Sunday, February 29, 2004

Chocolate Cake

Ok, so last night after a round or ten of drinks, most everybody at this party were buzzed or beyond. I stayed sober the entire night and there are few things I picked up on. The George Drinking Etiquette Book first rules:

1. If you feel you need alcohol to confront somebody about something, rethink. People become more irrational and emotional when under the influence which only exacerbates the problem.

2. If you are an emotional drunk, don't drink around someone you have beef with. It is just not a good idea.

3. Know when to say no.

4. Know when to cut your friends off.

5. Yelling, insulting, and throwing water on somebody who stood up for you in an argument is not something you just pass off as being drunk and out of your head. If it truly is, then it is time to admit there may be a problem. Maybe alcohol isn't your friend.

6. Keep a sense of humor.

7. Don't be afraid to try new drinks.

On that note, I will end with a tasty drink, Chocolate Cake.

1 part Frangelico hazelnut liqueur
1 part vodka (vanilla for a lickle tastier kick)
lemon slice

Mix Frangelico and vodka. Put sugar on the lemon. Bite down and suck on the lemon. With the sugary lemon juice in your mouth, up-turn that glass with your alcohol. Enjoy the fresh baked goods!!!

Friday, February 27, 2004

The Rain Again

Is it bad when one dryer cycle still leaves your clothes soaked?

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Handcuffs and Threesomes

"Get down on the ground!" She said while pushing Billy Bob and I on the ground, handcuffed.

No, this isn't a scandalous bit about a drug run gone bad or some kinky banana show*.

Two of the girls and I had just got done watching Billy Bob (the one who took over my computer) and two of his friends get whipped in basketball by some pussy locals. This is weird because Billy Bob and the crew won the night before. Anyways, we drove back to the dorm, and in the parking lot Billy Bob gets the idea to play with his friend's handcuffs.

*Click Snap* *Click Snap* My hand is cuffed to his.

"Is that too tight?" He asks.

"Does it really matter?"

"Oh, shit! We don't have the key!"

"Where is it?"

"We left it back at base."

*Panic sets in. I am not about to go back to a Marine Corp base handcuffed.*

Billy Bob's friend see my expression. He assures me that we do indeed have the key. After walking onto the grass, we get an idea.

"Hey, Nicole!" We shout back, "Arrest us!"

The next thing I know, I have a Nicole charging at me throwing me onto the ground with Billy Bob not far behind me.

"Get down on the ground!"

This attracts the attention of some people out in front of my place of residence. I get an idea.

"Hey Billy Bob," I say, "lets go in like this."

And so it was, walking past a group of assholes and the RA, that I realized this must look very odd to a causal onlooker. Three guys, three girls, and two of them handcuffed together. I realized this gave coming back covered in blood a run for the money on the weird-way-to-make-an-entrance scale. I wonder what the people at the front desk think we do up on the third floor.

*I learned about banana shows from the guys who had been stationed in Okinawa. Apparently, females will procure very interesting objects from very interesting orifices. One will give you four quarters for a dollar.

Swimming to Class

Normally Hawaii is a little island in the midst of very few clouds in the middle of the ocean on the weather radar. Not today. The little island is covered in the green for today and much of tomorrow. You know how when it rain hard, you can't see crap ten feet away? You know how it lasts for about 10 minutes? Imagine it lasting for a day and a half. Luckily, I went to Down to Earth (nat. food store) before it got bad. I got tea, honey (Lehua or clover honey in the bulk section is the only kind I can afford in the area), oatmeal, and macaroni and cheese. I am set to ride this out, even if I have to set up sail. They say the rain is set to last until tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The Term

Palila, in case you forget again, the term I used was "All up on your jock."

All Good Things

Must come to an end. RS and I are no longer a couple, but the break up went very well.

Me: I'd like to know if you intend to make an effort because I don't have to be your girlfriend. I'd like to know so we can break up, cry about each other, and get on with being friends. I don't want to prolong something that is drawing to a close because hat would make for a harder messier break-up.

RS: Isn't that what we've been doing?

Me: So what do you think we should do?

(Phones cut out here. Ring Ring, hello?)

Me: Ok RS, do you think we should see other people?

RS: Yes.

Me: Me too.

This turned into a conversation about teacher's strike and drunken phone calls.

Me: Are you still going to call me drunk and tell me you love me?

RS: Probably.

Me: Ok. As long as you call and aren't just saying, "Hey, thanks for playing, see you never."

RS: definitely not.

Goodbyes we light hearted and we went our separate ways. Do I think he will call me tomorrow? No, probably not. Do I think he will call me next week? Definitely.


Affair gone bad? Start a hate site about it. Blackmail, who knew it could be so rewarding.

Serving Our Country (and the ball)

So the guys that took over my computer like to play basketball. They like to play basketball on our courts with three of us from the hall. Nicole is the best one of the girls playing, seeing how she played in high school and everything. I, on the other hand, never played basketball in high school unless we had extra time at the end of the day. No, I was a soccer chick all the way. I have zero (0) skills when it comes to the round ball in the hall. With that said, in soccer I learned how to be aggressive. After two nights in a row of basketball, my legs are beat up something fierce. I think in the abuse people saw my legs, they would stop me and say, "He's not worth it." Too much fun though, getting my ass kicked in basketball. I think they are coming to play tomorrow, too.

Monday, February 23, 2004

The Force Be With Me

Straight up, I am most like Obi Wan Kenobi.

"With the prowess of a seasoned samurai and the wisdom of a wizard, you try to do the sort of things that root out evil.

The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded."

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

I'm Going on Strike!

First, the buses went on strike, making it impossible to get anywhere. Next, the concrete workers went on strike, not really affecting anybody. The only people who had to complain at all have finally spoken. That's right kids, UH faculty has just set a 10-day strike notice with the state labor board. The are set to walk the picket lines in March. They want a 6% raise retroactive till July 1, 2003 and an 8% raise this July 1. The state has offered 0% retroactive raise and a 2% hike in July.

I feel the faculty is absolutely correct, but I wish I didn't have to come down to this. To put it in perspective, lets talk comparatively. Hawaii's faculty is among the lowest paid in the nation making about $35,000 a year + recently acquired benefits. Our football coach is one of the highest paid coaches in the nation making $800,000 a year + benefits and bonuses. Football coach June Jones is the highest paid state worker in Hawaii.

Thursday, February 19, 2004


I find myself in a pickle. I do not know where to go to school, or if I will even leave. As much as I hated Hawaii at first, I'm getting used to it because I found other people who don't like the beach. I would be getting an apartment off campus, and my friends are all coming back from Iraq next year. On top of all that, I will be graduating debt free because UH is currently paying for my school. Thanks!

Rose Hulman, by far the most prestigious and expensive of my options, has accepted me. There I would be closer to family, home, sister, and I would be able to play soccer. It is way more academically challenging, and I will get a very good education there.

Texas A&M Galveston is probably the least academically challenging school I applied to. I haven't been there yet. It has lots of traditions and school spirit. I would be closest to RS (6 hrs) and Milk (would be roommate).

I don't know what to do.

Make Over

Thanks Palila for the new look. I feel like I am on that Extreme Makeover show (sans invasive cosmetic surgery). I got new glasses yesterday, a super-duper nail buffer, and sleep. Now it's like I have a new site!! Do ya'll like it?

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Pillow Talk

Last night, these guys came over. These guys have been coming over to the dorms since Thursday. They are uptight (all but 2 I've met), can't take a joke, are loud, and are all homophobic and full of too much testosterone. It really is invading in on my sleep, privacy, sanity, etc. They will sit there and say, "I'm not letting you go to bed at 1:30." Last night I got my revenge. One of these guys had really nasty bushy eyebrows. HAD bushy eyebrows. I took an eyebrow brush and tweezers to it last night an went to town. Now he has eyelids!!! Normal people have eyelids. Normal people don't shave between their eyebrows. So after I did that he complained about how he looked like a homosexual because he now had eyelids. He didn't complain about the eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow I put on him.
After that, he came into my room and proceeded to play on my computer, looking for a site from his high school, complaining that he couldn't find it, and wondering why the site looked different.

"Maybe they changed it," I suggested.

"No, ROTC has their own site."

"It might be different now. Can I do my English?"

"Just let me find it. It's only one thirty."

"I have an 8:30 class."

"We have work at 7. Where is that site?"

I do no appreciate being kicked off of my computer for a stupid site search that honestly I don't give two shits about when I want to finish my work and give my pillow some head. I need my beauty sleep or else I get cranky. Stupid boys.

Deal With It

Update of the Valentine's Day fiasco with RS. Monday night, after unloading his problems on me, he asks me what's wrong.

"You had a bad day. We can deal with it tomorrow." I said.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm still upset over Saturday. I'm hurt."

"Is that REALLY what your upset about?"

"Yes. You had a bad day. Deal with it tomorrow."

"Are you really upset about that?"

"Yes. Go to sleep. Deal with it tomorrow."

He didn't call yesterday. I know I'm probably making a big deal about it, but he knew I always feel like crap on that day and should have at LEAST left a message on my phone. Roomie says he should go. I say he's skating on thin ice.

Monday, February 16, 2004


I had a dream last night that the grocery store was selling 2 year supplies of soup beans, 8 for $20. I also had a dream I was a pilot for a spaceship. Like Apollo 13. It was very odd.

I Like...

...Strawberry soda.
...Not getting yelled at for giving advice.
...Stir fried tofu.
...Pepperoni pizza. I wonder how tofu would be on pizza?
...My girl friends. Way alot.
...Non-nasty food.
...Painting my nails.

That Fateful Day

Ok, here is my reenactment of Valentine's Day:
Woke up with a headache.
Went and stuck some tubes in a sheep.
Went down to the beach to meet some friends and have dinner.
My friend's friend made him leave before the waitress took his order. I was upset. I wanted it to look like I had a boyfriend from an Abercrombie and Fitch male order catalog.
A party of about 15 cheerleaders and their parents came in and sat next to me and Roomie. The asked if since we were ALONE if they cold have our extra chairs.
They asked us to take pictures for them.
They asked us since we were ALONE if we would move so three people from their party would sit with them. Only one was polite about it.
Some guy told me I liked incest because I was from Tennessee. This was stupid because there were three people from Tennessee and one from rural Kentucky in the room. He almost got thrown off a balcony.
My friend passed out before I could hang out with him. Drunk mothrfuckr.
RS did not call. This was resolved last night with me yelling at him for an hour. I thought about calling JR to set him straight. I probably still will.

Sunday, February 15, 2004


So when your Boyfriend doesn't call you on Valentine's Day it means...? I hate that stupid day.

Saturday, February 14, 2004


Happy fucking VD. Today so far I have woken up with a headache, cleaned up sheep shit, had my tasty lunch interrupted, and had everybody ask me, "What are you doing for Valentine's Day?" In all honesty, Roomie and I might go to this club in Waikiki that is having a VD special...MALE STRIPPERS! After almost being killed last night by a flying road sign and almost being hit by a car, I really don't care for any more drama.

VD, this year give your loved one something they will they will never forget.

Mail Call!

Last night Roomie and I picked up the mail. She had two letters and after she opened them, she was wondering who they were from. They talked about very personal things. Upon further inspection, we saw they were addressed to the building 2571 (ours is 2555) and room 403 (we have no forth floor). Of course we are going to give the girl her mail, but what if she has been going through ours, too. Kind of makes you think...

Friday, February 13, 2004


He Hee. Drunk and doing english and poting blogs.... who could ask for a better time????????????????????????????? not me, i left my wallet in nicoles room. good thing i don't have nabf y caxh.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Should They Marry?

I have been thinking a lot about my stand on homosexual marriage rights. It really isn't a thought process on my position as I am all for it, but rather why I believe in this. It took me 10 min reading AOL message boards to find out. Also, I like to look at what other people think. Here are some views:

This is a conservative Christian talking about his religious views and a copy of his letter to his senator:

"However, in no case, has anyone suggested that these relationships deserve the special recognition or the designation commonly understood as "marriage." The suggestion that relationships between members of the same gender should ever be accorded the status or the designation of marriage flies in the face of the thousands of years of experience about the societal stability that traditional marriage has afforded human civilization. To insist that male-male or female-female relationships must have the same status as the marriage relationship is more than unwise, it is patently absurd."

This is a liberal Christian's view on Gay Marriages. Just a forewarning, it has many quotes from the Bible:

"As described elsewhere, the Bible is silent about loving, committed homosexual relationships. In 1st century Palestine, the only same-sex behavior of which Paul was most likely familiar with were orgies in Pagan temples, and sexual molestation of children and youth (often slaves) by abusive male pedophiles. In 1 Corinthians 7:2, he wrote: "Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband." (KJV). Those are fine alternatives to celibacy for a heterosexual man and woman. However, they were not applicable for gays and lesbians. So, we have to infer from passages on other topics what our belief and practice should be about committed, same-sex relationships."

This is the Catholic Church's official stance on homosexual marriages:

"The Church teaches that respect for homosexual persons cannot lead in any way to approval of homosexual behaviour or to legal recognition of homosexual unions. The common good requires that laws recognize, promote and protect marriage as the basis of the family, the primary unit of society. Legal recognition of homosexual unions or placing them on the same level as marriage would mean not only the approval of deviant behaviour, with the consequence of making it a model in present-day society, but would also obscure basic values which belong to the common inheritance of humanity. The Church cannot fail to defend these values, for the good of men and women and for the good of society itself."

This is my opinion:
I do believe in God and am more religious than some, but I don't think God intended us to hate gay people. Where in the Ten Commandments does it say "Thou shalt hate anybody who disagrees with you"? I think the problem with people who use religion for their argument is that they haven't figured out what they hate. Do they hate the act or the person?
Also, the religious argument is unfounded in this country because COURTS marry people, not churches. We have a thing called separation of church and state. Take church out of the homosexual marriage argument and there is no reason for homosexual couple NOT to be married. I mean, people say that religion is crap, evil, and horrible and they get married all the time, and isn't it also a sin to not believe in God?

*Edit~ This is the TIME article about it:

"If we have homosexual marriage mainstream, I can't even describe to you what our culture will be like."

I'd sure like to know. OH NO!! They might hold hands in public!!!

*Note* John Cloud, the reporter for TIME, is my favorite reporter for that magazine. He usually is fair and objective (maybe slightly leaning towards the left) on very touchy subjects. Just a little FYI.

Where Was the English?

I finished reviewing a paper on a experiment wit ha terrible design done on cattle involving Interferon-Tau. I won't get into why this was a terrible experiment, but basically they didn't use enough subjects and they didn't find anything new. What I was depressed with was the language. There were so many grammatical errors, I though my head would explode. I was talking to Palila at the time and most of my anger came out in that conversation:

ME: i have to review a 21 page paper that repeats everything over and over again about how cows recognize pregnancy.
ME: i really don't care.
SHE: ick
SHE: you don't care?
SHE: about the cows?
ME: about cows
ME: all of this to find out why people sometimes have problems going into labor
ME: lots of mechanical mistakes. he repeats lots of words, spells lots of words wrong, and misspelled "prostaglandin" in the title
ME: that's probably why it is so freaking long.
SHE: wow
ME: he starts 9 out of 10 sentences with either "in brief" or "the present study reveals".
SHE: eek
ME: they are a canadian group.
SHE: of cows?
SHE: so they're probably all mad!
ME: researchers are canadian
SHE: mad
ME: true
ME: "new emerging concepts..." isn't that a little redundant?
SHE: um..
SHE: sorta?
ME: "...might be a key regulator of P4 action in these both tissues."
ME: this english is killing me
SHE: hahaha
SHE: crazy canadians
ME: one of them is Doc's former graduate students
ME: one of*
SHE: hahaha
ME: There are sentences without verbs!!!!!
ME: NO!!!!
SHE: hahahaha
SHE: sounds like a blog
ME: blogs don't talk about polycrine actions
SHE: haha
ME: subject verb agreement just ran out
SHE: haha
SHE: and the george-paper agreement probably ran out a long time ago
ME: i have to go to english pretty soon. i think a freaking monkey on a typewriter could have written this better.
SHE: hahaha
ME: well i must be off to Mr. Man's class
ME: i will ttyl. ta-ta!!
SHE: bye!

My personal favorites were gaols (goals), "In experiment, we did this", and " these both tissues". Prosdaglandin (Prostaglandin) in the title and missing references were also winners.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I am not allowed to blog until I have finished reviewing this Prostaglandin paper, done my physics, calculus, revised my English paper, found product ads, withdrawn from chemistry and lab, bought a TV, done my physics lab, and studied for an animal science test on friday.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Stay Back!

If you own these I am no longer your friend.


Valentine's Day is getting closer, and you know what that means? It means another depressing year surrounded by lots of cute, beautiful, sweet, and thoughtful couples, gifts, and ideas. This makes me want to barf. You know, I have never had a boyfriend over either my birthday or Valentine's Day. This year is the first time, and he is an ocean and half a continent away. Pardon me if I am not in the holiday spirit.

Every year I trick myself a week before Valentine's Day into thinking, "I don't need sweet sentiments from non-family members to validate my worth." It works for a while, and I even make pacts with my girlfriends to boycott the Hallmark Hell. Then disaster always strikes.

They all get chocolates or cards and I don't. Usually it is from guys who have secret little crushes on them, they start talking, and happy fucking VD, they start dating. So much for our little pact, it's ruined along with my delusions of brushing off Hallmark for just one year. The only Valentines I ever get are from my dad and my mother (occasionally my sister).

Just to clear this all up, I am in no short supply of guys, nor am I hard up for a date. I just was not blessed with the qualities of women whom guys feel the need to spend money or thought on. The group of guys this is aimed at is not the romantic interest group, but the guy friend group. What I'm trying to say is even the girls who are "just one of the guys" need some Valentine's loving. As much as they say they don't need a stupid Hallmark holiday to validate their existence, they do, and that is why they are so angry about it. It hurts when the guys who we support when their girlfriends break up with them, they didn't make the team, or are having trouble with their boss forget about us. We are the girls who support you guys when you need anything female and don't want to call your mother, the girls who bring pizza over to watch the game, the girls who sit with you when you hate the female gender and agree that, yes in fact, girls are bitches. We are the girls who are your translators in communicating with women. The ones to whom you owe the ability to know what to say in sticky situations. The ones who end up being right when they say, "She's not good for you, she's psycho." We are the girls who don't get Valentines because their guys forget about them and make them feel under-appreciated.

I am sick of picking out gifts for your girlfriend or trying to hook you up with my hot friends and getting no reciprocation on the one day when I need the most emotional support. This year, I am supporting Anti-Valentine's day. I am sending everybody Anti-Valentine's. Don't be surprised if you get a card that say, "I hate you, happy fucking VD." This is just my little way of saying, "Your welcome", or "Valentine's Day really is a shit day."

Just FYI for those guys who have that one special girl who could be their best man in their wedding.

Monday, February 09, 2004

But He Was Republican

So this past weekend was interesting. Thoroughly depressed because I found out I am not doing so hot with this 20 credit hour schedule, I ate half a pepperoni, pineapple, and mushroom pizza and half a carton of Godiva Raspberry Chocolate Truffle ice cream. After the emotional breakdown, food, and a Mark Whalberg E! True Hollywood Story I felt revitalized.

I went with Roomie, Nicole, and the only two non-bitchy girls from the other side of the hallway to a hotel room on the 30th floor with an excellent view of ocean and city. From 21:30 - 0:00 it was just the girls, a bag of Jack-In-The-Box, and 1 Marine who liked Southpark. Finally, more people showed up.

There was Tennessee who was from Nashville and kept calling me Tennessee. I told him I thought Nashville was full of cowboy country singer wannabes and that I am disgusted that it is part of Tennessee. He shut up.

There was Jamaica. I know this guy from my uneventful night at this wretched Japanese dance club. We sat and talked about how badly Japanese people dance.

There was Southpark who had been with us since 21:30.

Angry Guy just sat in the corner.

The one who was all up on my jock was Val Kilmer. He acted like Val Kilmer did in that movie where he was blind. Ok, just that fact that he wore his sunglasses at night was the only thing like that, but whatever.

He apparently took a shining to me and talked to Roomie (who was intoxicated) to get her to see if I liked him. He seemed alright, but full of himself. Everybody was so intent on getting us together that they all left for Denny's and left the two of us alone.

First we talked. This guy was SO full of himself it was making me ill. Finally I try to find out why. He's a punk ass Republican. No no, his dad is and he goes along with what his dad says. All he said was, "My dad says..." and "I talked to my dad..." There was ABSOLUTELY ZERO original thought. His dad makes upward of $500,000 a year and he was complaining that he paid too many taxes and didn't get to keep enough of his money.

Oh, cry me a river, I am SO sympathetic. Try telling that to a woman who makes $2.13 an hour plus tips to give her two children the best possible life. I really care that you only get to keep $300,000. Really, I do.

As if this weren't enough, after I told him I had a boyfriend and wasn't interested, he still tried to get all up on my junk. I turned on the TV and moved away from him. He then proceeded to turn out the lights and move over to me. Could he not take a hint?

Finally, Nicole and Jamaica came back. She pointed out the Do Not Disturb sign on the door. I was FURIOUS!!!

Finally, sleepy time came. I fell asleep on the bed and so did Roomie. When I woke up, Val Kilmer was in the bed all sprawled out, kicking me off and Roomie was outside on the balcony. I got up, got some towels and fell asleep in front of the bathroom. About 30 minutes later, Roomie came and asked if I would like to catch the trolley back with her. I said yes please.

We waited an hour and a half for the trolley, gave up, and started walking. We stopped at Jamba juice and got breakfast, and arrived at the dorms an hour later. I did laundry, homework, and watched a lot of TV. Sunday, when Roomie and I came back from dinner, all the Marines were taking showers in my hall bathroom with some girls from my hall while the power in the bathroom was still out (it had been out since Thursday). They looked at us like we were out of place so I came up with the meanest look I could muster and flashed it at them.

I am very picky about the guys I welcome in my bathroom. I am only comfortable with 4 and 3 of them are in Iraq. That leaves the guy who came with us to eat on my birthday because he is over here all the time and is just one of those guys. These annoying people were not welcome and I made it my point to make them feel that way.

I miss my Army guys.

It Was Thrilling?

I saw Deliverance for the first time this weekend. I would have been slightly thrilled if the guys weren't so fucking stupid. These are my main beefs:

1. Never approach a mountain man with a shot gun. That's just stupid.
2. Never mention a still to a mountain man with a shotgun and no teeth. That's just stupid.
3. Don't call the police about a body you killed in the mountain, and don't even touch it. Decomposed bodies are found all the time in the woods and nobody ever get caught. Ever. I'm sure lots of bodies never get found. Just throw some leaves and sticks on it. Anything else is just stupid.
4. If a shotgun goes off, you'd damn well hear it. There would have been no question about it. It also would have blown a hole the size of Montana in somebody. To think otherwise is just stupid.
5. Never try to stand up in river rapids. Your foot will get caught in something and the current will push your head down. Either that or you will break something. Standing up is just stupid.
6. Climbing a wet cliff straight up without equipment is just stupid.
7. Pulling an arrow out of you is just stupid. You should break it off at both ends and leave it in.
8. To the producer/writer/director, having that movie drag on forever was just stupid.

I cannot believe that made the top 100 thrillers. It was just stupid.

Melting Make-Up

Qualifications for meteorologist in Hawaii:
Lots of make-up
Sadistic as fuck
No actual skill involved

The first three are self explanatory, the other two need a little bit of explanation.

No skill involved: This is because you always say, "High in the 80s, chance of rain, partly sunny, and lows in the morning around 65." Some where all of these are true. The only time it isn't true is if there is some HUGE glaring phenomenon, like the tornados.

Sadistic: Most residential places are not air conditioned because the wind keeps them cool. For the past 5 days there has been zero wind. The weather people think this is fucking hilarious because they are in air conditioned buildings 24/7. They laugh and say, "The trade winds will probably be non-existent till Wednesday, ignore these false returns. You are going to be fucking hot as hell. HAHAHAHA!!!" I hate them. I hate them so much.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

It's Questionable

I supported the LGB (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual) organization. I agreed with them when they added the T (Transsexual). I am very disappointed with their new title, the LGBTQ (Questionable) organization. I think it trivializes it and makes it seem trendy to be of non-heterosexual orientation. I believe it encourages people to not be honest with themselves. I still support the LGBT part of it, but the Q is not high up on my list of support.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Great Balls of Fire

My bladder (or was it the sirens?) rudely awoke me this morning and wouldn't let me go back to sleep (most definitely the bladder). While groggily rolling out of bed, I noticed a fire truck outside our building with lots of cars and lights and stuff. Upon further inspection (looking out the window) it was apparent that one of our dumpsters was very much on fire. Quite on fire. On fire enough that the whole dumpster was ablaze as well as 4 foot flames. It was very odd at 2:30 in the morning.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Potty Update

The toilets still don't flush. Roomie went to the other side of the hallway. She tested their flushability with the stall door open. One of the other side girls looked at her and said condescendingly, "Don't break our toilets." Their toilets do flush. I went to the second floor. They really don't care who you are, partly because I think the drugs make it impossible for them to tell where they are. This makes me realize that maybe there is a reason the girls on the other side of the hallway stayed on their side and our side stayed on ours. The two should not mix. We love everybody, they love themselves.

7-14 Days

Texas A&M admissions says I have been submitted for review and I will know if I am in in 7-14 days. I think it will be a yes. If it is, I will be for sure getting out of here because I'll have at least one escape plan.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Dengue Fever

As many of you all know, mosquitoes and other assorted bugs breed in out shower and sink pipes. We spray every morning to take showers, and most of them still aren't dead. While waiting in the campus clinic to get my prescription filled, I saw an interesting pamphlet about Dengue Fever. Dengue fever is an incurable mosquito borne illness found in Hawaii. It is similar to malaria with symptoms including high fever, severe headaches, vomiting, body and joint pains,eye pain, and rash. The mosquitoes are most active right after daybreak (6:30-8:00) and just before dark (5:00-6:30). These are the only times I am really in the dorm. How can the United States do such a great job at getting rid of mosquitoes in Panama, but we can't get rid of mosquitoes in a public school dorm?

I hope the toilets get fixed soon, mosquitoes can breed in them. Hepatitis/Dengue fever mosquitoes...nothing better.

*They have invaded the room. I have killed 10 in the past hour, 6 while doing calculus homework. They are EVERYWHERE!!*


I do not appreciate the Republican party paying for pop-ups that say, "The Republican Party will continue to improve the economy." which interfere with my ultimate internet browsing experience. I especially do not appreciate it as I think of the tax cuts to the rich, and then thinking of trying to find a toilet that works in my STATE AND FEDERALLY FUNDED school. Just......FUCK!

The Great Potty Caper

They turned off our water today at 11:00 am. In the process, they somehow broke the toilets on my side of the 3rd floor hallway. The maintenance guys came at 2 to fix them. It is now 7:30 pm and our toilets still. don't. work. If I wake up in the middle of the night and have to pee, I am going to be pissed if I have to walk to find a toilet that works. I hate Hawaii. Isn't this some sort of health code violation or residential negligence? I want a housing refund.

Birthday at Buca's

My birthday was so tasty!! 4 of my friends and I went to Buca di Beppo's which is an Italian restaurant which serves food family style (communal entrees). We got stuffed on mozzarella, tomatoes, roasted red and yellow peppers, chicken parmigana, and spaghetti with meatballs. We topped it all off with spumoni, chocolate cake, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and Sambuca sauce. A three course meal for five people ended up at $65 or $15 per person. Yum!!

Nicole has a birthday party of cake and beer planned for this weekend. Fun times!!!

Physics or Something Like It

My physics TA is so stupid. I got frustrated with him and walked out on him (not subtly either). He is unorganized, and while I'm sure HE knows physics, we don't, but he teaches it to us like we should know all of it before hand. I understand it, but many in the class have no clue. He conveys information poorly, so I often ask him to clarify specific things. He sometimes claims he has already (when he hasn't), or will go uh...... for about 20 minutes before going, "Ok, let's start over." Is this what I pay (or would pay) tuition for? The fact that I am out of here in fall is my only hope.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Shouldn't You Be Licking Something

Roomie and I went out yesterday. Here is a night in review, categorized by location:

Sears: I found an awesome birthday shirt! Happy Birthday to me. I also tried on this outfit that made me look like an awkward red-polka-dotted elephant. The shirt looked nice, but the skirt was not built for some one with large hips. The shirt really did looks nice...
Drama: A group of middle schoolers were arguing. You know, the fat, bossy kind in hoochy clothes that almost always turn out to be hos in high school.

Sears does not have an accurate bathroom scale. I was either 100 lbs or 160lbs. Roomie was either 93 lbs or 145 lbs, but she is neither (she is much shorter than I).

Hallmark: Looked at cards. Stocked up because I remembered everybody's birthday.

Old Navy: I bought a pair of slippers (sandals) because I have walked the heals out of mine several times over.

Gap: Walked in this 3 story establishment to find zero (0) shoes.

Sephora: Got holiday make-up on sale for $5.

The Body Shop Kiosk: Put smelly stuff on while Roomie bought a present for her mom. The dark brown body butter with the nuts on it smells SO good.

Tower Records: See "Canadian Club Love" below.

The bus stop: We sat at the sketchiest bus stop in Honolulu. The bus stop is right outside of a sex shop, next to three (3) exotic dance clubs and a tattoo parlor on one side of the street. Across the street is a shady night club that I am boycotting due to their mistreatment of animals (they keep monkeys behind the bar). While waiting at the bus stop, Roomie and I got hit on 3 times, got stared at by an old man in an SUV, got yelled at numerous times, met some guy waiting for the same bus as us that never came, saw and infinite number of slutty outfits and bad hair, heard glass break about every 15 seconds, got fully view of the people going in and out of the sex shop, and called TheBus to find out when ours was coming. They said ten minutes. We waited 30, got fed up, and started walking only to find that the walk is about 15 minutes and well lit (for the most part). We got worried when the street lights would go out as we passed them. The route also took us by a Taco Bell and the ice cream store.

Taco Bell: Some drunk/high/crazy not homeless guy came up to us during our taco experience and said, "Can I have some change or something, I'm saving up for a bean burrito. Just throw it at my face, or throw a brick or something." Roomie gives 50 cents. He says "I love you!" I give him 22 cents. He says, " I love you, you guys are wonder..." He then drops 12 cents and Roomie says, "You dropped some change." He kind of stares at it a while and then bends down to pick it up. "Come here Mr. Lincoln Winkin. Mr. George Washington." Then he walks up to the Order counter and says, "Hey!!! I GOT IT!! Come here teenie beanies!! My little beanie weanies. I love beanie teenies!!!!!!!" I assume after this he either walked out or was thrown out because we didn't hear from him after that. He totally interfered with my taco experience.

Bubbie's (shouldn't you be licking something?): This is my FAVORITE ice cream store, and is probably the only thing besides the shaved ice place I will miss. We got mochi covered ice cream. Mochi was invented by some freaking smart Hawaiiaese (Hawaiian/Japanese) person who pounded rice until it was chewy, soft, yummy, and mochi-asm-tastic. It was like three mochi/ice cream orgasms for $2.50. Bubbie's serves a wide variety of ice cream-tastic delights including: A Functioning Prostate, Come Here Little Girl, Bite Me, and the wonderful Bite My Balls which includes 16 scoops of ice cream. Their motto is, "Shouldn't you be licking something?"

Dorm: RS calls me drunk off his ass and crying. He says he wishes I was in his arms right now. I tried to coach him to his bed. Finally I said, " I think you need to go to bed." He said, "You always tell me these things, and you're usually right. Even when I don't know it." It made me feel strangely like a dominatrix, and I kind of liked it.


Apparently Dubya and Tony Blair have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I think I will vomit if they win it. The good news is they have little chance of winning it. He is among good company, here are some of the other nominees: Pope John Paul II; the European Union to mark its expansion to include former East bloc states; the Salvation Army; former Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler; former Czech president Vaclav Havel; former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic; and Chinese dissidents. Bush should feel right at home among Hitler and Milosevic.

On a different note, scientists are looking at ways to for a superconductor of potassium. They made the particles act in a unique way, in essence forming a different sort of matter.

Canadian Club Love

I have been looking for this one CD by Roxy Music and have never been able to find it except for ordering it off Amazon, but I don't like ordering stuff online. It was $12. It's like a Roxy Music-asm. I also got Nosferatu which it the original silent black and white vampire film on which Shadow of a Vampire was based. Mr. Kilgore turned me on to classic horror and fantasy films in his horror&fantasy class. Thanks Mr. Kilgore. Also among my little finds were a Grateful Dead CD and the SLC Punk Soundtrack. YEAH!

What I Do

I think it is time I gave a very clear picture of what we do to the sheep. We actually did two experiments, so I will outline them for you now.
Experiment 1:
1. We put in a jugular catheter (a plastic tube in the jugular vein) and cap it to draw blood and administer anesthesia.
2. We cut them open and take out the Corpus Luteum and 26 caruncles (site of implantation and the maternal contribution to the placenta), and chop them all up.
3. We use a highly concentrated pentabarbitol solution to euthanasia them. It is bright pink and thick (if you will remember when it got in my mouth).
4. Incinerate the carcass.

Experiment 2:
1. Jugular catheter the day be for a set-up.
Set Up:
1. Cut open the leg to the saphenous vein. We catheterize it (it's a bitch) to draw blood from the Vena Cava where the uterine-ovarian vein drains.
2. Sew it up.
3. Cut open the abdomen and catheterize the uterine horn.
4. Push the guts out of the way and poke the catheter through the body wall.
5. Sew everything up.
6. During the week give treatment every 4 hours. Every 12 hours, blood needs to be drawn and spun, the room needs to be cleaned, and fresh water needs to be given to the animals.
Take down:
1. Cut open abdomen and check that all catheters are intact.
2. Take a blood sample from the uterine veins. They are tiny, rolly little buggers.
3. Cut out corpus luteum if it is still there.
4. Take caruncle samples. We need 24 total.
5. Put her down and incinerate the carcass.

Fun stuff.