Sunday, July 24, 2005

Back in Hawaii

I'm BAAAAACK! I got back to the big H-I Wed. night. I got back to find two people have been living in my living room. I knew about one of them, and I'm cool with her. In fact, she might move in with the two of us. The other one was someone who was an overnight guest of Kristen's one night and just stayed. Way. past. his. welcome. I'm giving him until this Wed. before I give him the "you are in my space, get out" talk. I also came bakc to find work "replaced" me while I was away, and they will call when they need me (code:we'll call you when somebody quits). Whatever. They didn't pay for poo anyways. Also ex-roommate still owes me $200 for the last month of rent on our apt. Ahhhh, to be back. On a positive not, my tan is coming back and we met some of our neighbors. Additionally, the community rules have changed and we are allowed to grill on out lanai now, but it's only propane or gas grill. Fire Marshal says "NO CHARCOAL!". I don't care, bring on the burgers!!