Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Job

Congratulations to me, I have a job. I have a job (another one) at IHOP. I have a job at the IHOP in a neighboring state. The IHOP in Virginia has given me a job. I am working second and third shift at the far away pancake establishment. "Why a job in Virginia?" you may ask. The answer is simple; nobody in the Big JC wants to hire people just for the summer. The IHOP here (my former employer) said "NO!" My friend and former manager, Anton, gave me an interview at Ruby Tuesday's. Unfortunately, Anton's boss said, "Not if she's just here for the summer, bub." I was desperate. It was at this interview I ran into an angel I used to work with. The Angel is working at the IHOP in Virginia and asked her General Manager to give me a job. He said he would. When I went to apply for the job, he handed me an application. After he figured out who I was, he took the application out of my hand and told me to call the next day for my schedule. It was the easiest interview I've ever had.

The real lesson to be learned here is leave everybody you know on good terms if you can. Good Karma really does work wonders.

The other lesson is that linen pants are the most comfortable garment ever.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Domestic Terrorism

So I was at a club on Thursday getting my swerve on. I was talking with two of my friends when all of a sudden my throat started tingling. I started coughing and couldn't stop. I decided I would breathe through my nose, but that just made me sneeze. The girl I was with walked with me around to the other side when we heard the DJ go "Somebody thought it would be cool to spray some mace in here. If you know who it is, let me know."
Of all the uncool things I have been witness to at clubs, this was probably in my top three uncool things. It isn't fun (or attractive) to walk around a club hacking. Honestly, what pleasure do you get out of making people cough?

On an unrelated note, has anybody noticed how domestic terrorism has become almost comical? I know NPR had a sketch on A Prairie Home Companion, I'm sure SNL probably has had one too.

Monday, June 07, 2004

My Good News

With many good rock groups disbanding and regrouping, and the introduction of all these whiny, emo, sound-all-like-crap bands being born on MTV, it sometimes is hard to get really good news from the music world. Here is my good news. Creed is breaking up.

"Creed songwriter/ guitarist Mark Tremonti has decided to join forces with Creed drummer Scott Phillips, original Creed bassist Brian Marshall and former Mayfield Four singer/ songwriter Myles Kennedy. The new band, named Alter Bridge, will release their debut album on Wind-up Records on August 10th of this year. Expect a promotional acoustic tour of radio stations later this Summer, followed by a worldwide tour to begin in late August or early September."

The new band's sound is supposed to be edgier. I expect good things from them because Scott Stapp (the lead singer of Creed) would never have made it anywhere without his band. In fact, Stapp was the reason I didn't like the band. It's not very becoming of a performer to get the band into a legal battle by passing out in a concert. It also gets annoying when EVERY song sounds the same because the guy's voice has a span of eight notes. Whenever I listen to a Creed song, I can hear the band wanting to go all out and not be hidden behind some crappy ass vocal performance.

It is a happy time.

Can God Really Save Him?

Apparently Terry Nichols is counting on God to save him from a death sentence for the 161 counts of first-degree murder.

"The sister of Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols testified Monday that her brother has found God in prison as Nichols' lawyers began trying to persuade a jury to spare his life in the 1995 bombing.

Suzanne McDonnell, Nichols' younger sister, told jurors that Nichols had become more committed to religion since their mother was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. "

So he reads a bible and they expect him to be excused of a death sentence when there are women on death row for killing their abusive husbands? If he does get of with a more lenient sentence, we'll know who is really in charge of the country.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Incident

When I got back to Johnson City, I found out that one of my ex-boyfriend was set to be married on May 29th. To a lying stealing ho. Nice, unattractive girl who steals her fiancee's and his housemate's money and painkillers. And lies about it. Even though dear sister doesn't like him he doesn't deserve a biatch like that.

I sat and talked to a friend about all this way past the time I needed to leave if I was going to get dinner in time for a 7 o'clock graduation. When I got to the graduation I found out it actually started at 8. I ran out and got a chicken biscuit and a big sweet tea. As I was sitting in the parking lot, the chicken biscuit flew out on my hand and attacked my sweet tea which ended up bleeding to death on the floor board of the passenger's side of my car. Time was nearing for the start of the grduation so I scarfed the rest of the biscuit and threw some towels on top of the gutted sweet tea. After graduation, I took the Fat Ballerina home. We stopped at a trash can on campus to clean out the rest of the evidence. A campus cop stopped us and said, "Ladies, is there a problem?" We said no, and started babbling about a rouge chicken biscuit and an unsuspecting cup of sweet tea. The campu police followed us till we left ETSU campus.

Made the decision I am going to be a rebel and drive my expired tagged car out to do my errands today (except the DMV errand, that's just asking for it).

The Big JC

Just letting you know I am back on the mainland! I am enjoying being home and spending time with my friends and all. Here is my list of things to do today:

Go to DMV and get a replacement license
Go to Firehouse for a job interview
Get more applications if that job is a no go

Easy enough, but my car tags expired last night. Nobody told me until this morning. I thought it was very thoughtful to tell me before I went out on the road. Suddenly I remember my argument for getting a car in the first place... neither of the parentals will take me anywhere.

Sister dear, when you are at the Big House, does S-Babe ask you to come home by 9 pm? I was at Cousin Robbie's and she called me on two separate occasions. Once at 8:50 and once at 9:45. The Parentals have started doing it too, wanting me home before 12. Is there a memo I missed? The "living by yourself in a big, unfamiliar city for a year bypasses your right to go to clubs with your friends" memo, did I miss it?