Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I Hate Detroit

When I awoke at 11:20 on the plane from Minnesota to Detroit I realized my next flight left at 12, panic started to sink in. After we got off the plane at 11:40 and I found my flight to be on the other side of the airport, I almost started to cry. I started to tear when I realized Detroit is the Hell of all architectural anything and there are more stairs in there than a Tibetan monastery. I was running and running and finally got there at 11:55 only to find out they were running late and would begin boarding momentarily. In my tired, cranky, panicky, crying state I almost punched the happy man sitting next to me in the nose. That bastard.

The Fat Man

I sat next to the fattest man in the world on my 7.5 hour flight from Honolulu to Minnesota. He was so fat he needed a seatbelt extender to fasten his. His fat sasquach legs and arm kept bumping into me as I willed myself into a tiny little ball reading Harry Potter by the window. The turbulence made his fat jliggle and roll more than an N*Sync video. He invaded my seat. I paid for a whole one, I only got half of it. He stared me down when I got my food first. I was afraid he was going to eat me.


It's SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! WOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003


I love Taco Bell's chicken fiesta burrito. It's like a fiesta in my mouth!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003


In my new book, 101 Tropical Drinks, they have this section called "oddities". Now RS and I came to the conclusion that some people sat around and thought "What should definately NOT go together?" and "How can we make everybody who drinks this throw up?"

Three concoctions you will definately be tasting twice (in order of vomit scale numbering):

Velociraptor (6.5 on vomit scale)
1 1/2 oz. vodka
4 Tbsp. Chicken broth
3 dashes Tobasco sauce
Shake and pour over ice in highball glass. Garnish with a slice of carrot.

Real Pirates Grog (7.1 on vomit scale)
1 pkg. instant oatmeal (Quaker instant Oatmeal Cinamon & Spice preferred)
2 cans beer
1/2 c. spiced rum
Dash paprika
Cook oatmeal using the beer. Stir in other ingredients. Serves 4 (yeah right).

And the winner of gross (8.7 on vomit scale):

Saladtosser (name says it all)
1/3 oz. tequila (preferably Black Death tequila)
1/3 oz. Absolut Peppar Vodka
1/3 oz. A-1 Steak Sauce
Chocolate Syrup
Corn Kernals
Layer in a shot glass. Garnish the rim of glass with chocolate syrup and top with corn kernals.


Hours of Mindless fun. Throw Santa across a ravine. My farthest dropping distance was 343.10. Click to run, click and hold to arm, and let go to release! I can see Rudolph, but what does he do??

*Update* I got a 346.1 and slid right into Rudolph. He didn't do a damn thing.

Oldest Penis

Oldest penis in the world was a swimmer.

Changing Times

As the final days of this semester come to a close, I think it is only fitting to look at the progression of bug colonies in the 3rd floor bathroom.
In chronological order:

~ Flies - they have continued throughout the semester

~ The big-ass red ants with black stripes on the ass - showed up after ceiling panels were moved, I think they were exterminated. They're little dead bodies were everywhere.

~Flying ants - showed up at the same time the red ants did. They did not die and probably formed...

~ The eerily tiny ants that crawl under the mirror from the hole in the wall to the trash can- they are still thriving also.

~The big bee infestation - short lived

~ The wasp infestation - also short lived

~ The one large moth that sat on the ceiling - disappeared after 3 days

~ The little furry bee infestation - unfortunately, was long lasting. The bees became many, and when they did die, you had to be careful not to step on they poisoned carcasses.

~ The tiny mosquito things in the showers - well, the started there at least. This is the most current bug colony. I think they were breeding in out pipes. Now, when you take a shower there are many bug carcasses on the walls and you can kill 3 by just putting your hand on the wall. You spend about 5 min at the start just killing bugs. They are starting to migrate out of the bathroom. I saw many of these over-active, annoyingly small buggers in the light in the 3rd floor commons.

Apparently the gecko family that lives in our hallway is not doing it's job properly. Neither is the spider that lives in my room.

Finals Suck

Well, just the anatomy final. It was like being ass raped sans Vaseline. Ironically it was on the intestines.

X-mas Wish List

Anything from this site will suffice. I prefer a non-used part; I don't know how abusive previous owners were.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Adam and Steve

Although the big news item right now is the capture of Saddam Hussein, I think that topic is a bit overrun with discussion. I'd like to focus on gay marriage as my news item today.

First, the subject of homosexual marriage must be looked at from one of two angles: union of God or civil union.

If it is to be viewed as a union of God (where the idea of a bond between man and woman ONLY has roots), then the government should have no say in what goes on because there is a thing called separation of church and state. The government is not allowed to tell the country how to worship or uphold religious beliefs as a way of law regarding the civil union of two people who may be very much in love. To those who have religious convictions about this, you do not have to be involved, you are not a part of the marriage. Marriage, in the courts' eyes is a civil union and religion may or may not be a part of it. Furthermore, not allowing homosexual marriages forces them to commit another sin, sex outside of wedlock by not allowing the union. Many heterosexuals engage in this act, too, but it is still a sin in many religions.
If marriage is to be viewed as a civil union, then the courts have control, but they are discriminating against homosexuals. Homosexuals have no less love in their relationships than heterosexual relationships. Giving tax cuts and benefits to married couples and not allowing homosexual marriage is and outright and blatant attack on a group of people. Not allowing homosexual marriage is discriminating against a group of people, downgrading their rights and human beings.
On a personal note, I feel that when two people have decided to spend the rest of their lives together they have every right to announce it to the world, confirm it within the courts, and celebrate. Whether or not homosexuals are allowed a religious ceremony is up to the church, not the courts. Bush's proposed ideal "protection" of marriage would have all women as baby-makers and stay at home moms, while the men brings in the dough. I am not a baby-maker.

Friday, December 12, 2003

So Pink

I was smelling this perfume Milk gave me before she left and I realized I really like the Gap scent "So Pink". It just makes me happy. Do you have a favorite Gap scent?

Thursday, December 11, 2003


In case you saw it at my Sister's site and thought you could live without it, or you are just now happening upon this information you need to download the Splashdown Blueshift CD. It was never released, nor will it so it is perfectly legal to get it in this fashion. It is one you really should get. "All Things" and "Sugar High" are just like having a Splashdown-asm in the privacy of your own computer.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Glow In the Dark Is Fun

RS says, "I want light up shoes." I go looking for them and I find Glow Shoes! The trick is the chemical glow sticks or LED battery lights put in the soles. It's going to be his birthday present because I already know what he is getting for X-mas. If any one needs a Christmas or Birthday idea for me, I really like the Soul Radiance shoe or maybe some lights for the shoes....

Hot Topic Blues

Hot Topic Blues
Here is my gripe of today: I dislike shopping at Hot Topic because I hate dealing with the Hot Topic crew. Maybe I have had bad experiences with the Hot Topic crew, but they all act to me like they are SO original and if you walk in not totally decked out all in one style, you are a poser and not really rebellious. They bash on people for conforming by buying clothes at other stores, but aren't the people who only shop at Hot Topic conforming also by labeling themselves? On the Hot Topic website, you will notice a little quick thing that lets you choose your "scene" and then the only clothes that are shown are those associated with that genre of music. They are, in essence, telling you what Punks should wear and what Indie kids should wear. They are doing the same thing that Abercrombie and Fitch does and saying they are trying to make every one an individual. Also, whenever I walk in, the crew tends to not help me or even gives me dirty looks (mostly the girls with a gazillion an one ear and nose piercings). Right, because I normally cover up my tattoos and piercings, am smiling, have hair of relatively normal color, and am not decked out in all Hot Topic merchandise I am not an original and do not deserve to be in that store. Like I said, maybe I have just had bad Hot Topic experiences, but the complete hypocrisy of the store makes me want to avoid going in there. My curse is I like their pants. I can't win.

*I did have one friend on the Hot Topic crew in JC. His name was Dallas and I met him in the Culp. The girl he was sitting with on this particular day also worked at Hot Topic in JC and gave me dirty looks like I was nothing more than a stupid little piece of trash.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003


No more blogs until I get this stupid angiogenisis paper done.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Boys Are SOOO Silly

This guy at the cafeteria put sour cream on his burger, thinking it was mayonnaise. He said, "I wonder if they [cafeteria workers] know it's not mayonnaise." Then he went and complained. We were having quesadillas that night.

Let Us Be Free

I found this great site all about consumer freedom. These people have researched different organizations and exposed many for what they really are- radical groups who put a friendly public face on to collect funds. I originally went to this site because, to put it lightly, I HATE PETA!!! I could go on forever about them, but my main beef is that they are a radical organization devoted to making all animals "free", even those that depend on human care (some varieties of domesticated animals), and disregard for aimal and human welfare in the process. Anyways, the site also has some VERY interesting insights in to the Adbusters campaign (carol ann's fave.), MADD, and the Center for Food Safety.

Honey, Would You Like a Steak?

Ok, so I was looking for pictures of anorexic and bulimic chicks for my presentation for ethics. I have a bit on eating disorders. I never knew how badly some of these chicks get. I mean, I didn't think you could get that thin. I found these on pro-ana/pro-mia sites. I'll provide a link to one, you can decide if you REALLY want to go and look at more.


Eloise, the cafeteria lady, is my hero. She makes my day better when she says, "Hello, you want take-out today?" and swipes my card. I don't know how she does it, but she just does.

Saturday, December 06, 2003


The more and more I look at it, the more and more I am psyched about the new Harry Potter movie. That's all I have to say.

PETA Sucks

While I have nothing against various organizations demonstrating their beliefs I have a problem with animal rights activists who feel the need to "liberate" animals without consideration of the consequences. For example, I came across an article about Rightists feeding pork to sheep. They did it so the sheep would not be sent to Kuwait.

"The move left 1,800 sheep unsuitable for export to Islamic buyers in Kuwait because pork, and anything it comes into contact with, is considered unclean by Muslims, Victoria state's chief veterinary officer Hugh Millar said on Friday. "

Here is my problem with this: The activists may have achieved their goal by not exporting these live animals, but just replaced one harm with another. Sheep digest food basically through fermentation and are herbivorous. Feeding a sheep meat messes up their digestive system because meat is not the best at fermenting. I also find it ironic that these Rightists fed the sheep and animal product indicating they believe the pigs life is not as valuable as the sheep. Pigs raised for meat are not housed in the best of conditions. In fact, the conditions are much like those a sheep would encounter during shipping.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I Wonder

Is it kosher to put what you really think about people on Christmas cards? For example "To my socially inept cousin" or "To my whiny bitch ass *hopefully not for long* uncle" Is that ok?

Wednesday, December 03, 2003


I got my pictures back from TX. Unfortunately, my Advantix camera had switched to PANORAMIC and I just didn't bother to notice. Fortunately, I can get my prints developed in the standard format even though they were originally printed panoramic because the advantix film lets you do that. Unfortunately I wasted all that $$ on the pictures and I'm sure reprints are not the cheapest.


I want to know when my final exam times are. All of my professors except one put the final exam time and place on the syllabus. ONE prof did not. I want to know when the exam is. That's reasonable, isn't it? He told me to look on the web. I did. I got this page. Notice anything?? That's right. They assign an EXAM SYMBOL for each class time. Now I that I know my exam time SYMBOLS I shoulc be able to find the exam times, right? WRONG!! I still have no clue, and I have seen just bout every ding dong dang site associated with UHM. I'm about pissed and I still don't know when my exam is.

Monday, December 01, 2003


It's raining so much the water is up to my ankles. No joke.

Thanksgiving week:

Sat. ~ Arrive, check in to hotel because RS doesn't want to expose me to his dad and brother yet. Run into his sister at dinner and spent the day with her.

Sun.~ Didn't do much except sit around, watch movies, sleep, eat, and make fun of the people next door having loud sex for about an hour. Watched National Lampoon's Thanksgiving Reunion, a Janis Joplin special, and a Jimi Hendrix special.

Mon.~ Get picked up by RS's sister and head towards RS's dad's apartment. Spend the day watching movies and drinking coffee.

Tues. ~ Went to the Nasher Sculpture Museum, Victoria's Secret Flagship store (with RS's Sister), and got really bad service at the Cheesecake factory. Stayed at RS's sister's house.

Wed. ~ *highlight* JR and Future Mrs. JR came over. Not so sure about her being future Mrs., so I will revert to Milk for blog sake.

T-day ~ wow. RS's family is weird. His brother-in-law's mother started talking about how she wanted grandchildren because she was getting old (65) and tried hooking me up with her other son the whole day. I wanted to scream "You crazy bitch leave me alone!" but instead I had to sit next to her. I like RS's mom though. She's on a permanent acid trip (I think).

Fri.~ Went and met the rest of RS's friends and got tattoos (little small bird with rose). Stayed up all night talking before he took me to the airport.

Been depressed because of 3 reasons:
1. I am not with RS
2. I was reminded how much Hawaii sucks by going and spending time in a place I like with people I like and being able to talk to my friends.
3. It has been raining non-stop since I got here (hence the water p to my ankles) and is just not weather conducive to a happy disposition.