Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cupcake Adventure

After coming across this recipe for white chocolate wasabi cupcakes with sake plum filling, I decided to make them. Things I learned and experience from this.
1) It takes a lot of wasabi powder to make two tablespoons of paste.
2) This was my first cake using white chocolate. White chocolate is very finicky and overheats quickly.
3) This was also my first cake with a recipe calling for more sugar than flour. The batter was super thick as were the cakes.
4) Green food dye comes out quickly.
5) Plum Sake is too sweet to cook with. (At least for this recipe)
6) These cupcakes taste better the next day.
7) Filled cupcakes are not as difficult as they look.

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Mom said...

The name of this recipe just sounds like it will taste wonderful(and awesome).