Wednesday, November 05, 2008


So I am trying to get SUPER buff before I go to the mainland because I won't have a gym membership, I don't think I will be as inclined to do outside activities like swimming in butt-cold weather, and I would like to have a little physical prowess while I transition. In order to do this I have started taking FREE classes at 24hourfitness of which I am a member. Last week I did this thing that was a cross between step and weight-lifting and today I did Turbo Kickboxing. The turbo means it is extra hard and the instructor gets extra annoying when you feel like puking. It was fun though! Hopefully I can find time to do 3 or 4 classes per week. This way I don't have act all tough to muscle my way onto the machines I like or wait while the most anorexic woman (or smelliest man) in the world gets off the treadmill. The classes have muscle-y girls (like me!) and good music!


Palila said...

Real women use free weights (and we have plenty of those.)


Mom said...

Plus, I think you have a bicycle somewhere.

George said...

The step/weight lifting class uses free weights. And a lot of squats. But not much cardio. Plus there is a lifting class on Mondays. TBK has lots of cardio, no weights. Its a good mix.

Mom said...

Bicycle + trainer = workout