Thursday, February 15, 2007


So I know I've ben gone a while so here's the abbreviated update.
I moved into the new place. It's pretty cool.
I started my internship at the UH Women's Clinic. More on that later.
This is my last semester. I actually have to go into the real world now.
I got older. The big 22. Pictures on flickr.
Still with my personal trainer. Have lost 25 lbs since August. I look good!
Still at Bubba's and Vinos. Have been part of the crowd pushing for more healthful options on Bubba menu. Succeeded in my own way by bringing back the plain shrimp with cocktail sauce.
Joined Safety Tem at Bubba's. Mostly for the bigger discount, but also because I love safety.
Eric gets back from Iraq this week in time for the Vanilla Ice concert.
Went to pro-bowl, yay!
Didn't ditch Dave with the truck after he helped me move. I know you all had your fingers crossed.
That's about it for now.