered (although I haven't yet because of the move). Who is excited with me!?!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The GA Move

So it is official. I will not be in Hawaii for my B-day. I will be movie to GA in Jan. Some stuff has already gone to dear seester. I'm tired of explaining why I am moving so I have started telling people I need more black men in my life, and there just aren't enough in Hawaii. They usually laugh a nervous laugh and leave the topic alone after that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Computer Update

I took Mac in. The battery is all poop. The display battery they had worked but the only battery they had in stock didn't (surprise!). So I wait as I do with Apple. For them to call. They should have called yesterday (Surprise!). He also told me my logic board is failing and that is why my ethernet doesn't work anymore. The other guy told me it was a bad port. I have a senile computer with defective parts. If only I could stick him in a home.

Hungry Girl vs. Skinny Bitch

The two popular books aimed at women and their eating habits go head to head in GA's kitchen. Who will be victorious?

I detest the use of bitch in a fun, sassy manner. Period.
Winner: Hungry Girl!

Weight Loss Solutions:
Well Hungry Girl does have some good ideas and slims down many recipes, but she does not actually aim it as weight loss solutions. She says so herself. Skinny Bitch is written by two models who are actually trying to sell a diet book.
Winner: Skinny Bitch!

Both offer favorites in HG or SB manner. SB uses a lot of organic and hard to find items. Additionally, HG uses meat in some of her recipes (and gives the option for meat substitutes). I love meat. SB has a vegan/macrobiotic look on life. I'm sure that is great for some people. I prefer free-range chicken and rare steaks.
Winner: Hungry Girl! (for the carnivores at least)

HG is a free web publication that also happens to have a book. The book is around $16. SB has two books out. They do not have an online repository of recipes. The cookbook is $10.99 or you can buy both together for $21.33 on
Winner: Hungry Girl!

With a 3-1 score Hungry Girl wins!!! I am cooking the Fiber-ific Fried Chicken Strips and Lord of the Onion Rings tonight. The Lord of the Onion Rings recipe can be found on the back of the Fiber One original cereal box.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So I have been preparing myself for this move. The big one. Out of Hawaii. Its probably the second biggest move in my life seeing as how I have spent my entire adult life here.

Space-wise i did three MAJOR consolidations:
1. I got a CD folder and put all my DVDs in them. Threw out most of the cases (I still have a few choice ones)

2. Went through my closet and pulld anything I have't worn in a year.

3. Got a 3 ring binder and plastic sheet protectors. Cut up my cooking magazines and cut out all the recipes I wanted to keep. Put them in sheet protectors. Made my own cook book.

Son Of a Motherboard!!!

GARH!!!! Some of you may remember the traumatizing experience I had with Apple, my MacBook, Apple, Apple Genius Bar, Apple Customer Care, The Manager at Satan's Apple Store, Bill Gates, His dog, Cindy in accounting, and the whole Macintosh company (except Curtis). While I like their products I want to kill them all with bio-

I get home from the dentist and my hair appointment and what do I find my rebellious MacBook doing? No, Mac wasn't smoking pot or shooting up heroin. No he (and anything with this many problems he expects me to fix must be male) was not turning on unless I have it plugged in. There is a black X over the battery. Not a red one which suggests the battery ran to nothing. NO! A BLACK one which suggests a brutal death of a component and a costly repair. I re-seated the battery. During that process I broke two nails and bent the cheap plastic on the battery lock. I have had the software downloaded for a year. My last resort? A painful, time wasting, money costing, wrinkle inducing visit to the "Genius Bar" at the Apple Store in Purgatory. There is a box where you make your reservation asking you if you would like to tell the over-empowered college students about your problem. I restrained from writing "All work and no play makes Mac a Dull boy" 1000 times.

My appointment is for tomorrow. I will cry. I may kill my mac in frustration. In lieu of flowers, please make all donations to the World Wildlife Fund

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yay Health Week!

I am designating next week "Georgia Health Week!". In this week we will have a dental appointment, an eye appointment, 4 days of gym, and a hair appointment. Quick health question? How many grams of fiber does a woman my age need? How about a man my age? Why is fiber SO important and can you get too much? Answers later!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

OH Bobby

So Bobby Brown has been coming into the restaurant for the past couple of weeks. In fact he's eaten there more than I have this week. The other day he came in with his family, there were 8 of them. Their bill was $260. They tipped their server $24. For those of you up on your math, that's around 9%. Unacceptable. I just want everyone to know Bobby Brown is a poopy tipper.

New Yummy Cookbook

I got this cookbook the other day. It is called Hungry Girl. Check it out. It has all sorts of yummy recipes that won't just make you huge. For example, the onion ring recipe in here, for the whole recipe, is less than 200 calories! And it is packed with fiber! YUM!!! The next book I would like is called Little Black Apron.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Starting the Process

So UC Davis requires you to get a sort of bid from a professor to be considered for their program. I am most interested in Dr. Sean Adams. I just don't know what I should say to open dialog. Suggestions?

BTW: register to vote. Republicans win b/c they vote. Democrats usually think some one else will vote for them. You can't complain about who is in office unless you vote!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And So It Begins....

The official deadline for me to leave the rock is Jan 1 2009. Where will I go you ask? Where I get into school. I'm fairly confident this will happen. If it doesn't, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I've narrowed it down to San Diego State University, UC Davis, and St Louis University. Although I like the San Diego area best, right now I am leaning to UC Davis as a school. It looks more specialized. Well now it is off to the water park!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Frustrations Unlimited!

So on my way back from the mainland, I had to check one of my carry-on bags plane-side because it was a small plane. When I got my bag back at my next destination, my camera was gone out of my camera case. my little pink camera case was closed in my bag, but the camera was nowhere to be seen. I had them check the plane and also had them call the originating airport to see if my camera was there, but it wasn't. I had to file a stolen item report and may possibly get compensation withing the next 2 months. Alas, I have no pics from oct to now and will not have any for a while because the camera is gone. If you have any pics from Halloween (with my amazing Freddy Krueger outfit with the 2 hour make-up job), Lynn's or Heidi's B-day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any time we were out together, it would be awesome if you could send them to me.

This was after coming to the mainland I arrived 7 hours later than I was supposed to sans luggage.

This was after being bumped down from first class with no compensation on a flight.

This is after getting on the airplane and hour an a half late because we were waiting on the crew.

This is after sitting on the tarmac for over an hour.

I felt very sorry for the Northwest customer service rep who had to deal with me. I do not feel sorry for the customer service rep from corporate who is going to call me.